Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tire Covers

Last post I told you about buying the fabric for my new tire covers.  Since I arrived at Jonathan's and he has a big living room, Taylor and I decided to cut the fabric for the covers.  While at it I made the sun covers for the upper windows on the passenger and driver doors.  It seems that when the sun shines in, it gets in the way of driving.  These should help.  Here they are and I love them.
Driver door shades.

Tire cover before the weights are added.

Ribs and Corn Jonathan cooked after Taylor and I worked so hard.

Tire covers with the weights added

Front tire cover with weights.
We spent the day at the beach today.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The sun was shinning, there was a breeze and the water was chilly.  Perfect day.  It was fun being with Jonathan and Taylor today.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homossas FL

When I left Citrus Ridge, I headed to Hudson to have my passenger window checked.  They did a water check and it didn't leak but there was some missing caulk on the roof gutter line.  They caulked what needed to be be done and I was off to Homossas Fl.

I had two free nights at Chassa Oaks RV Resort so pulled in there to a very hearty welcome.  Chassa Oaks is an RV park that sells deeded lots.  They are having a special for the next ten sites sold with a discount of $10,000.  Still expensive at $39,000-$49,000.  There are 39 lots total, a very nice clubhouse and beautiful pool.  The maintenance fee is $81.00 per mo that includes, water, wi-fi, lawn maintenance, garbage removal.  The trees are not mature yet as it's a fairly new area.  It's very close to the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Refuge  which is a great place for kayaking. 

My site 20 at Chassa Oaks

Site I looked at, nice buffer in the back.
 After my two nights, I moved up the road about 10 miles to Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort.  My friend Nan was here and I got the site between her and other friends, Jeff and Barbie.  Nan had been here three nights, on Passport America, and was getting ready to leave but we had a nice visit.  Jeff, Barbie and I went out to dinner to the Freezer.  If you are ever in this area, the Freezer is the place to go for seafood.  It was an original freezer for the seafood when it was a place for unloading the catch when it came in.  A very unique and very good place to go.

I spent most of the day at the pool and getting some things around Somewhere.  It was a very relaxing day.

Today, Nan came down and picked me up and we traveled to Center Hill, FL to visit Beasley Mfg Co.  Beasley sells sunscreen fabric by the foot and it can be used as awning screens, windshield screens, patio rugs and other uses.  You can get this fabric for $1.00-$2.00 a foot.  Great price and terrific selection.  Nan and I both went ga-ga over the choices.  I got a new lightweight rug, some covers for the upper part of the passenger and driver windows and enough for tire covers.  I'm excited and know what I'll be doing when I get to Jonathan's.  I'll be making new wheel covers.  It was a fun day.


Monday, April 18, 2011

What? Another going away party...

That's right.  Before I left Citrus Ridge for the season, friends Margie and Roger, had a hot dog fest for me and some of the other neighbors.  They sure know how to put on the "dog", no pun intended.

It was a great turnout and the weather was perfect.  Lots of the neighbors showed up and the food was very good.  My lemon drops were a hit too.  Some even wanted to know where the Alligator Piss was, none for this party.  Maybe next year.

Margie and Roger have a great place for a party, out the back is the lake and the sun was blocked by the trees and the house next door.  Margie's buffet server worked out perfect and held the cheese dip, chili and baked beans at the perfect temperature.
What a great turnout!  Margie is on the right.

Margie drinking out of her chihuahua cup.

There were appetizers as well as a meal.

Golf carts parking.

Time for the dogs.  Mel & Colette dig in!

Margie & Roger's shed decorations.

A little networking time

The End, thanks Patti for the shot!
Thanks Margie and Roger!  Later...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One-going away party

This was the first of what I feel will be a going away party for me and others in the park.  Bob and Shirley Mebanes, my next door neighbors, had some people over for food tonight.  Other neighbors came over from Michigan and then others were leaving out tomorrow.  The ones from Michigan were out in the sun too much today and were cold so they bundled up in covers I brought out from Somewhere.  I teased Shirley about bring out real plates and said where's the silver, which she proceeded to bring out  for our use.  It was an enjoyable night.

Much of the conversation consisted of the proper use of the black water tanks on the RV.  Yeah, good conversation at dinner, but what's a group to do, right?
Sedona's new dress-Dog-a-licious.

Bob & Shirley Mebanes bring out the silver!

John brought some vinison sausage sticks.

It was actually quite good.

Kevin and Tammy add the mustard.

...but Kevin adds the little finger with the use of silver.

Tammy is cold and loves the TN throw to wrap up in. She's from Michigan.
 You will notice that Sedona is in her new dress this morning.  It was a little colder today so she needed the dress to wrap up in for her morning walk.

Another thing I did to get me ready to hit the road...put the bike rack on the ladder of Somewhere.  8 more days till I depart Citrus Ridge.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Just another day in the Park

It started off being a busy day with my neighbors getting a boring for a sink hole at their property.  They had suspected for some time there may be a sink hole.  Their insurance company had an engineering and drilling company come out and so some boring sample.  It was sure interesting and caused quite a stir in the neighborhood.  My place was at "court" side and a good place to sit, watch, visit and have bloody marys.  They won't know for about 30 days.  If there is a sink hole, the insurance will buy the park model and the site will return to an RV site so nothing permanent can be placed on it.
Let the drilling begin.

Curiosity seekers & lots of noise.

Margie, Roger and Anne watch the action-cute dress Anne.

Really??  It's not that interesting!

Drilling 100'
In addition to  this action going on, it was time for my appointment to have my rig cleaned & polished.  I had called Professional Coach Services and Roger decided since they were going to be here, he would have his coach cleaned too.  It took about 45 minutes to wash it and then about 1.5 hrs to wax it.  Also as part of the deal they would do my car.  My coach has a bit of oxidation on it so it doesn't shine up like a full body paint job.  But boy, does it look better.  I'll definitely call these folks next year 'cause it's a lot better than me spending 2 days doing it myself and working up all that sweat!  A buffer sure is the tool to have if one is going to polish their own rig.  Three workers ascended the ladder and had the roof cleaned in no time at all.  It was amazing to see all the dirt coming off the top, well, not really, I've been under an oak tree for five months.
Car looks good.

Three guys working makes it go faster.

Look at that stretch!

They even did windows.  A keeper...

Just in case I lose their business card.   $250 wash/polish rig/car.
Margie brought Sedona a cute little sun dress and it looks so cute.  You will see pictures later she got a little too hot in a dress today.  We are supposed to get more windy storms tomorrow so the (clean) awning went in so I wouldn't have to get up too early in the a.m. to put put it up.

Eleven more days till I head out.  I'll have to admit I've got hitch-itch bad, (and that's not a disease.)