Saturday, April 12, 2008

More pictures

OMG, they are coming out of the woodwork! A friend is going to have a yard sale in May and offered for me to bring some of my stuff to their house. Of course I jumped at the chance so I started going through old suitcases and lo and behold, more pictures. I found about seven more albums and lots of loose packs of pictures. How on earth could a 50 something person have so many pictures?? Never mind, I know.

I'll have to fire up the old scanner once again. It does bring back memories to look through them and relive the "old days." It's digital from now on!

Guess what I also did. Well, let me set this up for you. See I went through a phase of collecting old suitcases, decorating them and using them on top of each other as sort of a decoration. As I was looking through these to see what could be ditched, I came across all my high school memorabilia. Now you do the math, 1969 stuff and before. My scrapbook was in there. It contained every corsage ever given to me from dances, proms, etc. Every ticket stub for "everything." OMG, readers, you would not believe. Oh, and those little cards Seniors give out with the names written in real pretty script, that serves whatever purpose, looking back on it now, to make money. LOL

OUT, OUT, OUT, all that went. Now figure this out; I have moved about 20 times (maybe more) in my life. All that stuff moved with me! Why? Because that was evidently an important part of my life I couldn't give up! Know what? I'm am free! Out it went and I didn't blink and eye or shed a tear. In almost 40 years I had not opened it and couldn't remember what was in that suitcase, so of course I don't need it to go in Somewhere.

Now, what I didn't trash were my yearbooks. I will call the local library at my hometown and see if they would be interested in having those, if so, I'll send to them, if not, TRASH! Yep, I can do it. Better me to do it than Jonathan having to do it. One day he will appreciate that, I'm sure.

Cullum & Maxey had a RV yard sale today. I went out there and was going to sell some of my RV bandanas. Set up for a little while and no nibbles so I packed up and went to visit Margie. She was there with her Class A to sell. It's a great rig, hope she has luck in selling it. If not, she has a good plan B so she will come out on top no matter what. I did get to see Miss "B"Haven and it is such a kewl class B MH. If I were not going to go full time, I would definitely check into one of those. It's just too small for me to live in it. I also met Annie, her rescued chihuahua and she is precious. She reminded me of my first chihuahua, CoCo. She has the same coloring and had the cutest little apple head. Can't imagine anyone being ugly to little Annie. She is in a good home now.

Update on Sedona and her life jacket. She is getting used to it. At least now she is starting to walk a little bit with it on. She is doing so much better. Hopefully by the time I christen the SeaEagle, Sedona will be ready to take the maiden voyage with me.

That's about it for my Saturday. Until next time...

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