Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yard Sale finds

Margie and I got up early and I mean early for a bite of breakfast and a trip to a neighborhood yard sale in Deer Creek.  The place we were originally going for breakfast, The End Zone, didn't open until 7 o'clock so off we go to the next logical place, Cracker Barrel.

The $8 table cleaned up & in use.
After a filling breakfast we were ready for the task at hand.  My objective was to find an outside table sort of like a picnic table.  Margie's objective was to find one crystal wine goblet with designs on it.  Off we go, nothing much at the first few sites.  One site I saw a table and asked the lady if it was for sale.  "No but I'll ask my husband when he gets back."  We went to the next site and I saw said husband outside.  I said to Margie, what do you think I should offer him? $20 was the absolute most.  Agreed.  I went over to ask him if he would sell the table and he said,"will you give me $10?"  I said, "how about $8 and he said sold."  Ha! so much for $20.  So I now have a table for the winter and if I decide to leave it in April I will have gotten $8 worth out of it.  Or maybe I could sell it again.  Oh whatever, I have a table.

Next it was time to find the crystal wine glass.  Oooh, at last there are some so we pulled over and alas, they were only plastic.  Forward, there are some glass ones, ah but they are too plain.  Strike 3 we were out of places to find so no crystal wine glass for Margie, this time anyway.

While at the yard sale I saw some lights I really like and asked the owner where she got them.  Harbor Freight Tools (one of my favorite stores) and I located one in Lakeland.  So off I went in the afternoon to get me some lights.  Here are a couple of shots and once they are charged I'll post a pix of them at night.  They are solar and change colors.  So cool.
The box of solar garden light set

In my garden space getting a good charge

I really like my site in the community but what I don't like about it is all these acorns that fall on my drive, on my house and on the yard.  I sweep everyday otherwise they make a mess when driven over.  They are not TN acorns, they are very soft and Sedona loves to eat them.  Oh well, hasn't hurt her yet.

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Beckles said...

Yard sales.....what fun to them out in other areas. Great buy on the table, and it looks good with your hand painted adirondack chair! I know you'll get your money's worth!