Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NW TN Women's GTG

My rig in the lower 40

Carol L and Tina W rigs

Carol, Mitch (our hostess), Me, Tina

Me & Sedona swimming in the pool

Wii frisbee score, I was GeorgieBoy

Yes, bragging rights.  I beat Mitchie.

Tina, Sarah and Carol chatting it up on the deck of the pool.
From Gallatin to NW TN (location will not be disclosed) for a women rv forum gtg. A great time was had by us five ladies and Mitch's husband George, of course, I'm not sure what a good time he had with four additional women at his house.  Out in the middle of the corn fields were our three motor homes parked and plugged in.  One neighbor called to ask if Mitch has a license for opening a KOA.  LOL

Mitch is an awesome cook and she outdid herself.  She promised us dinner and a snack for lunch, breakfast was on our own.  Yeah, right!  She always had fresh fruit, snacks consisted on panini sandwiches, and other such things.  Her dinners were to die for.  There was a pool for us to enjoy and cool down.  In the evening we played Wii, which I had never done except for bowling with Taylor my granddaughter. 

I was champion of Frisbee, Carol was awesome on the down hill skiing, Tina was the champion of the Lotus Power, and Sarah worked on the knack of throwing the Frisbee.  That was so much fun, I think a Wii Fitness Super Plus will go on my Christmas list.  It really shows how unbalanced I am and that's something I need to work on.  Carol is in her 70's (don't think she will mind my saying that) and she is in such good shape and has terrific balance and she has been working with her Wii for some time.  WTG, Carol.  You are my heroine.

We had five furbabies in the group.  Sedona got along with most of them.  She had to show Remi who was boss a few times, or at least she thought she did.  Sedona enjoyed swimming in the pool and floating around on the float, or at least I thought she did, however she doesn't look like she is enjoying it in the picture.

Thanks to Mitch and George & Abby for showing us such a great time.  We ate, played, ate, talked, ate, swam, ate and rested. 

Next posts will cover my mishaps while I was at this gtg.



Margie and Roger said...

How nice of Mitch to have all of you at her home. She is such a wonderful hostess. Sure wish I could have been there - sure looked like a good time. Good photo of you and Sedona.

Beckles said...

Looks like you gals had great fun! I've never experienced Wii but it sounds like a great workout. Maybe one of these days I'll get to try it! Mitch is the hostess with the mostest based on what I've read and heard.