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TN Flamingos GTG April 18-20, 2008

What a wonderful weekend in Crossville, TN at the Spring Lake RV Resort! I picked up Somewhere on Thursday and brought her to Nashville. I left my little PT Cruiser in Clarksville. Somewhere drove and behaved like a dream. Well, did you expect anything any different? I stopped by Cullum & Maxey to let them see the sides, the outside entertainment center and the water filter thingy. They are going to fix everything on them so I'm a happy camper. I'll just drop her off on Sunday when I return and they can keep it as long as they want.

Now for home. I pulled her into my condo complex and parked her in front of my condo to load her up and wash her a little. Everyone came out to see her (nosey.) I let them walk through, however explained that her slides were in and they couldn't get a good idea of the room I have. They all said they would come back later when they could see it all.

I washed the passenger side and was having no luck getting the black streaks off her sides. I think the black streaks are from the roof and how water runs down the black rubber on the windows. I really don't know but I do know that I hate them and I am not tall enough, even w/a ladder to do any good. So I just stopped!

Instead I filled up the fresh water tank because it was time to sanitize it and my pipes from the antifreeze. I figured if I filled her tank up and add my Clorox before I went it would be like a washing machine action and clean it real good. Of course I would have to drain that tank sometime.

Man, Somewhere sure is high maintenance!

After I got finished doing what I needed to do with the water and getting her loaded I moved her around to the back and set her up for the evening. Not a violation because I have permission to park her there from the HOA, briefly.

Next morning, Becky arrived around 7:30. She brought sausage & biscuits to get us started. I brought Somewhere around to load her stuff, "how long did you say you were planning on staying, Becky?" Gosh, she had enough stuff to last FOREVER! LOL I decided to invite Becky along to see if she thought she would enjoy going RVing, notice I didn't say full-timing, just going RVing. 'Cause one thing is for sure, you either really love it, or really hate it! She will have to comment on which it is for her.

I needed to go have the air pressure checked in the front tires so we went to Firestone which was on the way out. On the drivers side front tire, the valve stem cannot be reached and I knew since I had not checked them in a while they probably needed attention. I pulled in and they were so nice to check them. Yep, I sure needed air, way too low and that's not good for the tire nor for gas mileage. Only thing is, the little guy had to take the cover off the tire to get to the stem. They were going to put an extension on but didn't have one. Oh, but they could get one in 15 min. Okay, I'll wait. 15 min turned to 30 min and when the NAPA guy brought them, they were about 5" long. OMG, that is way too long. Well, it will only take about 15 min to get smaller ones. Oh, my, where have I heard that before? I think I'll just head on up the road. I now have extensions in my purse so hopefully I can get someone to put that one on at Cullum & Maxey.

On the road again, here we go headed out on the highway, looking for adventure...I guess I got two songs going right there together didn't I? It's about 9:30 now and I decided rather than go Harding Place in traffic I would go up to I 840 and take that over to I 40 E and head to Crossville. Who thought that?? Yes, that would have been me, never again. It added about a hour to our trip but traffic was NOT bad on I 840.
I think Becky was a little amazed at my driving ability with this big old motor vehicle. It was pit stop time when we reached the rest area outside of Cookeville. It was nice being able to take Sedona out to stretch her little legs and to be able to get something to drink and use my own facilities. That's pretty cool!

When we turned onto Peavine road, I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss the turn. I had been to Spring Lake RV Resort before but couldn't quite remember how far off the interstate it was and sure didn't want to have to find a place to turn around. Sure enough we found the turn off and knew were were just a "spit" to where we needed to be.

I stopped at the office, paid, got the wi-fi information I needed and was ready to back into my site. I had already told Becky what she needed to help me do and she was ready. I pull up to site 10 and slowly start backing in. PERFECT, 1st time.

Here is Somewhere and the site.

Margie was there to greet us. She had gone up the night before and she was already set up. See her pink flamingo sun visor, all decked out. If you haven't noticed, we TN Flamingos take our mascot VERY seriously! She had Anne B, chichuahua, with her and I was anxious to see how she and Sedona did together but Sedona doesn't get out of the RV until I have all the jacks down and most everything outside done, even if someone is along with me. Just a good habit to get her into. She travels so well in her car seat.

You know when I told you, 'PERFECT 1st time?', well it seems that it was not so perfect. I hooked up the electric, water and then when I went to hook up the sewer hose, I was too far back. Soooo, I had to pull the jacks up, take the slides in and move forward about three feet. Dad gum it! So we start over again. But I do have to tell you this, while hooking up water, etc., the camp host came by to talk about my MH. While there he began giving me tips like make sure the breaker is turned off before plugging in, good that I had the water regulator on the right end and then he told me about his Rhino hose and how I needed to come over to his RV to see his Rhino. Well, I thought that was the end of that, but nooooo, thanks to Becky who was hearing all this made sure that all my fellow TN Flamingos knew about Rhino man and what he had said. That is how Rhino man became the joke of the weekend. Becky said something like, you know how a man says "want to come up and see my etchings?" well, Rhino man said "want to come over to see my Rhino hose" much the same way. I do not need to tell you where our minds went the entire weekend! Okay, so that's the story of Rhino Man, and who knows, I may end up with a Rhino one day.

Becky was a great help in getting everything set up outside, my flag, my spinner, my wind chimes and other knick knacks any good camper can't do without. Saved me a lot of time. Oh, we also set up the hammock but alas, we didn't get to use it. Too much to do.

Oh, I forgot, when I checked in I asked about using my kayak in the lake. Nope, insurance won't let anyone use their personal boat. Well, we tried every angle but to no avail. Guess we will have to christen it some other time.

Margie, Becky and I look up and lo and behold, here comes a class A that has a huge blow up flamingo in the co-pilot seat. Here comes Fernie, it's gotta be! Sure enough, there she is. Okay, now there are four of us, it's beginning to look like a party.

The three of us fix a little drink in my "It's five o'clock somewhere" glasses and sit back while Fernie does her thing. I don't like to get in the way of someone setting up or tearing down. I know I have to go through my checklist and if I get distracted I'll forget something. So we sit a wait. Fernie finally comes over and we do hugs and "formal" introductions. We sit around a chat, waiting for our other two campers, Echo and Wickedgrl. We don't know them but they are staying in a cabin at the Bean Pot cg. They are wannabes and wanted to come down to visit all of us and do what we all wanted to do, meet, greet, pick each others brains. We did all of the above, quite nicely I must say.

We were sitting around the MH and I heard this motorcycle coming in the CG. Here it came, right into my site. I thought, who on earth. This guy with leather, helmet, getting off this beautiful Harley Davidson, who could it be. When he took off his helmet, it was John, from my work in Crossville. He came by to see Somewhere and to let me see his bike (I'm sure.) His bike was awesome and he looked awesome on it. We had a nice little visit and I'm glad he dropped by. There aren't too many people from my work who I would want to come by to see me. I'm sure all of you know what I mean when I say that. Only the special few get an invite!

Finally Echo and Wickedgrl arrived, we exchanged hellos and I gave out the gift bags which had contributions from Becky, State Parks, Margie, Flamingos, and me, Wildlife and here is the whole group... Diana, Becky, Kelly, Fernie, Carolyn, Margie and pets, Piki(stuffed flamingo), Sedona and Anne B.)
We went to Cancun's to eat. It's a Mexican restaurant in Crossville. Then we came back and started a fire. It was nice sitting around the campfire. Finally it's time for a good nights sleep. It was great to go to bed in my "home."

Saturday morning (came too early) and Margie is getting ready for breakfast. She had volunteered to cook pancakes & sausage for the group.
We had use of the pavilion so we all met over there. Lessons learned from the experienced ones: take your own silverwear, take your own plate, take your own drink and take your own chair. Wow, then I learned you take it all back and there is not much to clean up. That's good for me to know! I want to do all this right.

After we ate, it was play time. I had taken a game called Walla Balla. You put one around your waist and the objective is to put the ball in one of the nets. The nets are 25, 50, & 100. It's fun to watch and fun to play. It gets a lot of laughs. Are you ready for the pictures? Here they come! Diana scores!
Becky, what on earth are you trying to do to Fernie? Now swing it just right, Fernie, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate...

Oh, I see, Fernie was getting into the action!

Of course you should know that Margie and Becky would not be left out of the hip action going on! "OMG, I didn't know my hips could move this way anymore, let's see if I can get out of bed this morning?"
Good competition is good for the soul and what better competition than between Mother and daughter? Of course the winner was Mother Diana! Although I don't think they think of each other as DM and DD, more like good friends.
Now, Margie, exactly what is it that you are doing? I thought you were playing a game of Walla Balla, do ya need to go to the bath house????? LOL

I hope you enjoyed our pictures as it was just as much fun playing the game as it looks.

Becky and I got these from a guy who used to sell merchandise for conferences. He had some left and just gave them to us. I don't know if you can even buy them, but you can tell how much fun they are. You can't help but laugh. (pictures later) We generally had a sit around and talk and learn day. Not much pressure, relaxing.

Oh, the best thing is that Flossie Floozie showed up! Who the heck is that? See Fernie is a clown, she makes the rounds everywhere she goes and does events as a clown. Flossie is one of her clowns.
So you see, we not only had the six of us at the gtg, but we also had two more, making eight. Of course we have an editorial from the Flos herself and she wears it proudly on her chest...
Flossie, Margie and Anne B share a tender moment.

Flossie has to make an appearance at the office and to spread her good cheer on everyone. You know they say laughter and hugs are good for the soul and I believe Flossie serves a very good purpose wherever she goes. Thanks for stopping by to see us Flossie.

Cullum & Maxey had given me a barbeque set as a door prize for our event. It was a cool set, it was retractable and fit nicely in a case. Echo, Diana, won it. She should really enjoy it.

We went to Cumberland Mtn State Park for dinner. It wasn't the best it has ever been but it was pretty go. Probably won't recommend we go back there anytime soon. More places to try.

It rained at night so we played games inside Somewhere.

Fernie showed us a card game, Kings.
We got to play with some pennies and my goodness, Echo won again. Boy, it was her lucky weekend.

Good sleeping with the rain beating on the top of the MH. Does it look like Becky slept well? She's just a chillin' w/Sedona, nice leisurely morning.

Sunday morning and it's time for breakfast. Guess who came to breakfast??? PeeWee, one of Fernie's alteregos, what a hoot he is.
He even brought his own food, a donut AND an oppossum, ugh.

He is a little challenged but quite entertaining. It was good that he came to see us. I want to meet all of them.

Becky and I agreed to host breakfast.
It's omlettes in a baggie. Put all the mixings out in small bowls. Put two eggs in a freezer bag and all the ingredients except the cheese. Place in boiling water and cook between 8-13 minutes. A non messy way to fix breakfast. Becky brought some biscuits and cooked them in the gas oven and they were perfect. Maybe I can do it next time. Good breakfast, quick clean up, and time to pack up. It's a shame we have to get ready to go. I would like to have stayed a few days.

Getting ready to go is just as detailed as setting up. I had given Becky instructions as to what to do. I had filled the grey water tank almost full and had emptied the fresh water tank of the clorox water. I was ready to dump. We doned our rubber gloves and I told Becky where to stand and what to do. Welllll, when I opened the black water tank, I failed to open the switch at the end of the sewer hose and it got full, really, really fast. Then it started oozing, you know the brown stuff?? Stinky!! Becky started gagging and I thought, oops, this is gonna be it for her. But she toughed it out, I figured the problem out and opened up the handle and in it went. Started flowing into the sewer like it's supposed to. But oh, boy, I thought I had lost Becky. And of course, the grey water was no problem. It flushed out the hose really well. One of these days, I will NOT have a story about this dumping stuff. Now I'm sure Becky can & will add her 2 cents worth in the comments on this blog.

We hit the road and headed back to Nashville. Time to get gas, ugh, $3.35 gal for a whopping $211. Uneventful trip, nice and easy. Had to go back by the condo and get Becky's car and unload. Had to take Somewhere over to Cullum & Maxey. Becky let me use her car until I go back to pick up the MH.

Thoughts: I have definitely made a good decision and choice about my new "home." She is just right for me and I feel good about it. For me it's better than a 5th wheel, that I thought I was going to get.

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