Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homossas FL

When I left Citrus Ridge, I headed to Hudson to have my passenger window checked.  They did a water check and it didn't leak but there was some missing caulk on the roof gutter line.  They caulked what needed to be be done and I was off to Homossas Fl.

I had two free nights at Chassa Oaks RV Resort so pulled in there to a very hearty welcome.  Chassa Oaks is an RV park that sells deeded lots.  They are having a special for the next ten sites sold with a discount of $10,000.  Still expensive at $39,000-$49,000.  There are 39 lots total, a very nice clubhouse and beautiful pool.  The maintenance fee is $81.00 per mo that includes, water, wi-fi, lawn maintenance, garbage removal.  The trees are not mature yet as it's a fairly new area.  It's very close to the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Refuge  which is a great place for kayaking. 

My site 20 at Chassa Oaks

Site I looked at, nice buffer in the back.
 After my two nights, I moved up the road about 10 miles to Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort.  My friend Nan was here and I got the site between her and other friends, Jeff and Barbie.  Nan had been here three nights, on Passport America, and was getting ready to leave but we had a nice visit.  Jeff, Barbie and I went out to dinner to the Freezer.  If you are ever in this area, the Freezer is the place to go for seafood.  It was an original freezer for the seafood when it was a place for unloading the catch when it came in.  A very unique and very good place to go.

I spent most of the day at the pool and getting some things around Somewhere.  It was a very relaxing day.

Today, Nan came down and picked me up and we traveled to Center Hill, FL to visit Beasley Mfg Co.  Beasley sells sunscreen fabric by the foot and it can be used as awning screens, windshield screens, patio rugs and other uses.  You can get this fabric for $1.00-$2.00 a foot.  Great price and terrific selection.  Nan and I both went ga-ga over the choices.  I got a new lightweight rug, some covers for the upper part of the passenger and driver windows and enough for tire covers.  I'm excited and know what I'll be doing when I get to Jonathan's.  I'll be making new wheel covers.  It was a fun day.


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Margie and Roger said...

Glad to read the update. Sounds like things are going well for you. That fabric place sounded terrific. Thought about you this morning during "Bloody Mary's".