Thursday, April 17, 2008

Menopause! The Musical

BFF Debbie and I went to the "theata'" last evening. One of Debbie's BFFs, Sandra, also went. I had seen Menopause!The Musical at Las Vegas a couple of years ago with my YaYs and wanted to see it again. The Soap Star (Patti Gardner) and the Earth Mother (Vita Corimbi) were the same actors from LV, but Iowa Housewife (Katie Anne Harper) and the Professional Woman (Cynthia Jones) were played by different actors. And I'll have to say they were better than I remembered the ones from LV but all did an excellent job.

I laughed so hard. For those of you who don't know, the premise of the musical is that these four women who are going through the "change" are shopping in Bloomingdales and they get in a fight over a black bra. From there they sing songs that I remember with the names changed to content that has to do with the "change." Songs like, "Having a tropical heat wave," "Good, good good vibrations," you get the idea. Anyway, it's just a hoot. It's going to be in Nashville until this Sunday and I encourage anyone to see it. There were just a few token men in the audience.

In the play book, there is an ad which reads: "Beautiful Wicking Sleepwear for Night Sweats so you can stay cool on hot nights." Need I say more. Go see it. You can find more info at:

Everybody needs to laugh for your health, go see it!

Oh, prior to the show we went to eat at the Midtown Cafe. Debbie and I ordered crab cakes and Sandra ordered the filet. Everything was delicious. The great thing about this place is you go eat and they take you by shuttle to the TN Performing Arts Center (TPAC) drop you off and then come to pick you up. OMG, that was just the best. Don't have to worry about parking, if the weather had been bad, no worries. Of course the weather wasn't bad, it was a beautiful evening.

Then, we went to the Hustler store! Yes, you read it right. I was looking for a gag gift for Randy, my BFF Debbie's DH (darling husband). Well, I found one all right. I'm gonna wait to tell you because he might just read this and I sure don't want to spoil the fun. But the funniest thing was to see Sandra's expression when she walked in. She had never been in a place like this and her eyes were just as wide as could be. Of course, Debbie is an old pro at places like this!!! JUST KIDDING! It was good to go in with three women of our age, power in numbers you know. You should have seen the expressions on the men who came in there and looked around to see us. They looked like they had been caught with their hands in a cookie jar. Hey, dude, what do we look like, YOUR MOTHERS? I don't think so. We had an attitude, remember where we had just come from, we were pumped, we could do anything!

It was a fun evening, let's do it again sometime!

It's Crossville weekend! Stay tuned.

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