Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Early morning (6:00) I got dressed and took my GF, Cindy, to the airport. It's time for her to attend her semi annual meeting in Orlando. This is the one I usually attend with her, but, alas, I have some parallel testing to do with Edison and couldn't get off work. It's always nice to go w/her. She works all day and I lay by the pool. Nothing wrong with that!

Since this is tax free weekend, I decided to break down and buy my New Balance tennis shoes and some hiking boots. Headed to The Mall at Green Hills. New Balance has changed my usual 1122 shoes to 1123 and they are made a little differently, they are much wider than the ones I currently have. They didn't have my size, B, so they had to order those. Then the hiking boots, 977, were B and I needed a D so I went ahead and paid for them and they ordered what I needed. I paid so I could take advantage of tax free.

I needed to go to Dillards to pick up a couple of bras (tax free) and while I was walking in the mall, I walked by Pottery Barn. There were two pillows and they were yelling at me! Yes, I said yelling at me. They were saying, "take us to Somewhere, we belong in Somewhere!" I kid you not, I heard them. Anyway, I have been needing some color in Somewhere. I have a multi colored stripe throw rug and a multi colored stripe towel bucket in my bathroom to hold my towels. These pillows were the EXACT multi colored stripe. I went in and looked at them, liked how they felt and by golly, there was a cotton 2X3 rug that would be perfect in front of my door as you walk in. Spontaneously, I bought one oblong pillow for the couch and the rug. I was going to get a square pillow but the sales clerk said, "you do realize these pillows are two prices, one for the pillow inside and one for the cover." Ooh, no, I didn't know that. I didn't have a pillow the size I wanted at home so I just got one pillow. I paid as much for that one pillow as for what I thought the two would be. Impulse!!! But I LOVE it. Can't wait to put it in Somewhere to brighten her beige up. It will be so cool.

Later, gator...

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