Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Roy's Gone

My nephew, Roy, has moved back to Etowah. I really did hate to see him go. He's been gone about a month and I've been hesitant to mention it because I just knew he would be back. He is working quite a bit for the RR there and making much better money than when he was here. He is hoping to get a transfer to somewhere that includes a good bonus.

Sedona and I are just beside ourselves. He was such good company. It took a while to get used to him and now it's taking a while to get used to him not being here. Sedona misses him. I miss him.

He has such a good personality. Never meets a stranger. Keeps me laughing. It just doesn't seem right to not have him here but at the same time, it's nice to have my space back. Miss you, Wah, come back and see me. Love you.

Even though he is not here, he pulled a great April Fools joke on me yesterday. OMG, I thought I would have to kill him. Can't go into it here but it had to do with him gonna be a daddy! WHAT?? Yes, hook, line & sinker. But the even better thing was, he got me good, but the girl got him even better. ROTFLMAO Oh, I knew better though.

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