Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Youngblood RV Center-Mayfield KY

When I got to NW TN on Friday, I got set up on a dedicated 30 amp circuit and everything was fine.  About 2:30 am Sat morning my power went out.  You know how you are sleeping really well and then all of a sudden, complete quiet?  Well, that's the way it went.  I checked all my breakers inside the rig and then went outside and looked at my surge protector and it was still green.  I went over to where the rig was plugged into my 30 amp extension cord and when I picked it up, it sparked and smoked.  I went over immediately and unplugged.  There was nothing that I could do till morning so I went in and started my generator so I could run my a/c because I don't know if you readers have heard but we are having a huge heat wave in TN.

Anyway, I tried to sleep a few hours (fitfully I might add.)  I went to the house at 7:00 am and Mitch was up.  I asked her about RV places and explained what the deal was.  She said she knew her RV place was closed for service on Saturdays so we called, Youngblood RV Center.  Their service center was closed but what did I need?  I explained my situation and he said we may have someone who could help, hold.  Chase came back on the line and said he had someone who could help.  Ask for Steve.

I pack everything up and head off to Mayfield KY.  2 hrs later and $150 less I'm on my way back to Mitch's.  After talking with Steve, I have been running too many amps with an extension cord even though my energy management system shows 25 amps.  Now I know better and it didn't cost an arm and leg nor cause any damage to Somewhere.

Fast forward 2 days.  We have been soaking in the pool and it was time to get out, dry off and get ready for dinner.  All of us ladies get in the house and are sitting at the kitchen table.  There is a huge bay window and as I sit down, I look out and see the corn bending to the ground.  A wind storm has come up quickly.  Three of us run out and get Tina's awning down.  Imagine this, three "middle-aged" women start off running across the yard to get to my awning.  Nope didn't make it and the wind is so strong it takes all of us to get the awning partially rolled up, thank goodness Tina is a tall woman.  I knew it had to happen, I lost my awning and the arms were pulled away from Somewhere so I knew I couldn't drive it.  Oh, well, nothing can be done in this storm.

Just as quickly as the storm came up, it was gone but the damage was done.

Next morning I get up and go out to investigate.  The awning latch had broken, severed the pin that holds it against the rig.  I head to the house, let's call my new BFF, Steve, at Youngbloods.  He asked a few questions and said he would call me right back.  Sure enough, 2 minutes later he called and said he had the part I needed, bring the old one w/me.  I asked him if he thought I could get the old one off, he said, "just based on meeting you and our conversation, I have every confidence you can do it."  He was right, I got the part off, hopped in the car and off I go to Mayfield KY.  I pick up the part, $40, and head back.  I fixed the awning and repaired the other arm and I'm good to go.  Woohoo!  I am woman, hear me roar!  LOL

Okay, things come in 3's right?  Here is what I'm thinking is my 3rd.  I come back to Seven Points COE.  Got set up and trying to cool off and Gene, the camp host, pulls into my site.  He said I have overbooked for this place for the month.  WHAT?  Yep, on 14 days per month at a COE.  Okay, I pled ignorant because I really didn't know.  I should leave on the 28th.  I told Gene, "but my babies are going to be born on the 29th.  I have to be close to Summit hospital.  He was sorry but those were the rules.  "Who can I call?"  He gave me a name and I called early this morning and begged for three days.  She was nice enough to allow me those three days, but don't do it again, etc.  This is the only COE I have stayed in except for Cages Bend so now I know.  It worked out ok but it could have been bad.  I'm still here for my bff, Debbie's grandsons to get into this world.  They will be her first and they are twin boys.  Boy does she have something to get used to.  LOL

My life is good.



Margie and Roger said...

Yep, that came in 3's. Glad you are getting to stay the extra days. I don't understand the 30 amp cord problem, but techie things and my brain don't work well together. Too bad about your awning but guess that could have been a lot worse also. Now that the 3 things are over, life should stay good for you. Have fun meeting the twins.

squawmama said...

Wow that was for sure a rough few days... I don't know how you even booked to many days at the COE since it normally doesn't allow that but in my experience they will usually let you stay longer if the are not packed and your site is not reserved. I am glad it worked out ok for you!
Have fun & Travel safe

ps... I have twin grandsons (5) and they are a handful!!!

tnwave said...

Must be something in the air. Mike had to replace my plug too. I think I had been using a cheap 110 adapter. I bought a new heavy duty adapter also. So where are the pix of the new twins. Dying to see them. My boy/girl twin grands are 9 this September.


Jeff & Barbie said...

Sorry to hear of your bad luck. News for you....Marguerita Grill in Homosassa caught fire and burned down-total loss. :-(( Owner says he'll rebuild. For sure it won't be ready when we get back in Nov. Take care/

Karen and Al said...

Wow. You definitely ARE Woman! Great job with the asking. Hope your run of bad luck is over.