Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another week...

...where did the week go and what did I do?  I know I was busy but what did I do?  Let's see, Margie and I went to Clearwater Beach and even though the water was cold it was such a beautiful day.  I went  into the water anyway.
Now, for those of my TN friends, yes, I have to rub it in and maybe you too can be here next year.   I often hear from people who don't post on my blog but send me emails and this one I'll share.  It's from my gf, Linda and TN hubby, Roger who are my neighbors in Deer Run RV Resort in Crossville.

"Hey Girl,

Roger and I have now caught up reading your blog and we have a few suggestions.  First of all, it would be greatly appreciated if you would stop posting pics with people in shorts while basking in the sunshine (its just rude).  We find this very offensive since we are stuck in TN where we haven't seen much sun and we've forgotten how it feels to be warm.  Secondly, please stop posting pics of you and all your friends having fun.  For goodness sakes, its winter time and everyone should be closed up inside their homes like hermits since that's what are days consist of.  And finally, please post something where you look bored, cold and lonely so we know you are missing us as much as we are you!!

Take care,
Linda & Roger"

Last year I wanted to go to Ikea and see what it was all about so I headed out to find out.  OMG, I love that store.  It's huge and there are so many unique things in there.  I'm sure glad that I don't have a house, otherwise I'd be in trouble.  The only thing I bought were some marked down LED battery operated lights for $1.00.  I got them for my bicycle and gave Margie a couple of sets for her golf cart.  Can't wait to decorate my golf cart in TN when & if I get one.  The little lights do a great job on my bicycle, I put them around the basket that Sedona rides in.

 I went to the Noodle lunch at the Orlando Ale House.  The Noodlers are peeps from Citrus Ridge and at 3:00 ea day go to the pool and noodle around.  Here are a few of the group. 

No he didn't get his discount.

I got ready to take my shower tonight and the water was cold, cold, cold.  I looked at the switch for the hot water heater and it was flipped to the on position.  I went ahead and took a shower.  Burr.  Then I went outside to do a little checking on my hot water heater.  I opened up the door and I couldn't figure anything out so I can back in and flipped the switch and went back out and flames were shooting out of the the tube and I promptly ran back in and turned off the hot water heater.  I told FL hubby about it and he will come over in the morning to see what might be wrong.  Of course it might be that I'll go back to the service people if Roger and Mel can't figure it out.  It was very scary.

Margie, Roger and I had a wonderful steak dinner, cooked by Roger to perfection.  Now I'm stuffed and ready for bed.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catching Up

The Women's gtg at the state park was wonderful.  Can't wait to go to another one but I sure hope the squirrels aren't as hungry.  The park ranger told us to put bowls of water out to give the squirrels water.  I did that but each morning I'd have more little holes in my drinking water hose.  By the time the week was over I have a very nice little soaker hose for someone.  It sure won't be good for anything else. 

On Saturday I left out and headed to the Tampa RV Show.  It was the first really big show I've attended and I was amazed.  I had free tickets to get in but the parking for an RV was $10 and $15 to stay over night.  Saturday I spent the time going through the vendor/supplier sections and then Sunday I went through some of the RVs and there were a lot of RVs.  It was a fun exciting day.

I bought some replacement cables for my Blue Ox tow bar.  I got a sign personalized for my Lodge in TN.  I got a new drinking water hose.  I also purchased a Zone Pass from Thousand Trails that will allow me to stay in the SE zone of TT for $199 for 30 days staying and then after that I'll pay $3 a night.  Everyone I have talked to who bought at the show last year really used theirs and thought it was a good deal.  It regularly sells for $499.

When I returned to Citrus Ridge, I washed the Whim, the Grey Goose and my bike so I'm all cleaned up.  Will have to try my hand at waxing in the next couple of days.  Margie and I are going to Bartow tomorrow to see a MH one of our forum friends is going to test drive.  If Sarah gets it, it will be her first ever MH and we want to be there to celebrate with her.

Even though I was only gone a week, I've had lots of people stop by and tell me how much they missed me.  This is a really good place to winter.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More pictures of the Women's RV Forum, as promised!

Today was just another beautiful day in paradise.  It was time for Alice to try out her Shuttlebike.  The way I understand it is that Alice was looking for an alternative to a kayak/canoe to sport with other RV women on GTGs.  This seems to fit the bill but I think assembly will still be a physical challenge for her.  The good thing, Alice will get it figured out.
Alice rides her bike to pump up the pontoons.

Sedona ignores Paco.  He so wants to be friends.

Heading to the springs to try out the Shuttlebike.

A little muscle never hurts.

Pay attention Alice, Pete won't always be around.

Am I cute?
Oh the rudder.

I believe I'm ready.

Checking for Gators.
What a mount!

I believe she's got it!

There she goes.

She even shares as Pete rides off.

This is pretty cool.

And there goes Nan.

Two seconds later Nan is in the springs on her back.  The bike collapsed.

Oh it's okay to laugh.  I would have had a better picture or more pictures but I put the camera down to go out and rescue my friend.  As it turns out she didn't need rescuing but it was sure an exciting day.  When we left the launch area the guy who worked there said it was the most exciting day he had had in a very long time and he was looking forward to going home to share his day with his wife.  He even took pictures.  There was an Asian couple who pulled their canoe in and stayed around to take pictures of the Shuttlebike and a couple from the UK who were quite curious too.  They even played a little with Alice and told her that gators were attracted to the bright yellow color.

After such a busy day, it was time to chow down.  Irmi and Steve fixed a pulled pork dish, Nan made her Liz coleslaw, Carol brought fresh fruit and wonderful pumpkin bread.  Good eating and a great fire.

Gloria is filling her plate.

Nan's chowing down and Soos is computing.

Bob's having a chat and Irmi is trying out her delights.

Can't remember what's so funny but Steve, Carol and Sarah like it.

Isn't this pretty?  It was so good too.

Our fire.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wekiwa Spings State Park

This state park is the home of the women RV forum get together (gtg) in FL.  This is the first FL gtg we have had in the last three years that we have not frozen to death.  We do not have the luxury of a cabin this year so good thing we have good weather.

First day, would you believe there was no one around the campfire who had a camera!  Yep, no one so you will have to use your imagination as to what we did for all day and night, tee hee!

Many insisted tonight for me to post pix to my blog so they could see them, so here we go.  But the gtg is not over until the weekend, so you may see more posts about the gtg.  Also, we have combined this gtg with the Open Road Singles forum so you may see some guys in the pictures.

Boardwalk from parking lot to the springs.
The springs are a constant 74 degrees where it enters.
Soos is checking out the temps.
And there will be no diving for me.

Soos and I in the warm clear springs.  Nice day.
Soos, Steve (striving for Asst Sultan), Irmi and Carol

Sarah and Kathleen
WHAT??  Soos used this container to mix the recipe!!
Nan seemed to like it...

...a lot.  And Gloria gets tickled behind Nan.
Marion, Carol's sister just arrives.  Nan welcomes.

Nan, Sarah, Kathleen

Soos, Carol and Maggie

Bear is in his house.
We've got great things in the works for tomorrow.  Hope I'm here to capture the events.  Stay tuned.