Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Potluck Carrier

On Thanksgiving 2010 I saw a holder one of the ladies had to bring her plates, glasses and utensils from which to eat in one neat carrier.  I took a picture of it and along with the dimensions of my tray to my creative friend, Nan.  So at the latest women RV gtg, she had this to show me.

I chose the one she had made out of screen material thinking it would be easier to keep clean.  There are pockets on both sides so if there are two of you, there's room for 2 of everything.   I'm excited to try it out.  She is only charging $20 so if you are interested let me know and I can send you her email address.  She is a very creative person, just give her an idea and presto! there it is. 

Just thought I would share this with my reading public so you could get just as excited as I did.  LOL

My landlords finally stopped by (1st time since I've been here) and presented me with my two months electric & water bills.  Total for 2 months was $170.64 which wasn't too bad.  The water is a constant $38.50 so I can expect that every month and I'll probably was my rig a time or two since I'm not using anywhere close to the maximum allowed.  The electric was somewhere in the neighborhood of $42 mo but I haven't had the a/c on since I've been here so guess that's just water heater and fans, lights, etc.  I'm still under $450 per month so I'm a happy camper and I really like this place.  People are nice & friendly for the most part and there are lots of activities.  I haven't gotten back into the water exercises yet and I've got to do that but I am going to the pool daily and am riding my bicycle.  My DR would be so happy to know that.  Of course I'm getting plenty of steps in walking Sedona.

Sedona is settling in pretty good.  She seems a little more skiddish than before.  Thanks for everyone who have asked about her.  She's a resilent little girl but I sure can't mention Mama T's name as she thinks she needs to be talking on the phone to her.  LOL

Just heard from my nephew, Roy and he and Tina are planning on flying down next weekend to see me.  Yippee, company!  I'm excited about that too.  Guess I'm just an excitable kind of person.

Margie and I are planning a Super Bowl party at her place on Sunday evening.  Hope the weather stays like it has been...
B E A U T I F U L!


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squawmama said...

Like your new little carrier... one year at one of our rally weekend with our club we made little bags to take our stuff to happy hour and dinners. They make a huge difference.
Have fun & travel safe