Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shopping at the Flea Market

I went to the flea market in Nashville this morning. Great day for it. I found some paper goods that will do nicely in Somewhere, you know, paper plates, napkins and disposable table cloths. Never know when you might need them, right? OMG, am I starting that in my MH?

The first picture you will see is of my pillow I bought yesterday at the Pottery Barn. Wouldn't you say it will brighten up my dull beige couch?
This next series of pictures (3) are the new Tupperware that I bought for Somewhere. I'm sure Debbie will be just delighted that I have purchased new Tupperware. There is an ongoing joke there but I won't go into it here. Anyway, these three bowls fold flat.
The blue oval one can hold anywhere up to 2 quarts. The green and yellow hold up to 3 cups depending how much you extend. They are not good in the microwave so I'll have to remember that.
I thought the colors were pretty. I guess they will cushion anything that rattles too so there will be a multipurpose to them.
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I'm doing more downsizing. I have got greeting cards from since I was a little girl. Well, I don't have them anymore, out of here. The ones that had special meaning to me have been scanned and will be forever available. Now I haven't looked at them in all these many years, don't know why I think I'll look at them later, but you never know.

I have a 2 drawer metal filing cabinet that I covered in brown paper bags, mod podge, and polyurethane so that it looks like leather. I'm trying to think if it will be too heavy to put in Somewhere. There is a space that is just right for it but it might be too heavy. I'll have to make that decision later. It is a possibility.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Early morning (6:00) I got dressed and took my GF, Cindy, to the airport. It's time for her to attend her semi annual meeting in Orlando. This is the one I usually attend with her, but, alas, I have some parallel testing to do with Edison and couldn't get off work. It's always nice to go w/her. She works all day and I lay by the pool. Nothing wrong with that!

Since this is tax free weekend, I decided to break down and buy my New Balance tennis shoes and some hiking boots. Headed to The Mall at Green Hills. New Balance has changed my usual 1122 shoes to 1123 and they are made a little differently, they are much wider than the ones I currently have. They didn't have my size, B, so they had to order those. Then the hiking boots, 977, were B and I needed a D so I went ahead and paid for them and they ordered what I needed. I paid so I could take advantage of tax free.

I needed to go to Dillards to pick up a couple of bras (tax free) and while I was walking in the mall, I walked by Pottery Barn. There were two pillows and they were yelling at me! Yes, I said yelling at me. They were saying, "take us to Somewhere, we belong in Somewhere!" I kid you not, I heard them. Anyway, I have been needing some color in Somewhere. I have a multi colored stripe throw rug and a multi colored stripe towel bucket in my bathroom to hold my towels. These pillows were the EXACT multi colored stripe. I went in and looked at them, liked how they felt and by golly, there was a cotton 2X3 rug that would be perfect in front of my door as you walk in. Spontaneously, I bought one oblong pillow for the couch and the rug. I was going to get a square pillow but the sales clerk said, "you do realize these pillows are two prices, one for the pillow inside and one for the cover." Ooh, no, I didn't know that. I didn't have a pillow the size I wanted at home so I just got one pillow. I paid as much for that one pillow as for what I thought the two would be. Impulse!!! But I LOVE it. Can't wait to put it in Somewhere to brighten her beige up. It will be so cool.

Later, gator...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Looks as good as new...

I picked up Somewhere yesterday and she looks beautiful. I had her detailed and the wax job really did make her look as good as new. I felt very proud to own her and be driving down the road. Of course, I felt that way anyway. LOL

As promised Cullum & Maxey replaced my outside entertainment center (no cost!!!), had a brand new water filter in place + and extra (no cost!!!) but they had not fixed the jacks joystick. It was not on the work order so it didn't get done. But after I explained I didn't have a vehicle, they said no problem. Took it back into the shop, pulled a technician over and within 20 minutes, it was ready. Apparently some trash had gotten in between the connections and that prevented it from working properly. So now I'm good to go. I had told Tom (service manager) that I said bad things about him on my blog during my Easter trip. He was EXTREMELY helpful this time (generally always) even took a little extra time in showing me some hints/tips around the generator, AC and frig. He asked if he had redeemed himself, I told him I would say something nice this time. So there, something nice, Tom!

Cindy wanted to ride to Clarksville with me, since she had not ridden in Somewhere so off we went. I left the roof AC on while driving. Tom said it would take less gas to run the AC on the genny than the motor AC so I thought I would try that. I'm all about conserving gas these days.

When we arrived at the house, Cindy failed to tell me to turn into another entrance so I went the usual way. It seems that while I was gone, they had plowed up the field and planted corn. Now, I didn't know they had planted corn so I pull in and make a big 'ole wide turn into the plowed, planted field, all the while getting my newly shined tires dirty, ugh. Then Cindy says, oh I was supposed to tell you to turn at the other entrance, oh, well, too late now. So when Roger comes up and comments on how good the MH looks, Cindy tells him I turned around where the corn had been planted. "I didn't know they had planted already," is what I said. Roger said no big deal.

Today begins Sales Tax Free Holiday in TN. Now is when I decided to buy a laptop so I got on the phone very early this morning to Dell. I wanted to order it directly from them and have it built like I wanted it. I didn't want to go to a box store and get one that had been there for a while. Here is what I got:
Inspiron 1525, Intel Core 2 Duo T7250, 2.0GHz, 800 Mhz, 2M L2 Cache. It's Sunshine Yellow, 4GB, DDR2 667MHz 2 Dimm, 160G 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive Free Fall Sensor (in case I drop it) I had the Dell Wireless 1505 Wireless-N mini-card installed (its a Verizon card that can be activated whenever I decide but it will use three antennas instead of the one on the external Verizon card. Anyway, it has a lot of other things but that's the guts. It won't be here for about two weeks. I think it was time. My desktop at home was purchased in 2001 and is still running Windows ME and is slow as the dickens. Yes, I got VISTA. Okay, I know what I have heard from other people, but I'm gonna give it a chance. I believe it's gonna be here to stay and as long as I keep my computers, no telling what it will be when I get another one. I'll keep you posted about my experiences with VISTA. Should be entertaining.

Next purchase this weekend will be some new tennis shoes and hiking shoes. Hey, I figure with sales tax free, what the heck. Plus I'll be getting my tax incentive check in a week or two, it's supposed to be spent, right? So I guess with the shoes and my kayak, I'm done!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TN Flamingos GTG April 18-20, 2008

What a wonderful weekend in Crossville, TN at the Spring Lake RV Resort! I picked up Somewhere on Thursday and brought her to Nashville. I left my little PT Cruiser in Clarksville. Somewhere drove and behaved like a dream. Well, did you expect anything any different? I stopped by Cullum & Maxey to let them see the sides, the outside entertainment center and the water filter thingy. They are going to fix everything on them so I'm a happy camper. I'll just drop her off on Sunday when I return and they can keep it as long as they want.

Now for home. I pulled her into my condo complex and parked her in front of my condo to load her up and wash her a little. Everyone came out to see her (nosey.) I let them walk through, however explained that her slides were in and they couldn't get a good idea of the room I have. They all said they would come back later when they could see it all.

I washed the passenger side and was having no luck getting the black streaks off her sides. I think the black streaks are from the roof and how water runs down the black rubber on the windows. I really don't know but I do know that I hate them and I am not tall enough, even w/a ladder to do any good. So I just stopped!

Instead I filled up the fresh water tank because it was time to sanitize it and my pipes from the antifreeze. I figured if I filled her tank up and add my Clorox before I went it would be like a washing machine action and clean it real good. Of course I would have to drain that tank sometime.

Man, Somewhere sure is high maintenance!

After I got finished doing what I needed to do with the water and getting her loaded I moved her around to the back and set her up for the evening. Not a violation because I have permission to park her there from the HOA, briefly.

Next morning, Becky arrived around 7:30. She brought sausage & biscuits to get us started. I brought Somewhere around to load her stuff, "how long did you say you were planning on staying, Becky?" Gosh, she had enough stuff to last FOREVER! LOL I decided to invite Becky along to see if she thought she would enjoy going RVing, notice I didn't say full-timing, just going RVing. 'Cause one thing is for sure, you either really love it, or really hate it! She will have to comment on which it is for her.

I needed to go have the air pressure checked in the front tires so we went to Firestone which was on the way out. On the drivers side front tire, the valve stem cannot be reached and I knew since I had not checked them in a while they probably needed attention. I pulled in and they were so nice to check them. Yep, I sure needed air, way too low and that's not good for the tire nor for gas mileage. Only thing is, the little guy had to take the cover off the tire to get to the stem. They were going to put an extension on but didn't have one. Oh, but they could get one in 15 min. Okay, I'll wait. 15 min turned to 30 min and when the NAPA guy brought them, they were about 5" long. OMG, that is way too long. Well, it will only take about 15 min to get smaller ones. Oh, my, where have I heard that before? I think I'll just head on up the road. I now have extensions in my purse so hopefully I can get someone to put that one on at Cullum & Maxey.

On the road again, here we go headed out on the highway, looking for adventure...I guess I got two songs going right there together didn't I? It's about 9:30 now and I decided rather than go Harding Place in traffic I would go up to I 840 and take that over to I 40 E and head to Crossville. Who thought that?? Yes, that would have been me, never again. It added about a hour to our trip but traffic was NOT bad on I 840.
I think Becky was a little amazed at my driving ability with this big old motor vehicle. It was pit stop time when we reached the rest area outside of Cookeville. It was nice being able to take Sedona out to stretch her little legs and to be able to get something to drink and use my own facilities. That's pretty cool!

When we turned onto Peavine road, I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss the turn. I had been to Spring Lake RV Resort before but couldn't quite remember how far off the interstate it was and sure didn't want to have to find a place to turn around. Sure enough we found the turn off and knew were were just a "spit" to where we needed to be.

I stopped at the office, paid, got the wi-fi information I needed and was ready to back into my site. I had already told Becky what she needed to help me do and she was ready. I pull up to site 10 and slowly start backing in. PERFECT, 1st time.

Here is Somewhere and the site.

Margie was there to greet us. She had gone up the night before and she was already set up. See her pink flamingo sun visor, all decked out. If you haven't noticed, we TN Flamingos take our mascot VERY seriously! She had Anne B, chichuahua, with her and I was anxious to see how she and Sedona did together but Sedona doesn't get out of the RV until I have all the jacks down and most everything outside done, even if someone is along with me. Just a good habit to get her into. She travels so well in her car seat.

You know when I told you, 'PERFECT 1st time?', well it seems that it was not so perfect. I hooked up the electric, water and then when I went to hook up the sewer hose, I was too far back. Soooo, I had to pull the jacks up, take the slides in and move forward about three feet. Dad gum it! So we start over again. But I do have to tell you this, while hooking up water, etc., the camp host came by to talk about my MH. While there he began giving me tips like make sure the breaker is turned off before plugging in, good that I had the water regulator on the right end and then he told me about his Rhino hose and how I needed to come over to his RV to see his Rhino. Well, I thought that was the end of that, but nooooo, thanks to Becky who was hearing all this made sure that all my fellow TN Flamingos knew about Rhino man and what he had said. That is how Rhino man became the joke of the weekend. Becky said something like, you know how a man says "want to come up and see my etchings?" well, Rhino man said "want to come over to see my Rhino hose" much the same way. I do not need to tell you where our minds went the entire weekend! Okay, so that's the story of Rhino Man, and who knows, I may end up with a Rhino one day.

Becky was a great help in getting everything set up outside, my flag, my spinner, my wind chimes and other knick knacks any good camper can't do without. Saved me a lot of time. Oh, we also set up the hammock but alas, we didn't get to use it. Too much to do.

Oh, I forgot, when I checked in I asked about using my kayak in the lake. Nope, insurance won't let anyone use their personal boat. Well, we tried every angle but to no avail. Guess we will have to christen it some other time.

Margie, Becky and I look up and lo and behold, here comes a class A that has a huge blow up flamingo in the co-pilot seat. Here comes Fernie, it's gotta be! Sure enough, there she is. Okay, now there are four of us, it's beginning to look like a party.

The three of us fix a little drink in my "It's five o'clock somewhere" glasses and sit back while Fernie does her thing. I don't like to get in the way of someone setting up or tearing down. I know I have to go through my checklist and if I get distracted I'll forget something. So we sit a wait. Fernie finally comes over and we do hugs and "formal" introductions. We sit around a chat, waiting for our other two campers, Echo and Wickedgrl. We don't know them but they are staying in a cabin at the Bean Pot cg. They are wannabes and wanted to come down to visit all of us and do what we all wanted to do, meet, greet, pick each others brains. We did all of the above, quite nicely I must say.

We were sitting around the MH and I heard this motorcycle coming in the CG. Here it came, right into my site. I thought, who on earth. This guy with leather, helmet, getting off this beautiful Harley Davidson, who could it be. When he took off his helmet, it was John, from my work in Crossville. He came by to see Somewhere and to let me see his bike (I'm sure.) His bike was awesome and he looked awesome on it. We had a nice little visit and I'm glad he dropped by. There aren't too many people from my work who I would want to come by to see me. I'm sure all of you know what I mean when I say that. Only the special few get an invite!

Finally Echo and Wickedgrl arrived, we exchanged hellos and I gave out the gift bags which had contributions from Becky, State Parks, Margie, Flamingos, and me, Wildlife and here is the whole group... Diana, Becky, Kelly, Fernie, Carolyn, Margie and pets, Piki(stuffed flamingo), Sedona and Anne B.)
We went to Cancun's to eat. It's a Mexican restaurant in Crossville. Then we came back and started a fire. It was nice sitting around the campfire. Finally it's time for a good nights sleep. It was great to go to bed in my "home."

Saturday morning (came too early) and Margie is getting ready for breakfast. She had volunteered to cook pancakes & sausage for the group.
We had use of the pavilion so we all met over there. Lessons learned from the experienced ones: take your own silverwear, take your own plate, take your own drink and take your own chair. Wow, then I learned you take it all back and there is not much to clean up. That's good for me to know! I want to do all this right.

After we ate, it was play time. I had taken a game called Walla Balla. You put one around your waist and the objective is to put the ball in one of the nets. The nets are 25, 50, & 100. It's fun to watch and fun to play. It gets a lot of laughs. Are you ready for the pictures? Here they come! Diana scores!
Becky, what on earth are you trying to do to Fernie? Now swing it just right, Fernie, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate...

Oh, I see, Fernie was getting into the action!

Of course you should know that Margie and Becky would not be left out of the hip action going on! "OMG, I didn't know my hips could move this way anymore, let's see if I can get out of bed this morning?"
Good competition is good for the soul and what better competition than between Mother and daughter? Of course the winner was Mother Diana! Although I don't think they think of each other as DM and DD, more like good friends.
Now, Margie, exactly what is it that you are doing? I thought you were playing a game of Walla Balla, do ya need to go to the bath house????? LOL

I hope you enjoyed our pictures as it was just as much fun playing the game as it looks.

Becky and I got these from a guy who used to sell merchandise for conferences. He had some left and just gave them to us. I don't know if you can even buy them, but you can tell how much fun they are. You can't help but laugh. (pictures later) We generally had a sit around and talk and learn day. Not much pressure, relaxing.

Oh, the best thing is that Flossie Floozie showed up! Who the heck is that? See Fernie is a clown, she makes the rounds everywhere she goes and does events as a clown. Flossie is one of her clowns.
So you see, we not only had the six of us at the gtg, but we also had two more, making eight. Of course we have an editorial from the Flos herself and she wears it proudly on her chest...
Flossie, Margie and Anne B share a tender moment.

Flossie has to make an appearance at the office and to spread her good cheer on everyone. You know they say laughter and hugs are good for the soul and I believe Flossie serves a very good purpose wherever she goes. Thanks for stopping by to see us Flossie.

Cullum & Maxey had given me a barbeque set as a door prize for our event. It was a cool set, it was retractable and fit nicely in a case. Echo, Diana, won it. She should really enjoy it.

We went to Cumberland Mtn State Park for dinner. It wasn't the best it has ever been but it was pretty go. Probably won't recommend we go back there anytime soon. More places to try.

It rained at night so we played games inside Somewhere.

Fernie showed us a card game, Kings.
We got to play with some pennies and my goodness, Echo won again. Boy, it was her lucky weekend.

Good sleeping with the rain beating on the top of the MH. Does it look like Becky slept well? She's just a chillin' w/Sedona, nice leisurely morning.

Sunday morning and it's time for breakfast. Guess who came to breakfast??? PeeWee, one of Fernie's alteregos, what a hoot he is.
He even brought his own food, a donut AND an oppossum, ugh.

He is a little challenged but quite entertaining. It was good that he came to see us. I want to meet all of them.

Becky and I agreed to host breakfast.
It's omlettes in a baggie. Put all the mixings out in small bowls. Put two eggs in a freezer bag and all the ingredients except the cheese. Place in boiling water and cook between 8-13 minutes. A non messy way to fix breakfast. Becky brought some biscuits and cooked them in the gas oven and they were perfect. Maybe I can do it next time. Good breakfast, quick clean up, and time to pack up. It's a shame we have to get ready to go. I would like to have stayed a few days.

Getting ready to go is just as detailed as setting up. I had given Becky instructions as to what to do. I had filled the grey water tank almost full and had emptied the fresh water tank of the clorox water. I was ready to dump. We doned our rubber gloves and I told Becky where to stand and what to do. Welllll, when I opened the black water tank, I failed to open the switch at the end of the sewer hose and it got full, really, really fast. Then it started oozing, you know the brown stuff?? Stinky!! Becky started gagging and I thought, oops, this is gonna be it for her. But she toughed it out, I figured the problem out and opened up the handle and in it went. Started flowing into the sewer like it's supposed to. But oh, boy, I thought I had lost Becky. And of course, the grey water was no problem. It flushed out the hose really well. One of these days, I will NOT have a story about this dumping stuff. Now I'm sure Becky can & will add her 2 cents worth in the comments on this blog.

We hit the road and headed back to Nashville. Time to get gas, ugh, $3.35 gal for a whopping $211. Uneventful trip, nice and easy. Had to go back by the condo and get Becky's car and unload. Had to take Somewhere over to Cullum & Maxey. Becky let me use her car until I go back to pick up the MH.

Thoughts: I have definitely made a good decision and choice about my new "home." She is just right for me and I feel good about it. For me it's better than a 5th wheel, that I thought I was going to get.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Menopause! The Musical

BFF Debbie and I went to the "theata'" last evening. One of Debbie's BFFs, Sandra, also went. I had seen Menopause!The Musical at Las Vegas a couple of years ago with my YaYs and wanted to see it again. The Soap Star (Patti Gardner) and the Earth Mother (Vita Corimbi) were the same actors from LV, but Iowa Housewife (Katie Anne Harper) and the Professional Woman (Cynthia Jones) were played by different actors. And I'll have to say they were better than I remembered the ones from LV but all did an excellent job.

I laughed so hard. For those of you who don't know, the premise of the musical is that these four women who are going through the "change" are shopping in Bloomingdales and they get in a fight over a black bra. From there they sing songs that I remember with the names changed to content that has to do with the "change." Songs like, "Having a tropical heat wave," "Good, good good vibrations," you get the idea. Anyway, it's just a hoot. It's going to be in Nashville until this Sunday and I encourage anyone to see it. There were just a few token men in the audience.

In the play book, there is an ad which reads: "Beautiful Wicking Sleepwear for Night Sweats so you can stay cool on hot nights." Need I say more. Go see it. You can find more info at:

Everybody needs to laugh for your health, go see it!

Oh, prior to the show we went to eat at the Midtown Cafe. Debbie and I ordered crab cakes and Sandra ordered the filet. Everything was delicious. The great thing about this place is you go eat and they take you by shuttle to the TN Performing Arts Center (TPAC) drop you off and then come to pick you up. OMG, that was just the best. Don't have to worry about parking, if the weather had been bad, no worries. Of course the weather wasn't bad, it was a beautiful evening.

Then, we went to the Hustler store! Yes, you read it right. I was looking for a gag gift for Randy, my BFF Debbie's DH (darling husband). Well, I found one all right. I'm gonna wait to tell you because he might just read this and I sure don't want to spoil the fun. But the funniest thing was to see Sandra's expression when she walked in. She had never been in a place like this and her eyes were just as wide as could be. Of course, Debbie is an old pro at places like this!!! JUST KIDDING! It was good to go in with three women of our age, power in numbers you know. You should have seen the expressions on the men who came in there and looked around to see us. They looked like they had been caught with their hands in a cookie jar. Hey, dude, what do we look like, YOUR MOTHERS? I don't think so. We had an attitude, remember where we had just come from, we were pumped, we could do anything!

It was a fun evening, let's do it again sometime!

It's Crossville weekend! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sedona's new do

It was time to get Sedona a hair cut. And boy did I ever. It's feels just like down, it's so soft and fine. She is just precious but has an attitude toward me right now. She is ticked!
Last time we went out to Paris Landing State Park she picked up a few ticks and they were very hard to find with her long hair. So I took her to PetSmart for her grooming and told Jennifer to use a 7 on her. She looked at me and said she would use a five but not a 7 because Sedona's hair is so fine her skin would show and then she would get a sunburn. Well, okay, then a five it will be.

She looked so cute, Jennifer had put two purple bows in her hair (what she had left). So of course the weather has turned off cold (Dogwood winter, I believe.) So now I'm leaving her with a sweater on so she won't get cold at the house. Now's a good time to say, "Bless her heart."

As I mentioned it turned off very cold last night and even though Nashville stayed just above freezing, Clarksville did not. Since I had already de-winterized I thought I was going to have to drive to Clarksville, 52 mi, and turn her heat on and then go back early this morning. But, alas, Cindy to the rescue. She was going up there last night so she went over and turned on the heat to Ms Somewhere. She called me and I walked her through it. I felt so much better.

I think I mentioned in one of my posts about turning the generator on when I used the heat. Well, thanks to the WomensRVforum and my new RVing BFF, Margie, she had read my post and said oh, by the way, did you know you don't have to run your genny to run your heat? What??? No, I didn't know this. So I tried it out and your know what, she was right! I just remember the guy at the dealership say it needs electrical to run the fan, never thinking the house batteries supplies that electrical, duh! Thanks, thanks, Margie for telling me that, 'cause evidently I had mentioned to Cindy that I had to do both. When I asked her to turn on the heat last night, she said, "so does that mean I have to turn on the generator too?" And I was able to say, nope, just the heat and it's like a thermostat in your house, just turn it to heat and forget it. LOL, that could be a jingle!

First off, it's tax day. No big deal. I have had mine complete and back for about two months now.

Yesterday was my sister, Wanda's birthday. Ooh, should I tell, oh what the heck, she is 64 now. Hard to believe that I have one sister who is 65 and the other is 64.
Wow, that used to seem so OLD, now it's not so bad. Love you Wanda and I sure hope you have many, many more.

Obama is sure messing in his nest. The longer that dude stays out there the more his true colors show through. Sounds like a dangerous person to me to have in power. That's about as political as I get around here. But, man, oh, man, I can't believe some of the things that come out of his mouth and his peeps mouths.

Scanning is coming along quite nicely. Whoever invented the camera was a very smart person. I am so glad digital has come along. I'll just use up the bytes and not the paper anymore. It's not that I'm not going to take pictures anymore, just digital.

I used to fuss at Jonathan all the time when Taylor was born. Send me pictures, send me pictures. He didn't. He must have been smart and knew he would have to keep up with all the paper. WTG, Jonathan. Digital is good.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

More pictures

OMG, they are coming out of the woodwork! A friend is going to have a yard sale in May and offered for me to bring some of my stuff to their house. Of course I jumped at the chance so I started going through old suitcases and lo and behold, more pictures. I found about seven more albums and lots of loose packs of pictures. How on earth could a 50 something person have so many pictures?? Never mind, I know.

I'll have to fire up the old scanner once again. It does bring back memories to look through them and relive the "old days." It's digital from now on!

Guess what I also did. Well, let me set this up for you. See I went through a phase of collecting old suitcases, decorating them and using them on top of each other as sort of a decoration. As I was looking through these to see what could be ditched, I came across all my high school memorabilia. Now you do the math, 1969 stuff and before. My scrapbook was in there. It contained every corsage ever given to me from dances, proms, etc. Every ticket stub for "everything." OMG, readers, you would not believe. Oh, and those little cards Seniors give out with the names written in real pretty script, that serves whatever purpose, looking back on it now, to make money. LOL

OUT, OUT, OUT, all that went. Now figure this out; I have moved about 20 times (maybe more) in my life. All that stuff moved with me! Why? Because that was evidently an important part of my life I couldn't give up! Know what? I'm am free! Out it went and I didn't blink and eye or shed a tear. In almost 40 years I had not opened it and couldn't remember what was in that suitcase, so of course I don't need it to go in Somewhere.

Now, what I didn't trash were my yearbooks. I will call the local library at my hometown and see if they would be interested in having those, if so, I'll send to them, if not, TRASH! Yep, I can do it. Better me to do it than Jonathan having to do it. One day he will appreciate that, I'm sure.

Cullum & Maxey had a RV yard sale today. I went out there and was going to sell some of my RV bandanas. Set up for a little while and no nibbles so I packed up and went to visit Margie. She was there with her Class A to sell. It's a great rig, hope she has luck in selling it. If not, she has a good plan B so she will come out on top no matter what. I did get to see Miss "B"Haven and it is such a kewl class B MH. If I were not going to go full time, I would definitely check into one of those. It's just too small for me to live in it. I also met Annie, her rescued chihuahua and she is precious. She reminded me of my first chihuahua, CoCo. She has the same coloring and had the cutest little apple head. Can't imagine anyone being ugly to little Annie. She is in a good home now.

Update on Sedona and her life jacket. She is getting used to it. At least now she is starting to walk a little bit with it on. She is doing so much better. Hopefully by the time I christen the SeaEagle, Sedona will be ready to take the maiden voyage with me.

That's about it for my Saturday. Until next time...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Where have I been?

Oh my goodness, it's been a while, hasn't it? I have so much to write about, I have been procrastinating because I made some changes to the decor of Somewhere and wanted to post pictures. But I didn't take my camera with me so I'm gonna tell you about it and then I'll post pictures later. You will love what I have done.

In my kitchen next to the stove the wallpaper border looked like it was discolored. I figured it was because of the heat from the stove. I have been looking for a good looking back splash that was lightweight. I'm sure you know how important weight is to an RV. Anyway, on I found some tiles that I loved. They come in stainless, gold or bronze. I chose the stainless. These tiles are 6" and you get 16 in a box. When put together they form a Fleur DE Le's of sorts. They were easy to put up and look so cool. I don't know how they will travel so the test is going to be next weekend when I go to Crossville. The tiles came with 2-sided tabs to put them up with. I think if that doesn't hold up, I'll get some clear silicone and use that.

Last weekend I was able to open all the windows, put the awning out so it could breathe a little bit. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend.

Saturday some of the TN women had a pre-gtg at the IHOP in Rivergate. We met for breakfast and got the plans completed for this weekend. You know, who's going to bring what, etc. Anyway we didn't want to leave because we were having such a good conversation. Alas, we were taking up the waiters prime table so we decided to leave and take our conversation up next weekend. I'm sure we won't run out of things to talk about.

After breakfast, I went to Goodwill. Becky had told me about that the first Saturday of the month is 50% off at Goodwill. I had been thinking I need some new short and Capri's so thought I would go check it out. Couldn't find any of those but I did find some knives and serving spoons to put in Somewhere. I didn't want to buy new ones because when I sell out of my condo, I'll be taking my stainless with me. So I bought six knives, six serving spoons for a whopping $1.42. WooHoo! Now I see what people talk about when they talk shopping in Thrift Stores. I'll definitely do that again.

I have been steadily working on scanning my photos and man is that time consuming. I am almost finished. Jonathan said he would take the photos and keep them. He suggested I make two copies on DVD's or whatever medium I decide to use and let him have one and me take the other. Just in case one gets scratched or damaged in some other way. Makes sense to me, thanks Jonathan. I knew I raised you well. LOL I didn't do them one at a time. The photos that were in books, I just took the page out and scanned the whole thing. Makes it more interesting that way. I had a photo album of New York with everything in it and it scanned very well, as did the San Francisco scrap book. Soap, book matches, menus, plane ticket, tour tickets, you name it, I had saved it all and now it's digital...

Got a new date of Edison this week, it will go-live on October. That is if parallel testing works. We will all keep our fingers crossed. I sure hope it gets delayed until Jan '09, personally. I am so ready to retire. If I had the time, I'd be gone right now and I do mean RIGHT now. I work with such a great group of people, I really want to leave. Read into this post what you may...

Roy came back to visit on Saturday. It was good to see him and get caught up with what's going on with him. He had some school to attend. He also has another class this week and then that's it. I probably won't see him for a while, unless he comes back to work in Nashville.

On the WomensRVforum, one of the posts was about our blogs. Everyone put their address to their blogs and I was reading one of them. OMG, this woman's husband is just a hoot. He is so funny with his posts. Much more interesting than mine, so I guess I'll have to take some pointers from him. His DW said he has a tendency to exaggerate. Well, what the heck, it's his blog, he can take as many liberties as he wants, right?

Charlton Heston died this week. He was such a man. I loved him in his movies and while he was the president of the NRA. When he spoke, people listened. He will be missed.

Lady Vols won the national championship in NCAA women's basketball for the 2nd time in a row this week. They played an awesome last game. Played like the team they should have been all week. I sure hope Candace Parker's shoulder will be okay. I've never had one dislocated but I did tear a rotator cuff and that was miserable for me, I couldn't imagine shooting a basketball. The PAIN...ooh, horrible. There are not enough drugs in this world that would have helped me do what she did. WTG, Lady VOLS, you rock!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A NEW Margaritaville

OMG, Jimmy Buffett is up to it again! He is opening a new one in Glendale, AZ. I'll have to go. I've been to all of them and this one can't be any different. If I wait to take Somewhere, it will have to be '09 before I can get that far away from TN. If I go before, I can fly into Phoenix and go. That sound like a plan. Guess I'll have to stop by Sedona while I'm in the neighborhood. Gee! that sounds like a ROAD TRIP, Cindy, wanna go?

Becky & Ron are going to Sedona in June so I guess they will get to see the new Margaritaville before me. Oh well!

Oh and the Margaritaville is called, It's five o'clock Somwhere! You know I have to go to this. It's my MH namesake, "Somewhere."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Roy's Gone

My nephew, Roy, has moved back to Etowah. I really did hate to see him go. He's been gone about a month and I've been hesitant to mention it because I just knew he would be back. He is working quite a bit for the RR there and making much better money than when he was here. He is hoping to get a transfer to somewhere that includes a good bonus.

Sedona and I are just beside ourselves. He was such good company. It took a while to get used to him and now it's taking a while to get used to him not being here. Sedona misses him. I miss him.

He has such a good personality. Never meets a stranger. Keeps me laughing. It just doesn't seem right to not have him here but at the same time, it's nice to have my space back. Miss you, Wah, come back and see me. Love you.

Even though he is not here, he pulled a great April Fools joke on me yesterday. OMG, I thought I would have to kill him. Can't go into it here but it had to do with him gonna be a daddy! WHAT?? Yes, hook, line & sinker. But the even better thing was, he got me good, but the girl got him even better. ROTFLMAO Oh, I knew better though.

Sedona's Personal Floation Device (PFD)

I figured it was time to get Sedona used to her PFD if she was going to go kayaking with me. She hates it. She refuses to move. She is so funny to watch.
I decided to take her out on her leash which she usually loves. I gave her the command of "let's go." Nothing! So I picked her up by the handle on the PFD and took her out. I tried to get her to do some of her tricks and guess what? Nothing! She just looks up at me like, please mama, don't make me wear this stupid thing.

Anyway, a few more times around the house and I think she will get the hang of it. When I first got the PFD it was way too big for her. Now it fits her nicely and she will get used to it, soon, I hope. lol