Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Week-well sort of

I had received a phone call from Disney for me to come in for a 2nd interview as Fairy Godmother in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Downtown Disney. So Margie and I head to Downtown Disney for a look see.  It's a cool thing but it's a beauty salon.  Lots of little girls being made up like a princess.  Excited little girls (no boys were seen) were sitting still and waiting for the Fairy Godmother to work their magic.  And magic it was.  But it's a beauty salon.

Now let me take you back into my history about 1969 to be exact.  That's when I became a licensed cosmetologist.  Yep, that would be me.  I worked in a salon, actually we called it beauty shop then.  Did I like it??  Well, I'm not doing it anymore if that tells you anything, in fact, I only did it for about 8 months.  Yep, 1500 hours of training and a state board exam for 8 months of work.  Didn't like those "blue" hairs.  You know the ones who have their hair shampooed and set once a week, come in on Wed for a comb out and they are good to go.  Couldn't do anything right.  Nah it wasn't for me then, and I don't think it would be for me now.  Even though the clientele would be somewhat different, it's still doing hair.

I came back and called Disney and said, thanks but not this year.  I'll try again next year when I have more than 6 weeks left for training and work.  BTW, no where in my resume did I EVER mention the hair dresser gig in my past.

Anyway, Margie and I shopped around at Downtown Disney and all we found to purchase was some lighted ice cubes.  They are liquid activated and work much like my solar lights.  They move from red to green to blue.  Pretty cool and they look nice in a wine glass (mine happen to be blue) at night.

Game opening

Saturday afternoon Margie and Roger and I decided to go to the last day of Jai-Alai.  For those of you who don't know what it is (I didn't either) I think it's just racquet ball on steroids.  But you can click the link to learn more.  Enjoy the videos.  I was able to win a little money and that made for a very good afternoon.
Roger's celebration dance.

The Game

Another Game

This lifestyle is tough...trying to decide what to do next.  A day at the pool was terrific.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Somewhere has new Floors!!

I finally found someone who could do my floors at my site in Davenport for a very reasonable price.  A Pro Builder van was in the neighborhood a few weeks ago and I stopped to ask them if they would give me an estimate on new flooring for my RV.  A few days later they came over and measured.  There was a delay in them getting back to me on the cost so I thought they had just decided they didn't want to do a job this small.

All of a sudden I get a phone call with an apology saying things had been crazy and I had fallen through the cracks but they would do the job for $500 & me supply the materials and they could start on Monday and it should take 2 days.  The only draw back was that I could not use the partial floor I had put down last year, I would have to get all new tiles. 

No problem, off to Lowes I go.  Couldn't find the same tiles anyway so Taylor, Jonathan  and I chose another in a wood pattern.

Living Room Dirty Carpet

Bedroom & floor from last year

Living Room Carpet

Workers beginning to pull up carpet

More Demo

Bare floor
Chris and Steve show up at the appointed time on Monday and waste no time getting busy.  They did most all the demo and put some of the tiles down in the bedroom and the day was gone. They showed up today to finish about an hour late but the fog was very dense and caused some delay.  They worked until about 6:15 only stopping for about an hour for lunch and a Lowes run.
Chris and Steve, what an awesome crew!

New floor in Living Room

New Hall floor

Bedroom floor

I am so very pleased.  Somewhere looks larger with the new floor.  Sedona is just not sure yet.  She liked her carpet.  But she still has some on the doghouse and under the dinette.  She will be okay until bed tonight, then we will see if she wants to jump up or jump off the bed.

I'm a happy camper!  Now what??  Hummmm...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day way ticket please!

Margie and I headed over to the Nature Coast of FL to check out an RV park selling lots.  Well, I was the one checking it out as Margie and Roger already own a lot in Citrus Ridge.  I love the Nature Coast because of the springs and the looks of things over there.  Reminds me of one big State Park.

They wait until you purchase to pour the pad.
Already poured
I liked lot #6.
I had read another blog, Karen and Al, and they mentioned Chassa Oaks RV Resort.  We looked around and talked to the folks and everyone seemed to be very nice.  A bit pricey for an RV lot as the one I really liked was $54,900.  Way too much $$ for me especially since I think it's a little too far north to enjoy the warmth of FL in the winter.  Also I'm still up in the air about what I really want to do.  Not ruling it out but I'll tell you if something came up for sale in Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort, I'd be there in a heart beat!  I'll be headed to Chassa Oaks to stay two nights on them on my way north to TN.

We met our bloggin' friends, Jeff and Barbie, at Marguerita Grill in Homosassas Springs, FL.  The food was delish and the drinks were fabulous.  Can't you tell I was being greedy here?  Hey, at least I wasn't driving.  Thanks Margie for agreeing to be the driver today. 

Marguerita Grill Artwork
Afterward we went to Barbie and Jeff's Castle in Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort and visited with them for a little while.  Good thing 'cause if we had of left right then I would have snoozed all the way back home.  Margie got a ride on the golf cart with Barbie to see the place.  She hadn't been there but she had heard about it through me and others.  Not so sure if she was as impressed with the place as I was.  I'm more rustic than she is.  She likes the concrete and tv programming she gets from the Dish.  There are no bugs at this place and I like that a lot.

Anyway back home we go and it was a great day to visit friends and to check out new places.
More artwork

Barbie and Jeff-that was a medium Margarita.
Nice fire pit

Jeff & Barbie's landscaping, they own their lot.

Barbie and Jeff's new castle.

Margie's chillin.
Thanks for joining us, Jeff and Barbie.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Auburndale Flea Market and Happy Hour at Somewhere

There were five us who decided to head south to Auburndale for the flea market.  I had my own personal GPS, Dave.  He directed us there and found us a good parking space.  Why do I need Stella when Dave is along?  Oh but then Tina may have a little something to say about that.   We twisted Roger's arm and he decided he would just love to go with us.  So Margie, Roger, Tina, Dave and I head to the very busy flea market. 
Luscious strawberries from Plant City

All frozen and ready to consume

Tina and Dave holding Buddy & Anne

Dave, Margie w/Anne, Shirley

Jan, Shirley w/Alex, Tina and Dave

Shirley, Bob, and Roger

Peggy w/Alex, Tina
Other than just getting out and about on such a lovely day, my main objective was to get some fresh strawberries and that's exactly what I came away with.  Well, and a few grapes too.

We got back and the weather was too perfect so I invited everyone over to my place for a little happy hour event.  I wanted to make some of my famous frozen daquari's with my fresh strawberries.  So I made some virgin ones and then some with some kick to it.  They were all consumed so I guess they were good.  Margie brought over some snacks and it ended up being a good evening.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Company Comes

L-R Tina, Carolyn, Sarah, Margie, Roger
Two friends from the women rv forum, Sarah and Tina, stopped by for a visit after they had been traveling around Florida after the Silver River get together (gtg.)  Tina found a place at Deer Creek RV & Golf Resort (Passport America) and Sarah who is a wannabe stayed with me in Somewhere.  You may remember Sarah went along with me to Crater of Diamonds state park in the summer.

Anyway Roger & Margie and these rest of us went to The End Zone for dinner.  Monday night is wing night and as you can see, Roger can put his fair share away, notice his bone yard.  We let Roger tag along so he could claim us as his harem for the evening.

Tuesday evening, they joined us at the Tuesday Happy Hour potluck so they could get a taste of our lifestyle.  The first 1/2 hour is spent telling/reading jokes and then it's time to eat.  Afterward, we stopped by Margie's to sit around the "campfire" (didn't get a picture) and visit.  Margie had just had some work completed around her site and neighbors stopped by to admire the work.

Tina and Sarah were leaving out today.  Working their way North to the cold.  I had recommended Rock Crusher Canyon Park and the springs around Crystal River/Homosassas Springs FL and I think that is where she was headed.  I wouldn't want to be heading to Ohio and North Alabama anytime soon.  Safe travels, girls.

Nothing much is happening around here these days.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Potluck Carrier

On Thanksgiving 2010 I saw a holder one of the ladies had to bring her plates, glasses and utensils from which to eat in one neat carrier.  I took a picture of it and along with the dimensions of my tray to my creative friend, Nan.  So at the latest women RV gtg, she had this to show me.

I chose the one she had made out of screen material thinking it would be easier to keep clean.  There are pockets on both sides so if there are two of you, there's room for 2 of everything.   I'm excited to try it out.  She is only charging $20 so if you are interested let me know and I can send you her email address.  She is a very creative person, just give her an idea and presto! there it is. 

Just thought I would share this with my reading public so you could get just as excited as I did.  LOL

My landlords finally stopped by (1st time since I've been here) and presented me with my two months electric & water bills.  Total for 2 months was $170.64 which wasn't too bad.  The water is a constant $38.50 so I can expect that every month and I'll probably was my rig a time or two since I'm not using anywhere close to the maximum allowed.  The electric was somewhere in the neighborhood of $42 mo but I haven't had the a/c on since I've been here so guess that's just water heater and fans, lights, etc.  I'm still under $450 per month so I'm a happy camper and I really like this place.  People are nice & friendly for the most part and there are lots of activities.  I haven't gotten back into the water exercises yet and I've got to do that but I am going to the pool daily and am riding my bicycle.  My DR would be so happy to know that.  Of course I'm getting plenty of steps in walking Sedona.

Sedona is settling in pretty good.  She seems a little more skiddish than before.  Thanks for everyone who have asked about her.  She's a resilent little girl but I sure can't mention Mama T's name as she thinks she needs to be talking on the phone to her.  LOL

Just heard from my nephew, Roy and he and Tina are planning on flying down next weekend to see me.  Yippee, company!  I'm excited about that too.  Guess I'm just an excitable kind of person.

Margie and I are planning a Super Bowl party at her place on Sunday evening.  Hope the weather stays like it has been...
B E A U T I F U L!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bloggers Get Together (gtg)

About 29 other bloggers gathered at Smokey Bones in Lakeland FL to put names with faces and how we did!  It was so good to meet others who have this lifestyle and share the ups, downs and sideways of their life.  Because I didn't take any pictures, I'm gonna link to Margie's blog and you can get more details.  Yes, and because I'm lazy too. (Margie, told you I was going to do this.  LOL)

It was terrific to meet everyone and hope we do it again.  Thanks Donna and Stu for having this idea and following through.