Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Roger's...

I've told you before about my FL hubby, Roger and my TN hubby, Roger well, the other day as I was getting ready to leave Citrus Ridge to head to my sons in SE GA.  My knee was giving me fits, well actually more than that, it had more or less quit working.  I was having a fit trying to get everything torn down and hooked up to get ready to leave. the rescue, FL hubby Roger sends MI Roger (not hubby) to my rescue and he and his wife, Betty, help me tear down and hook up my toad and get me on the road.

Now since I've been at Jonathan's in Kingsland I've had time to think, 'with this many Roger's in my life, is the man of my dreams going to be a Roger??'


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vinyl projects at Citrus Ridge

In addition to glass etching, we were able to do some vinyl projects.  Sue has a Cricut machine that cuts different shapes, words, characters, etc.  We took double walled tumblers and decorated them.  I made one for me, reminding me of FL when I'm in TN; one for each of my sisters, just because and one for my granddaughter.  Here they are.
Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.
From Baby Sister
My FL tumbler.
I'm thinking of...
Sue's set up with computer and Cricut machine.

Sue's looking on as Margie works on her tumbler.
The class

Sue's good at details.
Looking good, Margie.

Tiger, oh so cute.
From this to...

I might see a vinyl cutting machine in my future.  Who knows.

Moving on to Myakka River State Park

Yes, I realize it's been a while since I have posted but when you are busy, you've gotta set priorities!  Anyway, here's one update.

When I left Citrus Ridge I headed to the West coast to Myakka River State Park.  The park has three campgrounds, one for big rigs complete with 50amp, water, sewer connections.  If I still had my big rig I wouldn't have been able to get in but because of my size I got in the campground close to the water deep into the park.

When I pulled into my site #8, a fellow camper came around and asked me where I was from.  Told him TN & he said where, told him and I said and what part of TN are you from.  Just the way he said it made me think he must be from TN too.  He said, "oh you wouldn't know, it's a small town."  He said Seymour TN and turned it into about 20 syllables.  I said oh yes, I know where that is and we chatted.  Of course he couldn't believe I was all by myself and offered help in anything I needed done.  I seem to get that a lot.

Then as Sedona and I were riding around on the bike I stopped & talked to this "single" woman and found out she was from Cleveland TN.  It's a small small world.  I love riding my bike in FL where it's so flat.  I rode 5 miles a couple of days.  To some of you that may seem like nothing but to be it's a milestone.

The park put on a lot of programs for campers.  One interpretive program was on the snakes of the area, mostly the diamond back rattler, bird watching and star gazing.  At least those were the ones I attended.  This particular area had many gators and after a while, you seen one gator, you've seen them all.

Being close to the river made it easy for me to walk over and take a big airboat tour and a tram ride through the park.
Prairie area of the park.

Roseate Spoonbills & buzzards

Birds-that's what I call 'em.

More birds

The boat

Sunset from my campsite #8
While I was in the area I contacted a fellow forum friend who winters in Sarasota and we got together.  She and her husband Bob, aka, tGM (the Great Man), came to the park and we visited for a while and then in a few days I went to their park in Sarasota and they took me around the area and showed me their town.  We went to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens but not before we had lunch at a great little place on the water.
Sarasota Bay Front

Sittin on the dock of the bay...


Carold and Carolyn

WWII monument in the Bay Area.

Downtown Sarasota

Banyan tree down my the shore.

Koi pond

1932 Banyan Tree w/Carold in the foreground


Bonsai tree

Beautiful bonsai
We drove over to St Armand to drive around the circle and to see the beach.  It was a wonderful day.  I really like this area of FL.