Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Central Time!

Just wanted to say Happy New Year for my friends in Central Time Zone.  And to all others whom I will not be awake to send you good wishes.

It's been a great year.  I'm happy to report that I have sold Somewhere, bought the Whim and the Lodge.  Spent time with family and friends this year.

We had a great Christmas with family at the Smoky Mountains Wyndham.  It just looks like it's going to be a wonderful 2012.  God bless each of you and I look forward to my new home in Crossville and my extended travels to Alaska.

Happy New Year to everyone.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Wine & Chocolate

Yes, you read that right.  Lakeridge Winery in Clermont was having one of their events and this one really appealed to me and Margie.  So early Saturday morning we headed north and arrived early enough that we didn't have to wait in line for very long to taste our wine and eat the Godiva chocolate.  Each wine was pared with a compatible chocolate, such as, very dry wine (which I don't like) was pared with dark chocolate, etc.

It was a good day.  There were arts and crafts on the hill too.  Excellent day.
We watched a movie on the development of the winery and the Cox family.
Tasting line runs through the vats.
About 10 different wines...
...and five different chocolates were tasted.
Processor for the grapes

The vineyard, or at least part of it.
The picking machine puts the grapes in the grey boxes.
Margie thinks this is a good place for a break.
Now where are we going?
We didn't wait on Santa.

Chili Party at the Lakeside Resort

Margie and I decided to throw a party at my place which I have dubbed the Lakeside Resort.  That is what I put on the invitation and people got very confused as to where this place was and they didn't want to go outside the park, etc.  So when we told them where it was I got the number incorrect on the invite and sent guest on the other side of the lake to 364, thankfully those people are gone for a couple weeks and weren't home.  Alas, people began arriving and fun ensued.

Roger fixed the chili, which was delish.  Everybody brought a contribution to chili, their chairs and own drinks so there wasn't much else left.  I believe a good time was had by all.

The Lemon Drop Express made an appearance and the guys seemed to enjoy her.  Only thing is I need to get a back up battery sometime for her.  The range of travel for her is great as the pond is a perfect place to drive her around.   Someone suggested I get a little sled to put behind the boat & put Sedona on it and ride her around.  Don't think that would work though.  Sounds fun!

It was nice to see old friends again and to meet new ones.  I believe we will have another one in January at Margie & Roger's new place.
The flamingo and parrot say "Welcome Friends!"
Collette is brave enough to start the line.

It just took one to do it, yummy!
Mel seems to have made a friend.  Sedona wants some chili too.

Golf Cart junction.
Roger is checking everything out.
Sun's goin down. Hazel, Don, Dave and Patti have a front row seat.
A  visitor drops in
Vern and Denise with her light up glass!  What a great smile!
L-R Eldon, Roger, Louie, Don, Jean, Tina
Jean and Tina
Don from Ohio is putting away the last of the wine.
Patti is telling what a wonderful time she is having and Dave looks ready to go.
Roger is the puppet master.

Margie has gone to the birds.

I think the parrot is saying "it's time to go home, honey!"
We had a great evening with Jimmy playing on the computer, a little reggae and the Village People serenading us through the night.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Settled in at Citrus Ridge

After a strike out day at the Daytona Beach Flea Market, I began my journey to my winter home, Citrus Ridge in Davenport, FL.  It was a great drive down and when I hit downtown Orlando on I 4 I just knew I would run into traffic but it was not to be, everyone must have been shopping.  I just breezed through to my exit.

I got here and Liz came down to give me a hug.  She said she wouldn't get in my way just wanted to welcome me and Sedona back.  Next Mel came by and helped me get backed in and set up and to welcome me back.  Wow, it sure felt good to be back.

I love my site.  It's right on the water and though I won't be here as long as I originally thought, it will be a great place to just chill, have fun and visit friends.  I've decided not to pursue working at Disney this year.  There has been too much going on and I just want to have fun.
My welcoming committee
There's plenty of room for the Whim.

Here's my new Buffet addition, looks like a perfect location.

Added Santa hats to the mirrors on the Whim.

Here's a pair of Sand Hill Cranes, I understand there are 3 couples this year.
View from my patio

Buffet and the flamingos wonder if this is a relative.

The Whim from the road.
A night scene-fountain gets turned off at 9:39 p.m.
I'll tell you a little funny on myself...see the nativity scene in color?  First day here I looked across the lake and saw all these "people" and thought they were having a meeting.  Then I saw a couple of men walking around the gazebo and they left.  The other folks were still there and I just thought it's a long meeting.  I rode my bicycle over there and guess what???  Yep, not people, it was the nativity scene.  OMG, how crazy is that, so much for a meeting.  It's okay, you can laugh at me, I did.

I'm beginning to get used to the Whim.  I'm thinking I should probably have gone to 24' instead of 21' but jury is still out.  I love driving it and when I came from Jonathan's to Davenport I got like 16.4 mpg so the more I drive the better I get and yes, that's towing.

I hear it's snowing in Crossville TN so yes, I'm glad I'm here even though its windy and getting a little cooler.  No complaints here.

I found a dermatologist locally that I can get in to see on Thursday.  I sure hope I can finally get some relief from this itchy rash but most importantly what it is and why it has lasted since middle of September.

Donna (Squawmama) I now stay at my son's house in his driveway, however 1st year out I stayed at A Big Wheel Park in St Mary's and was very pleased.  Liked the location and the owners were very good.  Across the street from Crooked River State Park.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

It's been a great few weeks with Taylor and Jonathan at Kingsland Ga.  I enjoyed a Camden County High School Swim meet held at the Kings Bay Base pool.  For an early Christmas present Jonathan had my windows tinted on the Whim.  Great until Jonathan realized they missed one window on the slide.  Oh well, Ill have to get it fixed when I go back to Kingsland & Stylin' FX window tinting.

We took the easy way for our Thanksgiving meal.  We ordered from Publix and then all I had to make was mashed potatoes and green bean salad.  Taylor made the brownies.

Jonathan and I went to the firing range and shot our weapons so that Jonathan could clean mine before heading out.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to shoot at a firing range.  Taylor says she will go next time.

I'm now at Port Orange FL in a Carefree RV resort and they let me have a pull through site at Passport America price of $23.00 plus they have cable and free wi-fi, however I don't have cable long enough to go from the connection to the front of the Whim.  That's the only place I have found for a connection so during daylight hours, I'll look further.  I got 14.76 mpg on the way down to Daytona so I guess I'm getting the Whim broken in or I'm driving better.

After the Daytona Beach Flea Market tomorrow I'll head to Citrus Ridge where I'll be spending a couple of months. 


Friday, November 18, 2011

I want my Monopoly back!

In a song Jimmy Buffet says it all, "I want my Junior Mints. where did the Junior Mints go in the
Movies. I don't want a 12 lb. Nestles Crunch for 25 dollars. I Want Junior Mints."

This is exactly the way it was when I sat down Saturday night to play a simple game of Monopoly.
What no paper money?  No, here is your ATM card and it's preloaded with $15 million dollars.
What no Boardwalk, Marvin Gardens, Park Place Ave, Oriental Ave?  No Railroads anymore?  Replaced with airports.  The utilities are now cell and internet service!  What?  What?
Pass GO...collect $2 million dollars-not $200.
Oh, want to get out of jail?  $500,000
And my game piece?  A segway!  Yep, no shoe, hat or dog.
Oh no, I want my old Monolopy back! I'm mad as heck and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Okay, I'll admit I liked the banker with the ATM machine.  I enjoyed the game but I'm sure Jonathan and Ali got tired of me saying, "What?" "This is just wrong!"


Tybee Island, GA

We used to meet every October in Pawley's Island, SC.  There were about 10 +/- a couple each time.  We have lost 6 of our beloved friends and now there are four of us.  This was the first time we have gotten together at the beach in several years.
Tybee Island GA

First card pulled of the week.  Transformation...

Anne B finds the snake reading.

A penny for your thoughts, Ernie.

Getting ready for a feast at Sundae's Cafe.  Sherry joins us.

The beach was shrouded in a thick fog.

Strangely eerie.

Dare & technology?????

Beach Art

Just chillin

My week cards-present is the whale.

And that means what???

From the balcony of our condo

Stained glass all around

Taking a stroll looking for treasures.

Ok, Ernie, a quarter for your thoughts.

Someone had left this message on the beach.

Primordial scream...

The lighthouse

Reflection on the desolate beach just a swanging...
It was such a great renewing time with friends.  We laughed, cried, cheered and remembered our loved ones.  I had all our pictures on the computer from visits past and we realized we began this trip in 1992.  My, my how we have mellowed.  We would spend all day and some nights on the beach, this time we would take walks and then hibernate into our cocoon of the condo.  We philosophized about what's going on w/the world, w/our lives, where we are supposed to be and where we are.  We brainstormed ideas for a new business and calculated retirement for Dare and Anne. 

Before going, I wondered how I would feel since I am retired and they are now.  Alas, it didn't matter, our friendship supersedes "work" and it was a terrific feeling to know that.  Well, I knew it, it was just confirmed.  I loved the week and am so grateful for the opportunity to reconnect.

Our other friends were with us and we each said hello to:  Theda, Rick, Eddie, Larry, Deano, Wynn.  You were each such an important part of our lives and are still doing your thing.  Love Ya Mean It!