Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Youngblood RV Center-Mayfield KY

When I got to NW TN on Friday, I got set up on a dedicated 30 amp circuit and everything was fine.  About 2:30 am Sat morning my power went out.  You know how you are sleeping really well and then all of a sudden, complete quiet?  Well, that's the way it went.  I checked all my breakers inside the rig and then went outside and looked at my surge protector and it was still green.  I went over to where the rig was plugged into my 30 amp extension cord and when I picked it up, it sparked and smoked.  I went over immediately and unplugged.  There was nothing that I could do till morning so I went in and started my generator so I could run my a/c because I don't know if you readers have heard but we are having a huge heat wave in TN.

Anyway, I tried to sleep a few hours (fitfully I might add.)  I went to the house at 7:00 am and Mitch was up.  I asked her about RV places and explained what the deal was.  She said she knew her RV place was closed for service on Saturdays so we called, Youngblood RV Center.  Their service center was closed but what did I need?  I explained my situation and he said we may have someone who could help, hold.  Chase came back on the line and said he had someone who could help.  Ask for Steve.

I pack everything up and head off to Mayfield KY.  2 hrs later and $150 less I'm on my way back to Mitch's.  After talking with Steve, I have been running too many amps with an extension cord even though my energy management system shows 25 amps.  Now I know better and it didn't cost an arm and leg nor cause any damage to Somewhere.

Fast forward 2 days.  We have been soaking in the pool and it was time to get out, dry off and get ready for dinner.  All of us ladies get in the house and are sitting at the kitchen table.  There is a huge bay window and as I sit down, I look out and see the corn bending to the ground.  A wind storm has come up quickly.  Three of us run out and get Tina's awning down.  Imagine this, three "middle-aged" women start off running across the yard to get to my awning.  Nope didn't make it and the wind is so strong it takes all of us to get the awning partially rolled up, thank goodness Tina is a tall woman.  I knew it had to happen, I lost my awning and the arms were pulled away from Somewhere so I knew I couldn't drive it.  Oh, well, nothing can be done in this storm.

Just as quickly as the storm came up, it was gone but the damage was done.

Next morning I get up and go out to investigate.  The awning latch had broken, severed the pin that holds it against the rig.  I head to the house, let's call my new BFF, Steve, at Youngbloods.  He asked a few questions and said he would call me right back.  Sure enough, 2 minutes later he called and said he had the part I needed, bring the old one w/me.  I asked him if he thought I could get the old one off, he said, "just based on meeting you and our conversation, I have every confidence you can do it."  He was right, I got the part off, hopped in the car and off I go to Mayfield KY.  I pick up the part, $40, and head back.  I fixed the awning and repaired the other arm and I'm good to go.  Woohoo!  I am woman, hear me roar!  LOL

Okay, things come in 3's right?  Here is what I'm thinking is my 3rd.  I come back to Seven Points COE.  Got set up and trying to cool off and Gene, the camp host, pulls into my site.  He said I have overbooked for this place for the month.  WHAT?  Yep, on 14 days per month at a COE.  Okay, I pled ignorant because I really didn't know.  I should leave on the 28th.  I told Gene, "but my babies are going to be born on the 29th.  I have to be close to Summit hospital.  He was sorry but those were the rules.  "Who can I call?"  He gave me a name and I called early this morning and begged for three days.  She was nice enough to allow me those three days, but don't do it again, etc.  This is the only COE I have stayed in except for Cages Bend so now I know.  It worked out ok but it could have been bad.  I'm still here for my bff, Debbie's grandsons to get into this world.  They will be her first and they are twin boys.  Boy does she have something to get used to.  LOL

My life is good.


NW TN Women's GTG

My rig in the lower 40

Carol L and Tina W rigs

Carol, Mitch (our hostess), Me, Tina

Me & Sedona swimming in the pool

Wii frisbee score, I was GeorgieBoy

Yes, bragging rights.  I beat Mitchie.

Tina, Sarah and Carol chatting it up on the deck of the pool.
From Gallatin to NW TN (location will not be disclosed) for a women rv forum gtg. A great time was had by us five ladies and Mitch's husband George, of course, I'm not sure what a good time he had with four additional women at his house.  Out in the middle of the corn fields were our three motor homes parked and plugged in.  One neighbor called to ask if Mitch has a license for opening a KOA.  LOL

Mitch is an awesome cook and she outdid herself.  She promised us dinner and a snack for lunch, breakfast was on our own.  Yeah, right!  She always had fresh fruit, snacks consisted on panini sandwiches, and other such things.  Her dinners were to die for.  There was a pool for us to enjoy and cool down.  In the evening we played Wii, which I had never done except for bowling with Taylor my granddaughter. 

I was champion of Frisbee, Carol was awesome on the down hill skiing, Tina was the champion of the Lotus Power, and Sarah worked on the knack of throwing the Frisbee.  That was so much fun, I think a Wii Fitness Super Plus will go on my Christmas list.  It really shows how unbalanced I am and that's something I need to work on.  Carol is in her 70's (don't think she will mind my saying that) and she is in such good shape and has terrific balance and she has been working with her Wii for some time.  WTG, Carol.  You are my heroine.

We had five furbabies in the group.  Sedona got along with most of them.  She had to show Remi who was boss a few times, or at least she thought she did.  Sedona enjoyed swimming in the pool and floating around on the float, or at least I thought she did, however she doesn't look like she is enjoying it in the picture.

Thanks to Mitch and George & Abby for showing us such a great time.  We ate, played, ate, talked, ate, swam, ate and rested. 

Next posts will cover my mishaps while I was at this gtg.


Portland TN 5 Chefs

Last week while at Cages Bend COE in Gallatin, my friend Debbie came up and we went to the 5 Chefs restaurant in Portland TN.  She had heard about it from her daughter and since I was so close it seemed to be the girl's day out thing to do.

I thought it was probably a "tea" room and girlie place to go but oh, no, much more.  Great restaurant with full menu and the house that has been redone is filled with gift shop and home decor items.  The shopping area is called The Occasions House.

The food was terrific and the service was very good.  We had chicken, dressing, green beans, sweet potato casserole and roll/cornbread.  Best thing:  $5.00 for 2 veggies and $5.75 for 3 veggies.
Sitting on the porch eating our lunch!

Almost finished!  But at least I remembered the pix!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a Verizon first for me.

I've used all my GB for this month and it's the first time I've ever come this far.  I have 5 GB and due to a Garmin maps update, they are all gone.  I called Verizon tonight and I get 1 GB more for $10 additional dollars.  I'll never do that again.  When I need to get an update, I'll go to wi-fi place.  My change over date is on the 4th of the month and I just really don't think I could do w/out service for that long.  I changed over to the 4g aircard a few months ago and this is the first place it has picked up.  I really can't tell the difference between 3g & 4 g service.

Today has been so hot that I've just stayed inside most of the day.  I went swimming, well, actually floating, this morning and then just vegged most of the day.  I defrosted the freezer, mopped the floors and cleaned the bathroom so all was not lost.

Thanks Brenda for posting.  It's was good to hear from you again.  Also to new reader, Carolyn, thanks for posting a comment too.  I love reading comments from my readers.


Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a small blog world!

On Sunday before we departed Seven Points COE in Nashville, Sedona and I went for a morning walk around the .7 mi loop.  As we passed by this one camper, lady camper came to the edge of the road after I had waved at her and she said, "is your name Carolyn."  I must have looked a little surprised but said "yes."  She said "I read your blog and saw where you were out here and was hoping to meet you!"  Wow, there are actually people other than family and friends who are reading my blog.  I told her how honored I was that she was reading and we sat and talked a while.  Brenda Lewis lives in Donelson and is retired.  Her husband is a truck driver who is still in the mad, mad work race.  They don't think they could ever full time but plan to extended travel when he retires.  It was just so cool that she follows along with me.  She said she doesn't post comments and I explained how it was important for us blogger to post comments and get feedback.  Maybe I'll hear from her again, one day.  Thanks Brenda and it was terrific to meet you.

Sedona and I went back to the campsite to complete our packing up and met wonderful people from California.  They were hanging around TN for a while and were heading to Johnson City.  Sure hope they find it cooler up in the East TN mtns.

We were in no hurry to leave and it's a good thing.  By the time I got to Cages Bend COE in Gallatin, it seems their check out time is 3:00 and my site was still occupied.  It didn't take long for those folks to vacate and we got set up in no time but it was so hot and muggy.  My friend, Ann Candler, came up for the night and we hit the water to cool off.   We had steaks, potatoes and a good salad.  In no time I got a phone call from fellow Nashvillian & RVer Vicky and her friend Brenda.  They were just returning from a whirlwind NE tour and stopped here for a couple of nights.  It was good to hear about their trip.  If you are interested in reading her blog, you can click and it will take you there.  She really had some experiences while on the road and she is a newbie.
Vicky has a captive audience with Gus & Sedona.  Steak is suchan animal attractor.
Like this campground but I think I prefer Seven Points over this one.  It has a swim beach while this one doesn't.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Somewhere is all maintenanced up!

I took Somewhere to Carl Black today for oil change, tires rotated & balanced and other checks.  She is ready to go for another 5-6 K miles.  My hydraulic fluid for my jacks were 3.5 qts low.  It holds 1.5 gal.  I knew there was some leakage but wow!  It seems the right rear jack is the culprit.  Sean is checking out w/my warranty co to see if they will cover repair or replacement.  I'm going to be around Nash for a few more days so hope I can get it taken care of before I get back to FL this winter.

It is terribly hot in TN.  I can't believe I'm wishing for rain to cool things off.  Seven Points CG has emptied out quite a bit from when I first got here.  I'll be moving sites tomorrow and will be here for a few more days.  Am enjoying seeing my friends and spending time with them.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy Wednesday in Nashville

My morning began at Summit Hospital.  No, I wasn't there as a patient but...My friend Debbie's daughter, Melissa, is pregnant with twin boys.  She invited me to go to the Dr office for her ultrasound.  Did you know the ultrasounds are 3D now.  OMG, those boys were all over the place.  Making faces and poking ea other and their mom.  Amazing is just about all I can say.  I was thrilled to get to go.  Debbie always has given me credit for getting Melissa into this world because she came to my house to eat spaghetti the night/morn she went into labor.  So I'm going to fix my infamous spaghetti for Melissa this weekend so we will see if I get the blame for those boys getting here.  One weighs 5.13 and the other 5.09, whew, where is she putting them?

Next I met another dear friend, Anne B Marshall at Margariatville in Nashville.  It's the first time I have been there since it has been built.  I couldn't think of anyone else better to go with than, Anne B.  She is a true, true parrotthead.  We had a wonderful time getting caught up & talking about old and new times.  It was such a fun and delicious lunch.  Oh, guess what I had to drink...It's 5 o'clock Somewhere!  Duh, that didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out right??  It has Jamaican Silver Rum, Margaritaville Paradise Passion Fruit Tequila, Cruzan 151 Rum, sour mix, orange juice, pineapple juice and a splash of Finest Call Grenadine.  Yummy!  They wouldn't give me the exact amounts so I guess I'll have to figure it out myself.

First Bar when you enter the building.

Typical M'ville stuff.

Upstairs bar-steps leading up are like a piano.

Carolyn and Anne B
Then I get home to Seven Points COE campground and the mowers had been here and my solar lights have been mowed down.  They tried to stick them back in the ground but they are broken.  I took them up to the check-in station and asked where I can file a claim.  He didn't know but would find me a claim form and I could fax or mail it into the District Ofc.  Ugh!!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another 60 Celebration-my oh my!

Last night several of my girlfriends met at Famous Dave's in Nashville for dinner and to catch up on "things."  Afterward we went over to BFF Debbie's for dessert and a few gag gifts.  I'll have to say, I have some very creative friends.

Missi gave me a big gift bag full of stuff that will help me get along past 60.  Here are some of them with their little sayings:
Magnifying Glass Set:  This magnifying glass is to help you see the fine print now that your eyesight isn't what it used to be.
Gingerman cookes:  I've found you the perfect man.  He's rich, he's sweet, and if he misbehaves then you can bite his head off!!  LOL
Gummy Teeth:  Replacements in case you lose yours!
Bag of marbles:  Save these marbles in case you lose yours.  They'll come in handy!
Pack of batteries:  Toy Not Included-but if you get one, you already have the batteries.
Box of paperclips:  Paperclips because sometimes it's hard to hold it all together as you get older!
Pack of mints:  Mints-so you can remember all the things you are "mint" to do.
Pack of M&M's in script bottle:  Anti aging pills-Dosage:  Under normal circumstances take one tablet per day.  In emergencies (like yours) consume all at once!
Bag of Pinto Beans:  Natural Bubble Bath- (1) Eat Beans; (2) Wait one hour and (3) fill bath and (4) enjoy your natural bubble bath!

Missi & Me

I'll take Over The Hill any old day, thanks Debbie!

Delicious cake

L-R Ann Candler, Missi Dodge, Me, Sandra Williams, Dare Bible
 and Sheri

Me & the Pig

Over the Hill Glasses and the Queen necklace w/Lemon Drop in hand

Randy Smith, Dare Bible and Me

Sandra, Missi and Me
Becky sent me goodies, a beautiful bracelet and best wishes from Henderson NV.  Too bad she wasn't here.  Sandra gave me some prunes.  Ann gave me a grabber and a Kroger Plus card reminding me that Wednesdays should be the day I shop. (Senior Day)

Ann and Sandra came over to the campground and we continued the party until the wee hours.  Ann got up and went fishing and Sandra and I vegged most of the day.  I cooked some breakfast and had a terrific day.  What next???

I love life in excess, can you tell??  tee hee

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!! 60 years young on July 3

I had a terrific day.  It was spent with family.  My first nephew, David, invited us to come up to his house in Copper Hill, TN.  We had a huge shrimp boil, good fun in the pool and a few adult beverages.  Great hosts and thanks David and Jan.  Great time.
He just thinks I'm over the hill.
Jonathan and Taylor gave me a remote control boat for my birthday and I have been having a blast with it.  Only bad thing is it draws the kids when I use it.  I'm in Nashville now and have been taking the Lemon Drop Express out for a ride on Percy Priest lake and man, here comes the kids.  All of you who know me, know I just love the kid attractor.  Hey Roger, watch this maiden voyage.  Of course I didn't open her up, don't want to show you all my secrets!!  Look out Citrus Ridge!!

While in Nashville I'll be having my annual checkup w/Dr Holmes, eye exam, dental cleaning all the usual Dr things that must be done to keep my lower cost higher paying insurance.  Also, I'll be getting Somewhere's oil changed and tires rotated and balanced and other fluids checked.  Yearly maintenance for all of us.  Sedona had her teeth cleaned while asleep and toes clipped (a major feet while she is awake).  So we should all be ready to go for another year.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Henderson NV and Sedona AZ

I flew out to see Becky and Ron.  Here is a pictorial of our trip.  The captions tell about the trip.  Thank you Becky and Ron for a great trip.


Wonderful 10 days at Parksville Lake

As usual Parksville Lake was filled with fun, family and relaxation.  Our annual trek across the waters consisted of Sisters & B-I-Ls, Wanda and Don and Shirley and Doug.  Of course the rest of the family came in and out all week.

I picked up Taylor, granddaughter, on Saturday and she stayed the whole week with us.  At 14, 15 on July 30, I feel luck that she is still wanting to spend time with Gran, especially when she has no cell signal.  All was not lost, seems we can text while we can't talk.  I took my kayak down so we could get out in the coves and play around.  Taylor was quite the navigator for both Wanda and me.  She liked to paddle, I liked to ride.  Doesn't get much better than that.  Taylor presented Doug with a big orange adult bib.  Seems he was always spilling food down his "my Joy," what he called his tummy.

On Monday the Kings came down (our nephews) and we had a shrimp boil.  I cooked at least 360 shrimp and they were all devoured.  Only 1 new potato remained.  Shirley wanted to play some Minute 2 Win It games so you will see some of those in the slide show.

Shirley also introduced her giant marshmallows.  We used the stove to roast those giant things.  I heard they made great smores.  I didn't have a single one all week but will confess to a few cups of homemade ice cream.

Tuesday, Taylor and I came in to town as Jerry and Leah were going to take her for a horse back ride.  It stormed but that didn't let it sway them.  They went after the worst of the storms and were soaking wet.  Taylor didn't mind coming in to play and shower, 3 of them as a matter of fact.

The Slacks came down on Wednesday and it was Italian day.  Wonderful lasagna, salad and bread were in order.  Of course there is always lots of swimming and tubing that goes along with kids at the lake.

Jonathan and his friend, Ali and her kids, Grace, AJ and Ty arrived to town on Thursday but didn't come down until Friday.  Jonathan presented me with my early birthday present.  Are you ready?  A remote control boat equipped with lights and a siren.  I plan on having fun with this in the winter at Citrus Ridge so Roger you better get ready.  We christened it the Lemon Drop Express.  I'm sure you will see more on this little number in later posts.

Saturday was family day.  We had 43 people show, we cooked 15 lbs of hamburgers (63), 34 hot dogs and loads of dessert.  Homemade ice cream both chocolate and vanilla was to cool us off and then the smores for those who could stand the fire.

Our weather was varied during the week.  Storms, rain, cold, hot, nice, you name it we had it.  Of course I loved the cool nights, they made for some good sleeping.  No black bear sightings this year.