Thursday, April 3, 2008

A NEW Margaritaville

OMG, Jimmy Buffett is up to it again! He is opening a new one in Glendale, AZ. I'll have to go. I've been to all of them and this one can't be any different. If I wait to take Somewhere, it will have to be '09 before I can get that far away from TN. If I go before, I can fly into Phoenix and go. That sound like a plan. Guess I'll have to stop by Sedona while I'm in the neighborhood. Gee! that sounds like a ROAD TRIP, Cindy, wanna go?

Becky & Ron are going to Sedona in June so I guess they will get to see the new Margaritaville before me. Oh well!

Oh and the Margaritaville is called, It's five o'clock Somwhere! You know I have to go to this. It's my MH namesake, "Somewhere."

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