Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another week...

...where did the week go and what did I do?  I know I was busy but what did I do?  Let's see, Margie and I went to Clearwater Beach and even though the water was cold it was such a beautiful day.  I went  into the water anyway.
Now, for those of my TN friends, yes, I have to rub it in and maybe you too can be here next year.   I often hear from people who don't post on my blog but send me emails and this one I'll share.  It's from my gf, Linda and TN hubby, Roger who are my neighbors in Deer Run RV Resort in Crossville.

"Hey Girl,

Roger and I have now caught up reading your blog and we have a few suggestions.  First of all, it would be greatly appreciated if you would stop posting pics with people in shorts while basking in the sunshine (its just rude).  We find this very offensive since we are stuck in TN where we haven't seen much sun and we've forgotten how it feels to be warm.  Secondly, please stop posting pics of you and all your friends having fun.  For goodness sakes, its winter time and everyone should be closed up inside their homes like hermits since that's what are days consist of.  And finally, please post something where you look bored, cold and lonely so we know you are missing us as much as we are you!!

Take care,
Linda & Roger"

Last year I wanted to go to Ikea and see what it was all about so I headed out to find out.  OMG, I love that store.  It's huge and there are so many unique things in there.  I'm sure glad that I don't have a house, otherwise I'd be in trouble.  The only thing I bought were some marked down LED battery operated lights for $1.00.  I got them for my bicycle and gave Margie a couple of sets for her golf cart.  Can't wait to decorate my golf cart in TN when & if I get one.  The little lights do a great job on my bicycle, I put them around the basket that Sedona rides in.

 I went to the Noodle lunch at the Orlando Ale House.  The Noodlers are peeps from Citrus Ridge and at 3:00 ea day go to the pool and noodle around.  Here are a few of the group. 

No he didn't get his discount.

I got ready to take my shower tonight and the water was cold, cold, cold.  I looked at the switch for the hot water heater and it was flipped to the on position.  I went ahead and took a shower.  Burr.  Then I went outside to do a little checking on my hot water heater.  I opened up the door and I couldn't figure anything out so I can back in and flipped the switch and went back out and flames were shooting out of the the tube and I promptly ran back in and turned off the hot water heater.  I told FL hubby about it and he will come over in the morning to see what might be wrong.  Of course it might be that I'll go back to the service people if Roger and Mel can't figure it out.  It was very scary.

Margie, Roger and I had a wonderful steak dinner, cooked by Roger to perfection.  Now I'm stuffed and ready for bed.


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Beckles said...

I absolutely love Linda & Roger's comments! It sounds like they are very good neighbors when you are in Crossville. To make a pix where you look bored, cold & lonely, it will probably have to be staged!!!

Have never been to an Ikea but would love to. I can't believe that we don't have one here in Henderson or Las Vegas. Oh well, I would probably want too much!!

Love the beach/water pix. Continue I know you will!