Friday, August 27, 2010

Somewhere is Clean!!

Top to bottom, Somewhere is finally clean and she looks so good. After I finished washing her, I got the Protect-All out and started waxing. I was looking for a no wax on-wax off method but didn't find anything that would work until I got this first coat on and then I can use the spray on wax for touch-ups. When I went to the Life on Wheels Conference in Bowling Green Ky several years ago, I won a door prize of all kinds of cleaners and this Protect-All was part of that package. It works great on those pesky black streaks too and Somewhere is beginning to come to life. Whew, I'll tell you I'm sore from rubbing and climbing up & down the ladder. It's such a feeling of satisfaction. I would like to find those $100 guys who wash and wax that Gypsy Journal Nick writes about. Guess they are out West.

Not only did I finish cleaning but I saved myself about $200 today. My black water t-handle thingy quit working and it had to be replaced. Yep, did that. To say it was an unpleasant, double-glove experience would be an understatement. I told Theda I sure wish I had those long gloves that Vets use when working on horses! Is that a visual or what? Thankfully my tanks were empty and only a little bit of "stuff" came out but I had a bucket to catch & release! Yucky, dirty job but someone had to do it. It's amazing what we will do as homeowners to save a few bucks.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WooHoo, I did it!

First time ever that I climbed the silver ladder to get on top of Somewhere! Yep, bit the bullet and pressure washed the top. It was a mess. The driver side was the worst because it's under a tree that drops little berries. I washed and scrubbed and now it's so clean. I also did the awnings, the front and the passenger side. Tomorrow will be the back and the driver side. It feels so good to get that done. Still having a fit with those dang old black streaks. Gotta work harder on the bugs on the front end and shine up the chrome. I need to find an easy wax. I sure don't want to pull a Karate Kid with wax on/wax off.

Theda stayed around to make sure I didn't fall off and need rescuing as did Sedona. It was good that Theda was there to raise the antenna, open the vent fans so I could clean those and to bring the slides in/out. Life is so good!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

St George Island State Park, FL

In June on my way back to TN from the Keys, I stopped off in Alachua, FL to visit my friend Nan. We had decided to travel together to St George Island which is in the curve of the panhandle of FL. St George Island State Park is a beautiful park and the campground is not very far from the beach. On our way, I asked Nan if she would lead since she is a native Floridian and knows the back roads to take so we wouldn’t have to get on the interstate. She agreed and then I realized what I had to look at the entire way.

Don’t know if you can see that gator on the back of her rig very well but see, even though she is a very good friend, she is also a FL Gator fan. How do you think that fares with my being a TN Vol fan? Ha, it fares okay ‘cause we don’t talk about it until we get out and shop. And shop we did. We went into Apalachicola and checked out the stores there. That’s where we found a lot of flamingos and of course we absolutely had to have our pictures made with them so we could share with our “sistahs” on the women’s RV forum. While we were in Apalachicola we stopped in this really good restaurant for some delicious shrimp. Nan ordered healthy grilled and I ordered fried. Because I have waited too long to write about this trip, I have forgotten the name of the restaurant but it’s on the main corner in town, you can’t miss it. Nice little shops in town and the people were very friendly.

Then we decided to go to the Lighthouse. I walked all the way to the top but then didn't do too well going through the small opening to the extreme top so I cheated and sent my camera with Nan so she could take some photos for me. We also shopped around the 2 stores in Saint George Island. One was playing some really raunchy music that Nan and I found offensive and she asked them to change it. There were several young people working and I'm sure it was their kind of music but not ours. We got the stink eye from the workers until we left. Didn't buy anything in there either.

Next we went to Port St Joe 'cause everyone said it was better than Apalachicola, wrong! Not as quaint. I did find the road I was going to head north on so all was not lost on our expedition. Along to Cape San Blas and the St Joseph Peninsula State Park. There is a lighthouse at Cape San Blas but we got there too late to climb it. It closed early. The shore around Cape San Blas was lined with booms to catch any oil from the Deep Horizon Oil Spill but thankfully oil never appeared that far west. We drove on down to the end of this cape to check out St Joseph Peninsula State Park to see if it was a possibility to stay. Of course as with all state parks in FL there is a fee to go in. We said we just wanted to drive through and check out the camp sites. The volunteer said we could drive through for 15 minutes but to not stop and use the facilities or go to the beach. Ok, no problem. It takes longer than 15 minutes to drive through though. There were a lot of people at the public areas and we even saw some people scallopping in the shallow grasses. Loved the campsites. They were a little close but we found several that would be appropriate for Somewhere and Southern Comfort (Nan's rig.) I will try this out because it's closer to the beach than St George Island SP.

Nan cooked us a great supper for our last night and she does everything up right. A table cloth, real forks and plates. Me, plastic and paper, baby! LOL

For breakfast the next morning we decided to take it to the beach. We cooked up some goodies and put the blanket into the car and off we head and had a wonderful breakfast on the beach. Now this is living and is what retirement is all about. Then it was time for Nan to head back home and to work, ugh. It sure was a fun trip and I'm sure we will have many more adventures.

Oh, forgot to tell you my experience when I arrived at the park. I drive through to find my site. Stop to unhook the Grey Goose and the volunteer came by and stopped and said I should have dropped the car at the entrance to the park (6 miles away) and I asked him if he was going to take me to get my car. He said no of course. He said I was holding up traffic. I looked around and there were no other cars and I asked what traffic? He said people wanted to get through. Ok I saw this conversation was going no where so I said as soon as you quit talking to me I can get unhooked and get into my site. He just sat there. One truck came by and was able to pull around me with no problem. When I got the Grey Goose freed, I was going to pull into an unused campsite and he said no, somebody might come to get in. I said I would only be a minute. He said no park on the side of the grass. I said I thought that was against the rules and he said park there on the side of the road. He didn't once move that damn gator and he made it extremely difficult for me to back into my site.

He moved on and came back later and said he didn't realize I was by myself and he had never seen someone come in there alone. BS Anyway it was not a good start to my stay at St George Island SP. He did make it up to me later by inviting me over to their site for home made ice cream. Top it off, he was from Tennessee.

No matter, it was a great time at St George Island SP and I'll definitely go back there. Here is a little movie I made and put a little Buffett music to. Enjoy our trip.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hard Workin' Woman

Isn't he a cutie!

Lest you have been thinking I've been resting on my laurels and watching hummingbirds, guess again. Today it was pressure washing day of the house and the carport, sidewalks, and deck. OMG, the power of a pressure washer. Once I got started, I couldn't stop. I kept wondering what this would look like and what that would look like, I even did it in the rain. By 3:00 I was pooped, my hands vibrated and I was soaking wet. But what an accomplishment. It looks great! Friday I think I'll tackle Somewhere. I'm sure you will love my color coordination. I got dirty doing this job but well worth it.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wildlife and Humming Birds

You never know what you are going to see in the "wilderness." I looked out the window the other day and there were two deer in the yard in front of Somewhere. Here is one of them.

Today we were entertained by a flock (is that right?) of hummingbirds. Here are a few I was able to capture.

It's pretty cool just sitting inside while it's scorching hot outside and watch God's beauty all around.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good day, Wednesday

Met Jim the buyer of my dulcimer and he paid me $15 for delivery. So my days of the dulcimer playing is gone. I'll just have to pat my foot or pick up spoons when I hear the melodic sounds of bluegrass. I just don't have rhythm for playing a musical instrument even though I love music.

Called Margie to meet her at Longhorn in Rivergate to tell her I was going to be on time. She said she was in a new to her store, Essex, that sells returns and overstocks from Target, Amazon and a few other stores. Since I was early I decided to meet her there. She was checking out but walked around the store with me. All I found was a box of filters for my Pur water pitcher at a good price. We also found a cute sewing machine that we both were going to get for $10. After looking at the boxes showing doesn't work, and broken signs we decided we really didn't need a sewing machine in our rigs. After all I now have LiquiSew that seems to be doing the job nicely.

We went to Longhorn to eat lunch and to catch up on what's been going on with us. While there, Marty Stewart, came in and sat in the booth behind us. He must eat there a lot because it's not the first time I've seen him in there with his wife. Lunch was good. Neither of us got a photo while eating and when we got to the car, Margie remembered her camera and got a shot of me standing by my car. We laughed that we are always looking for a blog moment.

Then it was time to head over to Camping World. I had decided to take my surge guard back since it had really been challenged over the past few months. I had purchased the warranty on it and thought I should get a new one before I head out again. It turned out that it was still under the 1 yr warranty and the additional 2 years wouldn't kick in until November. Wow, good for me. They didn't give me a hard time, just took the box the new one came in and took the old one and said have a nice day. What a terrific transaction.

The night before I had unhooked everything from Somewhere and opened the freezer door so it would defrost while I was gone. Sure enough it defrosted nicely so now I have a clean freezer/refrig and am ready for my new ice maker. I was tempted to walk around Cw to see if there was anything I "needed" but decided I didn't need to spend any money and I can always find something in CW if I look hard enough.

Next I head to the Cupcake Connection on 6th Ave to pick up some of their delicious cupcakes before heading back to New J'ville. They are so good and it had been about 9-10 months since I had had some.

Today, I've been cleaning windows on the inside and just general piddling around.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Great Weekend

This past weekend was a good one. My nephew Roy and his gf Tina came down to New Johnsonville, TN and we went out on the boat for the day and then had a great pot roast I had put in the crock pot. Then we watched the ending of shark week. How exciting can you get?

While we were out on the TN River we saw an ospry nest and there were 2 birds in it. As we got closer they flew the coop but I was able to capture one of them in flight.

Theda and I both got haircuts. Rita went a little overboard with mine but hey, it'll grow and it's so easy with just a little bit of product, it's spikes very well.

Theda took advantage of the no sales tax weekend and got a Dell computer. It is set up with Skype so if she can get a good signal we can talk to each other when I'm on the road. However so far, Skype has been a good idea but I haven't had anyone to talk to me that much. Guess it will get better.

I also decided to sell my dulcimer. I took pictures and put it on Craigslist. I've had three hits and it looks like a sell. On Wednesday when I go to Nashville to have lunch with my friend Margie, I'll meet the guy and he will buy it. I decided it was taking up too much room in Somewhere and I really have lost the enthusiasm for it. I'll just clap my hands and tap my foot when I hear that kind of music. I'm over it!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Doing Stuff

I thought I would take advantage of my down time and the hot weather and do some piddling around Somewhere. Thanks to an idea from my friend, Nan, I decided I needed some curtains for the bedroom in Somewhere. I purchased a panel of black out/thermal insulated curtain and went to town. These enable it to be darker in the bedroom and cooler/warmer too. Not any sewing involved. I had found on Home Shopping Network a product called LiquiSew. No sewing needed and works on any fabric. It cost $9.95 w/free shipping. So far it's holding great, even on the thermal backing. I bought 2 tension rods, 1 top & 1 bottom and it fits snuggly in the window area. When I want more light in the bedroom then I can easily take it off.

Yesterday I drove Somewhere to Nashville to get the microwave pulled out and had them check the converter just in case something happened when the electrical problems hit. Found out that the engine battery was not charging the house batteries. That would explain why when I unplugged or turned the engine off I would not have enough juice to turn the generator on or run the refrigerator on LP and I sure was not comfortable staying overnight in a parking lot with nothing but the generator if I could even get it on. Well, anyway, a selinoid was bad so they fixed that and I got 2 new batteries so I'm good to go.

Found out that the ice maker was covered under my warranty and they were checking about the microwave, fix it or get a new one and the warranty company will decide that for me, otherwise I'd get a new one. But it will be covered either way. I drove back to New Johnsonville and will wait here until I have to go back and get the microwave and ice maker installed. As far as I'm concerned I liked the space I had in the freezer w/out the ice maker and if I had to pay to replace it, I wouldn't have but since it's covered by warranty, I'll get a new ice maker.

Here is where I'm parked at the park. It's up at the house next to Theda since this park is a day use only park but I'm getting all the perks of being in a park. Nice setting.

Now, I'll soon be ready to hit the road again but it is sure nice getting family and friends down here to visit.

I've also been helping out around the house and have been busy cleaning the refrigerator, washing walls, cleaning closets and I have some other things on my "list" but it's too hot to work outside right now.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ann's visit

One of my friends from "old" work, Ann, came for a visit to New Johnsonville TN. She came for some fishing but as it turned out the fish said "it's too hot, let's dive to cooler water." So she and Theda didn't catch anything. Hated it as I was looking forward to a fish fry. Oh well, maybe later in the year when things get cooler.

On Saturday we decided to go to McEwen, TN for an Irish Picnic. This is a picnic put on by St Patrick's church and school. Now my idea of an Irish Picnic was not what I got. There was bluegrass music and barbecue and lots and lots of games for the kiddes. We ate a barbecue sandwich and milled around to look at things. We had stopped earlier and voted and got the little stickers that said I voted today and it was a good thing because there were all kinds of politics going on. Every possible candidate was represented. I was a little disappointed in the picnic but we still had a good time.

We came back and I fixed my salmon dish and we played dominoes into the evening. Got a surprise few texts from my BFF, Becky. She was at a casino in Henderson NV celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary. As the texts continued it was clear that Becky may have been indulging in some Long Island Ice Teas. Yep, sure enough she gave us a call so we could celebrate with her. Wow, 40 years is a very long time. Congratulations to Becky and Ron.

Ann and Theda tried their hand again on Sunday morning to fish. They went out on the boat but the fish were not biting there either. Oh well! We had a good time visiting with each other and getting caught up. Ann is changing jobs and is really looking forward to doing something different in a better work environment. WTG, Ann.