Thursday, July 14, 2011

Somewhere is all maintenanced up!

I took Somewhere to Carl Black today for oil change, tires rotated & balanced and other checks.  She is ready to go for another 5-6 K miles.  My hydraulic fluid for my jacks were 3.5 qts low.  It holds 1.5 gal.  I knew there was some leakage but wow!  It seems the right rear jack is the culprit.  Sean is checking out w/my warranty co to see if they will cover repair or replacement.  I'm going to be around Nash for a few more days so hope I can get it taken care of before I get back to FL this winter.

It is terribly hot in TN.  I can't believe I'm wishing for rain to cool things off.  Seven Points CG has emptied out quite a bit from when I first got here.  I'll be moving sites tomorrow and will be here for a few more days.  Am enjoying seeing my friends and spending time with them.


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Beckles said...

Somewhere will soon be ready for your trip to the mountains! I'm sure you'll look forward to cooler temps. Maybe get in a hike or two, and even meet some new friends!