Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I thought it a good day to post to my blog.  Lots of weddings today and 12 is supposed to be a lucky number for a lot of folks.

I'm loving being back in Citrus Ridge.  Margie and I have been busy running around and playing catch up.  She is my landlady and I love my (her) lot.  It's convenient to everything and it's a great place to watch everyone coming and going.

I've been spending a lot of time in the pool, walking and riding my bike.  Of course, Sedona is really enjoying being back in the bicycle.  My knee that was replaced is doing very well.  My other one, well, not so well.  I'll make it though.

Tina comes by just about every evening to take Sedona for a walk and then when Sedona hears Liz's voice she goes crazy to get to her.  Sedona is happy to be back too.

A shopping spree turned up another addition to our traveling family.  It's a lighted, movable parrot.
And you can tell it's Christmas around as everyone has decorated and out my backyard, my neighbor has put up a very large cross.

The cross and fountain at the lake from my lot.

Since I redesigned the Whim's interior, I'm much more comfortable.  I took the horseshoe dinette out and replaced it with a recliner and kitchen cabinet.

The Fabulous Five, sans 1, had our first breakfast out.  Missed you Hannah, get down here.  Tina, Liz, Margie and I went to Perkins and enjoyed our breakfast and conversation very much.  And then, Tina's job at Disney got in the way for this breakfast date this month at Celebration, FL.  Maybe in January we will all be together.
Margie Woodall, Liz Kelley, Carolyn Wilson

On the way back from checking out Hillsborough River State Park for the women's rv get together in January, of course, Margie and I had to stop at Parksdale Farms in Plant City, FL.  While frozen strawberries are being used for sundae's, they won't be serving strawberry shortcakes until January.  The strawberries were still delish...yummy!!
My neighbors from TN are coming down in Jan-Feb so that will be fun.  They are going to be right next door to me, how convenient!  Welcome Linda and Roger.

Well, happy 12-12-12 and I'll update after your Merry Christmas...