Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Company Comes

L-R Tina, Carolyn, Sarah, Margie, Roger
Two friends from the women rv forum, Sarah and Tina, stopped by for a visit after they had been traveling around Florida after the Silver River get together (gtg.)  Tina found a place at Deer Creek RV & Golf Resort (Passport America) and Sarah who is a wannabe stayed with me in Somewhere.  You may remember Sarah went along with me to Crater of Diamonds state park in the summer.

Anyway Roger & Margie and these rest of us went to The End Zone for dinner.  Monday night is wing night and as you can see, Roger can put his fair share away, notice his bone yard.  We let Roger tag along so he could claim us as his harem for the evening.

Tuesday evening, they joined us at the Tuesday Happy Hour potluck so they could get a taste of our lifestyle.  The first 1/2 hour is spent telling/reading jokes and then it's time to eat.  Afterward, we stopped by Margie's to sit around the "campfire" (didn't get a picture) and visit.  Margie had just had some work completed around her site and neighbors stopped by to admire the work.

Tina and Sarah were leaving out today.  Working their way North to the cold.  I had recommended Rock Crusher Canyon Park and the springs around Crystal River/Homosassas Springs FL and I think that is where she was headed.  I wouldn't want to be heading to Ohio and North Alabama anytime soon.  Safe travels, girls.

Nothing much is happening around here these days.



Beckles said...

Such happy faces in this picture!! It's hard to believe that Roger was in the hospital several days ago. He's the picture of health and happiness!

Gail Durham said...

It looks like great food, great company and a great time.