Monday, May 23, 2011

Greetings from Sedona AZ

Another quick note just to let you know that I am in Sedona AZ enjoying life. I am penning this post from my NookColor so won't be posting pictures until later unless I figure out how to do it from my Nook.

We went on a hike yesterday to Devil's Bridge. First, We went to the Hike House where they have an electronic trail finder. You put in distance, elevation, time, difficulty. Then it gives you the trails that match the hiker. It was on target and off we went with hiking sticks, water, snacks, hats and excitement. We got some great pix.

Today Becky and I got a reading from Robin Kelley of Sedona Spirit. It was very interesting.

The pool and hot tub has been very refreshing.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Just checking in

I'm okay and I've got a lot to report on a wedding, a visit w/fellow women rvers and a festival.  At the time I'm dashing out to head to Las Vegas and then to Sedona AZ so bare with me and I'll get back to you in 14 days or so.

Found out this didn't post so I'm editing from Las Vegas.  Becky greeted me at the airport with a sign that said BFF and a big smiley face.  I had always wanted to be greeted at the airport like that and it happened.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Marathon Driving Day

Whew, what a day!  I started out at 9 a.m from Kingsland GA and arrived in Englewood TN at 6:15 p.m.  Against everything I have ever planned but by the time I got to Atlanta @ 2:30ish, I thought, at least get to the North side and get through the traffic.  I stopped once on I 16  exit 88 and then onward.  I had planned to stay at Walmart in Cartersville.

I've never stayed in a Walmart so a question for all you veterans.  When you stay in Walmart parking lot, do you change into your nightwear?  or do you stay in your street clothes?  That was just something I thought about as I had plenty of time to think while on the road.

When I got to Cartersville I decided I was only 89 miles from my destination so I might as well continue and I had plenty of day light left.  So I stopped and got gas, walked Sedona and myself, ate peanut butter & crackers (my staple for the day) and hit the road again.  I got 7.1 mpg which is the best I've gotten in a long time.  It was an absolutely beautiful driving day.  Window down, no a/c so no generator running and my topper window covers worked great to keep that sun out of my eyes and keep Somewhere cooler inside.  Even though it was a long day and this morning my body is sore, I'm glad to be here.

I got here and Jerry was here to help me get set up which was very nice because I was very tired and my knee was killing me.  I tried one approach of pulling up and backing in but the road is too narrow for me to do that and I was going to hit the front on the trees so I backed down the hill (mountain in my book) and turned into the driveway and the yard is big enough for me to turn around and get backed up.
A very nice park like setting

Did I mention he put in 30 amps for me?
I slept very well last night and so did Sedona. 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great News on the Knee

I suppose I was a little premature on posting I was going to have surgery.  I'm NOT.  Yep, Doc said surgery wouldn't help what was going on so he gave me a big shot of cortisone (yuck).  Cortisone sends your blood sugar out the roof and I'm having to deal with that today.

I have mixed emotions about not having surgery.  I'm so active and I didn't like pushing through the pain on a walk or hike.  I hoped the surgery would make it whole, well maybe like I was 10 years younger (ha) but that's not going to happen so I'll go to a physical therapist and learn the exercises to strengthen my knees.  That will be a good thing.

This premature actions cost me a few extra bucks.  I thought I would leave for Las Vegas out of Nashville so I booked the flight, then I changed the flight thinking I would leave out of Jacksonville so now I've changed to leaving out of Nashville again.  Thank goodness Southwest does not charge change fees.  But my window where you get the best deal had closed so I didn't get the same rate out of Nashville as I did before but it will still be worth it.  Becky, Ron and I will be going from Henderson NV (their home) to Sedona AZ for the week and I can't wait.

Now I'm making plans for my route to TN so I'll be there in time for my great niece's wedding.  Back to my original plans.  Roy (my nephew) has put in a 30amp service so I'll be staying up there and leaving Somewhere there while Sedona and I go on day trips.

By the way I forgot to tell you about this great little restaurant, Barbara Jean's, on St Simon Island GA.  OMG I got the crab cake and it was to die for.  Every bite contained crab, there are no fillers.  Outstanding and the vegetables are to die for, cooked well and seasoned perfectly.  Oh and you can order their items off the website.  She even has a recipe for the crab cakes.  I see that BJ's is located in other locations so you want to check it out.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Plans constantly changing

Where to begin...
I arrived at Jonathan & Taylor's on Easter weekend.  We went to the beach at Fernandina on Saturday which was wonderful and then on Sunday we went to St Simon Community Church with Jonathan's girlfriend, Ali and her children.

Ali is a nurse at an Orthopedic group in Brunswick and I had been having trouble with my left knee since the last week in December.  I asked her if she could get me an appointment at one of her Drs.  Sure enough, Tuesday was my appointment, Thursday was an MRI, Monday I go back to the Dr for the "official" results.  Ali got my MRI results and it looks like I'll be having surgery on Tuesday.  I have a floating piece of bone, bone spurs under my knee cap, a little arthritis (surprise) and a sprained ACL.  Guess they can't do much for the sprain but everything else can be cleaned up.

So my week at Jonathan's has turned into more like three weeks.  Before I knew about getting my knee fixed I made arrangements to go to Vegas to see Becky and then they invited me to spend a week in Sedona with them.  The Dr has assured me he will have be ready to go to Sedona and in hiking shape by May 18 and I'm all about that.

If the results change after tomorrow, I'll keep you posted.

Today was another beach day and the weather was perfect.  The water was great and not near as cold as last weekend.  The bad thing is that I won't be able to go to my great-niece's wedding next weekend.  Taylor is going to be a Jr Bridesmaid and her dress is so pretty.  I'll miss seeing all the family but I need to get this knee taken care of so I can continue to enjoy my lifestyle.