Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Southern Caribbean Cruise

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Okay, now I'm getting a little fired up about my cruise! It's been a long time coming. I touted it as my retirement cruise but it may just be a cruise because I need it. It is 8 days and it's on the Carnival Miracle. There are 10 of us going and it should just be a blast. All of us have cruised before except one person, Melissa. She is a newbee and it will be a joy to have someone who has never cruised before. The newbees always try to do everything possible on the ship. Once you have cruised as many times as me, you just go to relax and enjoy. I have a balcony this time, 1st time, always got an inside cabin. Most people tell me I'll never have another inside room once I have a balcony. We will see.

I haven't been much into posting lately. Just wanted to stop in and say hey and to let you know that me, Sedona and Somewhere are doing just fine.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crocheted Plastic Bag Rug

Plastic bag rug
Well, I finally finished my plastic bag rug. It has been so long since I have crocheted anything, I'll consider this my first run. Now that I have practiced surely I'll do better next time. I am planning on doing another of blue and yellow for the next step. Good thing is they can be washed in a washer but not dried. It was a good project for me. They stay put on the steps and don't slide. It was made with plastic bags you get at grocery stores, walmart, dollar general stores, etc. I guess I have contributed to the recycling and protecting the universe. I didn't help global warming because I think that is just a bunch of hooey!

Ended up boondocking last weekend and boy was it fun. It was so relaxing and didn't have to spend a dime. Somewhere was not dusty like I thought it would be, so all I had to do was to vacuum a little and dust, just like I would have if I had had my house closed up for about 2 months.

Gonna have her winterized at a place in Clarksville in November, before I leave on my cruise. That way I won't have to be concerned when I am gone. Then when it comes to Christmas holiday, I'll dewinterize it and drive it to Etowah again. It worked out so well for me, Jonathan and Taylor to be in there for our Christmas together. Gosh, think, next year, I won't have to worry about going back to work, I'll have all the time I need. Life is good.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Headed to Somewhere

Yippee, the Edison crunch is over for this pay period and aside from the fact that Edison paid 163 employees cash overtime (what a great surprise to them) everything went well. The glitch over the OT was a result of the system not being programmed appropriately for our rule of comp overtime instead of cash. Their glitch not ours. Whew!

It's time for me to take a little break in the action before next pay period, 10/15 and I'm headed to Somewhere. I am going to spend this beautiful Thursday evening cleaning and then head to Land Between the Lakes tomorrow for the weekend. I think I have some heavy duty cleaning to do because I have left my roll out windows open a little and the "corn" guy came in and cut and plowed the corn field. I have been putting a picture of the corn on this blog to measure the growth, however I was not there the last few months and the corn got big and now it's gone. But in the process it has been very dry in Middle Tennessee and it created a lot of dust while the farmer was doing his thing.

Somewhere has got to be very dusty inside and out. I'll probably go to the laundromat tonight and clean the bedding and wash down the walls, vacuum, etc. Gosh, it's gonna feel like home. I asked Cindy if she had closed the windows and she said no, so I can only imagine what it's gonna look like.

I know Sedona will be happy to be on the road again and I'll give you a report of my trip next time I join you on my blog.