Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tire Covers

Last post I told you about buying the fabric for my new tire covers.  Since I arrived at Jonathan's and he has a big living room, Taylor and I decided to cut the fabric for the covers.  While at it I made the sun covers for the upper windows on the passenger and driver doors.  It seems that when the sun shines in, it gets in the way of driving.  These should help.  Here they are and I love them.
Driver door shades.

Tire cover before the weights are added.

Ribs and Corn Jonathan cooked after Taylor and I worked so hard.

Tire covers with the weights added

Front tire cover with weights.
We spent the day at the beach today.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The sun was shinning, there was a breeze and the water was chilly.  Perfect day.  It was fun being with Jonathan and Taylor today.



Beckles said...

The ribs and corn look luscious!! I know the screens will help out so much. We love our shade on the patio. You are ever so creative!!

Margie and Roger said...

Imagine that - you did all the screens and tire covers without Nan. You go girl! Wait, maybe Nan could add some flamingos to those tire covers...or a parrot. Looks like you and Taylor did a good job - and that dinner looked good too. Roger said you sent a beach photo - but he deleted it because he thought you had sent one to me too - no, I'm the one with the 'dumb phone' now and can't get text photos.

Glad you are enjoying your visit - and the beach.

Jeff & Barbie said...

You did a great job with those wheel covers! Do they connect with snaps to the motorhome or with velcro?

Sharon said...

Love those tire covers, how are they attached at the top? And they won't sweat like the vinyl ones. Double helping of ribs and corn, please!

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Jeff, the covers are held on by heavy duty suction cups sold at Beasley's place. He also said this was the best time of the year to come by as the snow birds have migrated already.