Friday, April 11, 2008

Where have I been?

Oh my goodness, it's been a while, hasn't it? I have so much to write about, I have been procrastinating because I made some changes to the decor of Somewhere and wanted to post pictures. But I didn't take my camera with me so I'm gonna tell you about it and then I'll post pictures later. You will love what I have done.

In my kitchen next to the stove the wallpaper border looked like it was discolored. I figured it was because of the heat from the stove. I have been looking for a good looking back splash that was lightweight. I'm sure you know how important weight is to an RV. Anyway, on I found some tiles that I loved. They come in stainless, gold or bronze. I chose the stainless. These tiles are 6" and you get 16 in a box. When put together they form a Fleur DE Le's of sorts. They were easy to put up and look so cool. I don't know how they will travel so the test is going to be next weekend when I go to Crossville. The tiles came with 2-sided tabs to put them up with. I think if that doesn't hold up, I'll get some clear silicone and use that.

Last weekend I was able to open all the windows, put the awning out so it could breathe a little bit. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend.

Saturday some of the TN women had a pre-gtg at the IHOP in Rivergate. We met for breakfast and got the plans completed for this weekend. You know, who's going to bring what, etc. Anyway we didn't want to leave because we were having such a good conversation. Alas, we were taking up the waiters prime table so we decided to leave and take our conversation up next weekend. I'm sure we won't run out of things to talk about.

After breakfast, I went to Goodwill. Becky had told me about that the first Saturday of the month is 50% off at Goodwill. I had been thinking I need some new short and Capri's so thought I would go check it out. Couldn't find any of those but I did find some knives and serving spoons to put in Somewhere. I didn't want to buy new ones because when I sell out of my condo, I'll be taking my stainless with me. So I bought six knives, six serving spoons for a whopping $1.42. WooHoo! Now I see what people talk about when they talk shopping in Thrift Stores. I'll definitely do that again.

I have been steadily working on scanning my photos and man is that time consuming. I am almost finished. Jonathan said he would take the photos and keep them. He suggested I make two copies on DVD's or whatever medium I decide to use and let him have one and me take the other. Just in case one gets scratched or damaged in some other way. Makes sense to me, thanks Jonathan. I knew I raised you well. LOL I didn't do them one at a time. The photos that were in books, I just took the page out and scanned the whole thing. Makes it more interesting that way. I had a photo album of New York with everything in it and it scanned very well, as did the San Francisco scrap book. Soap, book matches, menus, plane ticket, tour tickets, you name it, I had saved it all and now it's digital...

Got a new date of Edison this week, it will go-live on October. That is if parallel testing works. We will all keep our fingers crossed. I sure hope it gets delayed until Jan '09, personally. I am so ready to retire. If I had the time, I'd be gone right now and I do mean RIGHT now. I work with such a great group of people, I really want to leave. Read into this post what you may...

Roy came back to visit on Saturday. It was good to see him and get caught up with what's going on with him. He had some school to attend. He also has another class this week and then that's it. I probably won't see him for a while, unless he comes back to work in Nashville.

On the WomensRVforum, one of the posts was about our blogs. Everyone put their address to their blogs and I was reading one of them. OMG, this woman's husband is just a hoot. He is so funny with his posts. Much more interesting than mine, so I guess I'll have to take some pointers from him. His DW said he has a tendency to exaggerate. Well, what the heck, it's his blog, he can take as many liberties as he wants, right?

Charlton Heston died this week. He was such a man. I loved him in his movies and while he was the president of the NRA. When he spoke, people listened. He will be missed.

Lady Vols won the national championship in NCAA women's basketball for the 2nd time in a row this week. They played an awesome last game. Played like the team they should have been all week. I sure hope Candace Parker's shoulder will be okay. I've never had one dislocated but I did tear a rotator cuff and that was miserable for me, I couldn't imagine shooting a basketball. The PAIN...ooh, horrible. There are not enough drugs in this world that would have helped me do what she did. WTG, Lady VOLS, you rock!

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beckles1 said...

Good to read your post. Can't wait to see what you've done to Somewhere. TN GTG is almost here!
Re: previous post. I've already got the new Margaritaville on my to-do list for Sedona! Keep your posts coming!