Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catching Up

The Women's gtg at the state park was wonderful.  Can't wait to go to another one but I sure hope the squirrels aren't as hungry.  The park ranger told us to put bowls of water out to give the squirrels water.  I did that but each morning I'd have more little holes in my drinking water hose.  By the time the week was over I have a very nice little soaker hose for someone.  It sure won't be good for anything else. 

On Saturday I left out and headed to the Tampa RV Show.  It was the first really big show I've attended and I was amazed.  I had free tickets to get in but the parking for an RV was $10 and $15 to stay over night.  Saturday I spent the time going through the vendor/supplier sections and then Sunday I went through some of the RVs and there were a lot of RVs.  It was a fun exciting day.

I bought some replacement cables for my Blue Ox tow bar.  I got a sign personalized for my Lodge in TN.  I got a new drinking water hose.  I also purchased a Zone Pass from Thousand Trails that will allow me to stay in the SE zone of TT for $199 for 30 days staying and then after that I'll pay $3 a night.  Everyone I have talked to who bought at the show last year really used theirs and thought it was a good deal.  It regularly sells for $499.

When I returned to Citrus Ridge, I washed the Whim, the Grey Goose and my bike so I'm all cleaned up.  Will have to try my hand at waxing in the next couple of days.  Margie and I are going to Bartow tomorrow to see a MH one of our forum friends is going to test drive.  If Sarah gets it, it will be her first ever MH and we want to be there to celebrate with her.

Even though I was only gone a week, I've had lots of people stop by and tell me how much they missed me.  This is a really good place to winter.



Beckles said...

Awesome sign! So you and Sedona! Keep on enjoying all....and know you will!

Jeff & Barbie said...

The sign is so you!

Jim and Dee said...

I love your sign!

I hope to see you in the next couple weeks.