Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy Wednesday in Nashville

My morning began at Summit Hospital.  No, I wasn't there as a patient but...My friend Debbie's daughter, Melissa, is pregnant with twin boys.  She invited me to go to the Dr office for her ultrasound.  Did you know the ultrasounds are 3D now.  OMG, those boys were all over the place.  Making faces and poking ea other and their mom.  Amazing is just about all I can say.  I was thrilled to get to go.  Debbie always has given me credit for getting Melissa into this world because she came to my house to eat spaghetti the night/morn she went into labor.  So I'm going to fix my infamous spaghetti for Melissa this weekend so we will see if I get the blame for those boys getting here.  One weighs 5.13 and the other 5.09, whew, where is she putting them?

Next I met another dear friend, Anne B Marshall at Margariatville in Nashville.  It's the first time I have been there since it has been built.  I couldn't think of anyone else better to go with than, Anne B.  She is a true, true parrotthead.  We had a wonderful time getting caught up & talking about old and new times.  It was such a fun and delicious lunch.  Oh, guess what I had to drink...It's 5 o'clock Somewhere!  Duh, that didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out right??  It has Jamaican Silver Rum, Margaritaville Paradise Passion Fruit Tequila, Cruzan 151 Rum, sour mix, orange juice, pineapple juice and a splash of Finest Call Grenadine.  Yummy!  They wouldn't give me the exact amounts so I guess I'll have to figure it out myself.

First Bar when you enter the building.

Typical M'ville stuff.

Upstairs bar-steps leading up are like a piano.

Carolyn and Anne B
Then I get home to Seven Points COE campground and the mowers had been here and my solar lights have been mowed down.  They tried to stick them back in the ground but they are broken.  I took them up to the check-in station and asked where I can file a claim.  He didn't know but would find me a claim form and I could fax or mail it into the District Ofc.  Ugh!!



squawmama said...

Love MArgaritaville and everything about it,,, glad you had fun there. I have 5 year old twin grtandsons and they are still poking each other!!! LOL
Have fun

Margie and Roger said...

That drink looks yummy - good for that hot weather you've been having.

Must have been neat to see those little baby boys.

Beckles said...

Margaritaville looks very inviting! Especially the Chill Bar....sounds very enticing on a hot day!