Monday, January 21, 2008

Somewhere is terrific!

Went to Clarksville to start Somewhere up and let her run. I was so happy just to see her. I was especially glad to see she is doing fine. There didn't seem to be as much condensation inside than I expected. You know I have read so much that sometimes it hard to know what to believe. Anyway she is just fine and her engine and generator are purring like kittens.

On the way up I stopped and got some tire covers to block the UV rays from her tires. I had measured my tires and even checked what size they were but did I get what I needed? Noooooo, I got a size 3 and it clearly states that all 19.5 tires take a size 1. So I didn't get to put them on this time, maybe next week.

I've got to find a place in Clarksville to buy propane. If I'm going up next weekend I'll plan an overnighter and will need more propane. Anyway on my way back to Nashville, I stopped at Camping World and swapped sizes on the tire covers.

Made some chili before I left today and it cooked in the crock pot. Man it was delicious when I got home.

Randy came and got Duchess today. I was surprised that she didn't stay longer but he had an appointment for the groomer and wanted to get her home. I think they missed her and maybe this will help in the recovery process for Debbie. Hope so.

Today was a holiday for state workers, Martin Luther King Day so it will be back to the grindstone tomorrow. Hey, it will only be a four day work week so it won't be too bad.
C'ya later...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Motocross racing

OMG, have you ever been to one? Well I went to my first last night. It was indoors at Shelbyville arena where they have the Walking Horse Celebration. It was deafeningly loud and the exhaust was smothering but the racing was exciting and nerve wracking. Jacob did well, he came in 1st place for qualifying and came in 3rd in the real race. When he started out his wheel hung up on the gate and then there was a pile up in the first turn but he maneuvered out of that and got around the pile up. He has some great driving skills and has such a calm head on his shoulders. Once he got around everyone piled up he was 7th. So in the next few laps he made up to 3rd and was getting ready to overtake 2nd and he stalled or missed a gear or something. Anyway, if he had a couple of more laps he would have overtaken 2nd and probably gave a good race for 1st. It was good racing. Can't wait to go to Tellico to watch him race in the holler. They say it's about twice as large a track as the one indoors. Longer races too. Jacob and Josh are such good boys and they are growing up so quick. It was good to spend time with them.

Today has been a do nothing day. Still have Duchess. Sedona and Duchess have been so entertaining today. They are so cute when they play the tug of war game with their toys. There has been a little too much dog estrogen in the room today. They are both very territorial. They actually do well together.

Debbie is doing better. She called me today. She is still in quite a bit of pain but at least she was well enough to talk on the phone. That made me feel better to hear her anyway. She got her fruit basket and was pleased to have it. She said her pain now was more from the top of her thighs. The doc said that the nerves ran on top of the thighs and that was the nerves they disturbed. It will take a while for that to get better.

Been watching football and women's basketball today. Lazy slug. TN Lady Vols beat Vanderbilt Ladies. Patriots won and now the NY Giants are playing Green Bay and it looks very, very cold up there. Don't understand how they can play in -1 degree and a -23 degree wind chill. I really don't understand people sitting out in that and watching. But I guess that's football.

27 more days before I leave for Cancun. Yes, I'm counting down. Can't wait to get to some warm weather and into the gulf. I hope it's clear enough to do some snorkeling, kayaking and other water stuff. Of course there will be some other activities going on, it's an all inclusive resort and everything will be furnished. I'll be a total slug for a week. It's okay 'cause I deserve it. :)

Update on Roy's computer. He took it back. See it had Windows Vista on it. The RR website doesn't troubleshoot Vista and he could not get on their website to sign up for work, etc. Best Buy and Bellsouth couldn't help either. So he took it back and had to order one that had Windows XP on it. The one he is getting is a 15.4 screen, so other than being smaller screen I don't think there is much difference but it does have XP. Glad Best Buys worked with him on it. So the jury is still out on Vista for me. Don't know why they had to change it except I do know that XP had some security issues but have kept updates to fix that. I hope anyway. Can't wait to see his new one.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cold, cold Saturday

It is so cold outside. No precipition but cold. Guess for Jan it should be.

Wow, I could get used to this. Roy got a new laptop and I'm sitting in the living room writing my blog. It is a Toshiba 17" screen and is wireless. I installed a wireless router at home on my desktop and am able to use his compter in any room in the house.

Guess this is a test of the one I will get when I hit the road. I'm waiting until the last minute to get one so it will not need to be updated for a long time. I've had my desktop since 2001 so that tells you I can make 'em last. LOL

My great-nephew is racing 4-wheelers in Shelbyville today so I'm going up there tonight to watch him race. They say it's loud and cold in there so I've got to get prepared.

My friend Debbie had back surgery this week. During her recovery for a few days, I have her dog, Duchess. Sedona is wondering why we have this other animal is in her space. They are actually playing well and chasing each other all over the place. It's funny to watch. They play tug-o-war with different toys. It's quite entertaining. Duchess will stay here for a little while. Last night was a hoot. Sedona will NOT sleep under the covers and that's where Duchess heads, straight for under the covers. Sedona couldn't understand what this blob was cuddled up next to me. Now one is dozing at one end of the couch and one is at the other end. Animals are so entertaining.

Since we are off on Monday, I'll be going up to visit Somewhere. I need to start her engine & generator. I can't wait to spend some time there. It seems a while since I have been in her. I've got some new things I want to put in there, plus I just want to see her. Cindy assures me that she is okay. Somewhere is getting attention parked at the farm. Everyone wants to know who it belongs to. I think it's funny that the neighbors want to know everything. I've got to go out today and get something for put under her tires and then to get tire covers so the UV rays won't do more damage.

Margie and I have planned a get together for the women in and around TN on the Women's RV forum. It's not till April but it is fun planning everything. I love to plan trips so this just falls right into place. Right now it's planned for a campground Crossville. More to come on this. That group of ladies in the forum are so varied, funny, pleasant and to be on a forum are quite nice. We had originally planned for Pulaski because there were some AL girls we thought would come. As it turned out they couldn't so some of the others were from Knoxville & McMinnville so the logical half way point was Crossville. It should be fun.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No news is good news

Well, I don't have that much going on right now. Went to Casino Aztar in Evansville IN with Theda this past weekend. Didn't do too well so it will be a while before I go back to a casino. Gotta save up for that you know!

I read on the Women's RV forum the other day a saying that I really like and wanted to share with you.
Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Wow, that's the way I look at this RVing adventure, I have begun by doing my homework, then I have purchased my 1st MH, Somewhere, and then I'll head out after practicing a few months. I have also given some thoughts about selling my condo. I may rent it for a while, it depends on what the real estate market is doing in April '09.

I'm preparing for my next trip. It will be to Cancun in Feb 16, 2008. Can't get here soon enough as far as I'm concerned. Can't wait to get to the water and snorkle, kayaka, drink, eat, etc. I'll let you all know how that trip is.

Still have my retirement cruise in November 21, 2008 if anyone is interested in going. Call Sabrina at 800-888-0922 or 615-833-0922 or email her at It only cost 87.50 inside cabin per day. What a deal!
Balcony 8A is now $728 per person cruise fare
Balcony 8D is now $798 per person cruise fare
Oceanview 6A is now $578.00 per person cruise fare
Interior 4A is now $458.00 per person cruise fare
Suite is now $1348 per person cruise fare
The taxes/port charges with fuel surcharge is now $242.05 per person

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Somewhere is in Clarksville

Did I tell you that I named my MH "Somewhere?" How on earth did I come up with that? Well, I love the logo and song for "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." In fact I have new drinking glasses that have that on it. I have a cute chair that Ann (co-worker & friend) made for me that has that on it. You seein' a trend here? I toyed with the idea of calling her 5 o'clock and then thought Somewhere is perfect. When I talk to people about her, I'll have to say, people get confused. Oh well!

Anyway, Somewhere is in Clarksville. I took her up on Saturday and got her all settled down for a long winter's nap and then the weather turns and it's a balmy 75 degrees. OMG, what's going on. Not to worry, it will get cold again so it will kill the bugs.

Roger has a great place to keep Somewhere. I love his farm and the MH is parked fairly close to the house on a nice level park of the field. It's just perfect for her. Wish I were closer though. Oh, well, no matter where she is I would have to go to her, can't keep her in my condo area. I told Cindy if someone stopped to buy her to make them an unbeleiveable offer and she could go with them. WHAT? did I say that? Hey if I could make some major coins, you bet. OMG, do I sound like my Daddy or what?? tee hee.

I like this MHing business. It's cool to sit by a flowing stream, burning fire and to be forgetting all your problems. I'll have to say I'm glad I wasn't in there last night with all the wind and storms, especially at MBSP. They had some storms.

Work is getting harder and harder to stay at. I get bored at times and end up spending too much time on emails, etc. I just don't like being here. I got a letter yesterday for a job as a HR Manager 2 in Corrections. UGH! Never really wanted to work there. I may go on the interview just to see what it involves. With just 14 months to go, I really don't want to make a move. On the other hand, a substantial raise would help boost my retirement. Ah, but is it worth it? remains to be seen at this point.

Mississippi State called me yesterday for a recruitment opportunity so it may be that I'll have a road trip in March to go recruiting. That will be an interesting trip. Will have to wait and see how Edison will interfer with it. That program is going to take a lot of my time and thankfully will make the time go by fast. You know, Edison is the new computer system that is going live on July 1, 2008. (We'll believe it when it happens.)

Roy bought a new computer last night. It's a nice one. Got it from Best Buy and it was good to go shopping with him and spend his money. It's a 17" screen, laptop, Toshiba.

More later.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Montgomery Bell State Park 2007/2008 camp out!

Big news! No problems this time out! I know you are glad to hear it. Went to Montgomery Bell State Park for four nights for New Year's eve. The park is so clean. It had Four Mile Creek flowing through it and I was fortunate to get one of the sites that backed up to the creek. It had just enough water flowing that make for nice sounds. Theda went with me and got there about the time I got the MH set up, what timing!

I have decided to name her "Somewhere." I got that from It's 5 o'clock somewhere. I think I really like it and am going to try it out for a while. It came to me as I was laying by the fire in my hammock drinking a totty from a glass I had found that said, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." I thought well I'll call here 5 o'clock and then no, "somewhere" it is.

Theda had gotten me a folding hammock for Christmas and it is terrific. You can tell me and Sedona like it. There is a little place underneath for Sedona's hammock, however she would rather be up top with me. LOL There were some nice people camping at MBSP. Sedona is getting to like this more and more, but boy, when it's time to go, she knows it and is ready to get in her seat and go. Well, I'm kind of like that too.

Weather turned out cold and we broke most of camp, putting things up on New Year's eve night because it was supposed to be real cold the next day. That worked out good because it was cold. We went to the bath house to shower as somehow my grey tanks got too full for a shower. It didn't bother me to go because the bath house was clean and very warm.

No problems when dumping this time. The park has a very good set up and it is very clean around it. the only thing they need is a garbage can close to the dump station. Driving was a little challenging because of high winds. It just made me concentrate a little more. I figure the more I do this the more comfortable I will become each time I go out.

I'm getting satellite hooked up this weekend and then I'll take "somewhere" to Clarksville and get her ready for a long winters nap. Of course not, I'll be going up there and spending time with her, just not using her water because she will be winterized.