Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wonderful 10 days at Parksville Lake

As usual Parksville Lake was filled with fun, family and relaxation.  Our annual trek across the waters consisted of Sisters & B-I-Ls, Wanda and Don and Shirley and Doug.  Of course the rest of the family came in and out all week.

I picked up Taylor, granddaughter, on Saturday and she stayed the whole week with us.  At 14, 15 on July 30, I feel luck that she is still wanting to spend time with Gran, especially when she has no cell signal.  All was not lost, seems we can text while we can't talk.  I took my kayak down so we could get out in the coves and play around.  Taylor was quite the navigator for both Wanda and me.  She liked to paddle, I liked to ride.  Doesn't get much better than that.  Taylor presented Doug with a big orange adult bib.  Seems he was always spilling food down his "my Joy," what he called his tummy.

On Monday the Kings came down (our nephews) and we had a shrimp boil.  I cooked at least 360 shrimp and they were all devoured.  Only 1 new potato remained.  Shirley wanted to play some Minute 2 Win It games so you will see some of those in the slide show.

Shirley also introduced her giant marshmallows.  We used the stove to roast those giant things.  I heard they made great smores.  I didn't have a single one all week but will confess to a few cups of homemade ice cream.

Tuesday, Taylor and I came in to town as Jerry and Leah were going to take her for a horse back ride.  It stormed but that didn't let it sway them.  They went after the worst of the storms and were soaking wet.  Taylor didn't mind coming in to play and shower, 3 of them as a matter of fact.

The Slacks came down on Wednesday and it was Italian day.  Wonderful lasagna, salad and bread were in order.  Of course there is always lots of swimming and tubing that goes along with kids at the lake.

Jonathan and his friend, Ali and her kids, Grace, AJ and Ty arrived to town on Thursday but didn't come down until Friday.  Jonathan presented me with my early birthday present.  Are you ready?  A remote control boat equipped with lights and a siren.  I plan on having fun with this in the winter at Citrus Ridge so Roger you better get ready.  We christened it the Lemon Drop Express.  I'm sure you will see more on this little number in later posts.

Saturday was family day.  We had 43 people show, we cooked 15 lbs of hamburgers (63), 34 hot dogs and loads of dessert.  Homemade ice cream both chocolate and vanilla was to cool us off and then the smores for those who could stand the fire.

Our weather was varied during the week.  Storms, rain, cold, hot, nice, you name it we had it.  Of course I loved the cool nights, they made for some good sleeping.  No black bear sightings this year.


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Beckles said...

I love reading and/or hearing about your family time at the lake each year. What a wonderful gathering and such fun! Thanks for sharing.