Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another 60 Celebration-my oh my!

Last night several of my girlfriends met at Famous Dave's in Nashville for dinner and to catch up on "things."  Afterward we went over to BFF Debbie's for dessert and a few gag gifts.  I'll have to say, I have some very creative friends.

Missi gave me a big gift bag full of stuff that will help me get along past 60.  Here are some of them with their little sayings:
Magnifying Glass Set:  This magnifying glass is to help you see the fine print now that your eyesight isn't what it used to be.
Gingerman cookes:  I've found you the perfect man.  He's rich, he's sweet, and if he misbehaves then you can bite his head off!!  LOL
Gummy Teeth:  Replacements in case you lose yours!
Bag of marbles:  Save these marbles in case you lose yours.  They'll come in handy!
Pack of batteries:  Toy Not Included-but if you get one, you already have the batteries.
Box of paperclips:  Paperclips because sometimes it's hard to hold it all together as you get older!
Pack of mints:  Mints-so you can remember all the things you are "mint" to do.
Pack of M&M's in script bottle:  Anti aging pills-Dosage:  Under normal circumstances take one tablet per day.  In emergencies (like yours) consume all at once!
Bag of Pinto Beans:  Natural Bubble Bath- (1) Eat Beans; (2) Wait one hour and (3) fill bath and (4) enjoy your natural bubble bath!

Missi & Me

I'll take Over The Hill any old day, thanks Debbie!

Delicious cake

L-R Ann Candler, Missi Dodge, Me, Sandra Williams, Dare Bible
 and Sheri

Me & the Pig

Over the Hill Glasses and the Queen necklace w/Lemon Drop in hand

Randy Smith, Dare Bible and Me

Sandra, Missi and Me
Becky sent me goodies, a beautiful bracelet and best wishes from Henderson NV.  Too bad she wasn't here.  Sandra gave me some prunes.  Ann gave me a grabber and a Kroger Plus card reminding me that Wednesdays should be the day I shop. (Senior Day)

Ann and Sandra came over to the campground and we continued the party until the wee hours.  Ann got up and went fishing and Sandra and I vegged most of the day.  I cooked some breakfast and had a terrific day.  What next???

I love life in excess, can you tell??  tee hee


Nan said...

Now about that pig was he male and is he available? Nan

Raella said...

Happy Birthday!

Great pics. Love the balloon! LOL


Margie and Roger said...

Another day in Carolyn's world of party paradise. You seem to have fun no matter what you are doing.

Let me tell you, Roger watched the Lemon Drop video and he is worried, very worried. But, confident that he can beat you.

Beckles said...

What a great celebration for your 60th! Yes, I wish I could have been there also! Missi was full of herself with your were the others!