Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sedona's new do

It was time to get Sedona a hair cut. And boy did I ever. It's feels just like down, it's so soft and fine. She is just precious but has an attitude toward me right now. She is ticked!
Last time we went out to Paris Landing State Park she picked up a few ticks and they were very hard to find with her long hair. So I took her to PetSmart for her grooming and told Jennifer to use a 7 on her. She looked at me and said she would use a five but not a 7 because Sedona's hair is so fine her skin would show and then she would get a sunburn. Well, okay, then a five it will be.

She looked so cute, Jennifer had put two purple bows in her hair (what she had left). So of course the weather has turned off cold (Dogwood winter, I believe.) So now I'm leaving her with a sweater on so she won't get cold at the house. Now's a good time to say, "Bless her heart."

As I mentioned it turned off very cold last night and even though Nashville stayed just above freezing, Clarksville did not. Since I had already de-winterized I thought I was going to have to drive to Clarksville, 52 mi, and turn her heat on and then go back early this morning. But, alas, Cindy to the rescue. She was going up there last night so she went over and turned on the heat to Ms Somewhere. She called me and I walked her through it. I felt so much better.

I think I mentioned in one of my posts about turning the generator on when I used the heat. Well, thanks to the WomensRVforum and my new RVing BFF, Margie, she had read my post and said oh, by the way, did you know you don't have to run your genny to run your heat? What??? No, I didn't know this. So I tried it out and your know what, she was right! I just remember the guy at the dealership say it needs electrical to run the fan, never thinking the house batteries supplies that electrical, duh! Thanks, thanks, Margie for telling me that, 'cause evidently I had mentioned to Cindy that I had to do both. When I asked her to turn on the heat last night, she said, "so does that mean I have to turn on the generator too?" And I was able to say, nope, just the heat and it's like a thermostat in your house, just turn it to heat and forget it. LOL, that could be a jingle!

First off, it's tax day. No big deal. I have had mine complete and back for about two months now.

Yesterday was my sister, Wanda's birthday. Ooh, should I tell, oh what the heck, she is 64 now. Hard to believe that I have one sister who is 65 and the other is 64.
Wow, that used to seem so OLD, now it's not so bad. Love you Wanda and I sure hope you have many, many more.

Obama is sure messing in his nest. The longer that dude stays out there the more his true colors show through. Sounds like a dangerous person to me to have in power. That's about as political as I get around here. But, man, oh, man, I can't believe some of the things that come out of his mouth and his peeps mouths.

Scanning is coming along quite nicely. Whoever invented the camera was a very smart person. I am so glad digital has come along. I'll just use up the bytes and not the paper anymore. It's not that I'm not going to take pictures anymore, just digital.

I used to fuss at Jonathan all the time when Taylor was born. Send me pictures, send me pictures. He didn't. He must have been smart and knew he would have to keep up with all the paper. WTG, Jonathan. Digital is good.

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