Friday, April 25, 2008

Looks as good as new...

I picked up Somewhere yesterday and she looks beautiful. I had her detailed and the wax job really did make her look as good as new. I felt very proud to own her and be driving down the road. Of course, I felt that way anyway. LOL

As promised Cullum & Maxey replaced my outside entertainment center (no cost!!!), had a brand new water filter in place + and extra (no cost!!!) but they had not fixed the jacks joystick. It was not on the work order so it didn't get done. But after I explained I didn't have a vehicle, they said no problem. Took it back into the shop, pulled a technician over and within 20 minutes, it was ready. Apparently some trash had gotten in between the connections and that prevented it from working properly. So now I'm good to go. I had told Tom (service manager) that I said bad things about him on my blog during my Easter trip. He was EXTREMELY helpful this time (generally always) even took a little extra time in showing me some hints/tips around the generator, AC and frig. He asked if he had redeemed himself, I told him I would say something nice this time. So there, something nice, Tom!

Cindy wanted to ride to Clarksville with me, since she had not ridden in Somewhere so off we went. I left the roof AC on while driving. Tom said it would take less gas to run the AC on the genny than the motor AC so I thought I would try that. I'm all about conserving gas these days.

When we arrived at the house, Cindy failed to tell me to turn into another entrance so I went the usual way. It seems that while I was gone, they had plowed up the field and planted corn. Now, I didn't know they had planted corn so I pull in and make a big 'ole wide turn into the plowed, planted field, all the while getting my newly shined tires dirty, ugh. Then Cindy says, oh I was supposed to tell you to turn at the other entrance, oh, well, too late now. So when Roger comes up and comments on how good the MH looks, Cindy tells him I turned around where the corn had been planted. "I didn't know they had planted already," is what I said. Roger said no big deal.

Today begins Sales Tax Free Holiday in TN. Now is when I decided to buy a laptop so I got on the phone very early this morning to Dell. I wanted to order it directly from them and have it built like I wanted it. I didn't want to go to a box store and get one that had been there for a while. Here is what I got:
Inspiron 1525, Intel Core 2 Duo T7250, 2.0GHz, 800 Mhz, 2M L2 Cache. It's Sunshine Yellow, 4GB, DDR2 667MHz 2 Dimm, 160G 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive Free Fall Sensor (in case I drop it) I had the Dell Wireless 1505 Wireless-N mini-card installed (its a Verizon card that can be activated whenever I decide but it will use three antennas instead of the one on the external Verizon card. Anyway, it has a lot of other things but that's the guts. It won't be here for about two weeks. I think it was time. My desktop at home was purchased in 2001 and is still running Windows ME and is slow as the dickens. Yes, I got VISTA. Okay, I know what I have heard from other people, but I'm gonna give it a chance. I believe it's gonna be here to stay and as long as I keep my computers, no telling what it will be when I get another one. I'll keep you posted about my experiences with VISTA. Should be entertaining.

Next purchase this weekend will be some new tennis shoes and hiking shoes. Hey, I figure with sales tax free, what the heck. Plus I'll be getting my tax incentive check in a week or two, it's supposed to be spent, right? So I guess with the shoes and my kayak, I'm done!


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