Sunday, May 1, 2011

Plans constantly changing

Where to begin...
I arrived at Jonathan & Taylor's on Easter weekend.  We went to the beach at Fernandina on Saturday which was wonderful and then on Sunday we went to St Simon Community Church with Jonathan's girlfriend, Ali and her children.

Ali is a nurse at an Orthopedic group in Brunswick and I had been having trouble with my left knee since the last week in December.  I asked her if she could get me an appointment at one of her Drs.  Sure enough, Tuesday was my appointment, Thursday was an MRI, Monday I go back to the Dr for the "official" results.  Ali got my MRI results and it looks like I'll be having surgery on Tuesday.  I have a floating piece of bone, bone spurs under my knee cap, a little arthritis (surprise) and a sprained ACL.  Guess they can't do much for the sprain but everything else can be cleaned up.

So my week at Jonathan's has turned into more like three weeks.  Before I knew about getting my knee fixed I made arrangements to go to Vegas to see Becky and then they invited me to spend a week in Sedona with them.  The Dr has assured me he will have be ready to go to Sedona and in hiking shape by May 18 and I'm all about that.

If the results change after tomorrow, I'll keep you posted.

Today was another beach day and the weather was perfect.  The water was great and not near as cold as last weekend.  The bad thing is that I won't be able to go to my great-niece's wedding next weekend.  Taylor is going to be a Jr Bridesmaid and her dress is so pretty.  I'll miss seeing all the family but I need to get this knee taken care of so I can continue to enjoy my lifestyle.



Jeff & Barbie said...

Glad you'll be getting the knee taken care of-it sure is happening fast! Good luck on a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Good that you are getting the knee taken care of before things went "down hill" more. Hopefully the summer activities will keep you moving. Therapy because your plans just don't include sitting still :=)

Tina and the furry ones