Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day way ticket please!

Margie and I headed over to the Nature Coast of FL to check out an RV park selling lots.  Well, I was the one checking it out as Margie and Roger already own a lot in Citrus Ridge.  I love the Nature Coast because of the springs and the looks of things over there.  Reminds me of one big State Park.

They wait until you purchase to pour the pad.
Already poured
I liked lot #6.
I had read another blog, Karen and Al, and they mentioned Chassa Oaks RV Resort.  We looked around and talked to the folks and everyone seemed to be very nice.  A bit pricey for an RV lot as the one I really liked was $54,900.  Way too much $$ for me especially since I think it's a little too far north to enjoy the warmth of FL in the winter.  Also I'm still up in the air about what I really want to do.  Not ruling it out but I'll tell you if something came up for sale in Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort, I'd be there in a heart beat!  I'll be headed to Chassa Oaks to stay two nights on them on my way north to TN.

We met our bloggin' friends, Jeff and Barbie, at Marguerita Grill in Homosassas Springs, FL.  The food was delish and the drinks were fabulous.  Can't you tell I was being greedy here?  Hey, at least I wasn't driving.  Thanks Margie for agreeing to be the driver today. 

Marguerita Grill Artwork
Afterward we went to Barbie and Jeff's Castle in Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort and visited with them for a little while.  Good thing 'cause if we had of left right then I would have snoozed all the way back home.  Margie got a ride on the golf cart with Barbie to see the place.  She hadn't been there but she had heard about it through me and others.  Not so sure if she was as impressed with the place as I was.  I'm more rustic than she is.  She likes the concrete and tv programming she gets from the Dish.  There are no bugs at this place and I like that a lot.

Anyway back home we go and it was a great day to visit friends and to check out new places.
More artwork

Barbie and Jeff-that was a medium Margarita.
Nice fire pit

Jeff & Barbie's landscaping, they own their lot.

Barbie and Jeff's new castle.

Margie's chillin.
Thanks for joining us, Jeff and Barbie.


squawmama said...

Looks like you enjoyed a great day with Jeff & Barbie... and that margaurita ~ YUM!!!! I was jealous... lol
Have fun & travel safe

Jeff & Barbie said...

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and Margie yesterday. I'm gonna see if any of the other owners might be interested in selling here. If I have any news I'll be sure to be in touch. See ya next time.

Beckles said...

It appears to be another day in paradise!!

I.M. Vayne said...

The margarita picture reminded me of the movie with that crocodile guy. Seems Jeff oughta be saying, That's not a margarita Barbie, THIS is a margarita.

Am enjoying the finding of your blog, this mobile, mobile home life sure is fun.


Jim and Dee said...

What a great time you're having. I hope we can get together again before we leave Fl.