Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve 2009

It's New Year's Eve at 9:00 EST.  What am I doing?  Sitting here in Somewhere with Sedona sleeping at my side in FL with temps of 64 degrees, living my dream.  I'm so thankful for the ability to be here and to be able to share with you through my blog.

My resolutions are very simple.  I want to see and do things this wonderful country has for me.  I don't want to take my good fortunes for granted.  I hope that my health remains good and better so that I can do things I want to.

I've got some reports for you on kayaking and manatee swimming but I've got to have a better connection before I upload photos.  Continue to check back and keep clicking those ads. 

I hope your 2010 (gosh a new decade) will be fruitful.  God Bless each and every one of you.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Moment not to be forgotten-The Rainbow

Yesterday when I woke up to get ready to go to Wanda's for breakfast, I opened the front curtains of Somewhere so I could survey the most assuredly storm damage from during the night to see the darkest, melodramatic sky which was sure to produce a tornado or at least hail.  But no, there in front of me was the most colorful rainbow I have seen in a long time.  It was producing the most pronounced 7 colors of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet on the blackness of the sky.  How do I readily know these colors you may be asking?  Because I was a Rainbow Girl when I was a kid.

Ah, but I digress.  What's the significance of the Rainbow?  You regular readers know this answer but to those of you who are new readers or if you've just forgotten, here goes.  When my Mama died, there was the most gorgeous rainbow that appeared, 7/30/02.  I read into that she was telling us she had made it to heaven and it was everything she knew it would be and that she would be waiting for us and watching over us.

Now, everytime I see a rainbow, I know Mama is with me and taking care of me like she always did.  Yesterday morning was the first official day of my new life adventure of fulltime RVing I knew she was going to be with me.  Before I headed out, I said a prayer to ask God to watch over me as I headed.

I am truly Blessed.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Tifton GA

I have traveled 384 miles today. The first 120 or so miles were in heavy winds, something I vowed to not do but I did want to get south of Atlanta on Christmas Day and so we did and successfully I might add.

We were going to do the Walmart thing but decided to spring for a $20 FHU site for hot showers, electricity and to be able to clean the tanks. I'd say a great deal.

Sister Wanda fixed a big bountiful breakfast to get us started. Jerry came over and assisted in hooking up and we were off by 11:10 a.m. It was a good trip.

We only have 164 miles to cover to reach my destination for the next two weeks. Taylor and Jonathan will be with me until Wednesday so until they leave we plan on swimming with the manatees, hiking and kayaking. At least it is warmer down here. Outside thermometer shows it's 56 degrees at 9:15 p.m. Life is good.

My venture is beginning.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all

This is a quick post to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas. My family Christmas celebration will be tonight (Christmas Eve) and then of course, Santa will come.

Breakfast with DS Wanda and then load up and head south (yippee) to a little warmer weather. That is if the wind doesn't keep me here for another day. Remember, plans in jello.

One thing I do know, my full-timing adventure officially begins tomorrow. Yes, I know I've been in Somewhere since Sept 2, 2009, however I have been flitting around from place to place while Somewhere remained parked. Now my vision begins.

God Bless each and everyone of you. Be safe whatever you are doing this holiday season.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunset at Johnsonville State Historic Park

By now you know how much I like sunsets. Here are a few from the Johnsonville State Historic Park The photos with the rail fence are taken from lake front. The photos taken looking down on the Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River are taken from the overlook on the park.

It's about 36 degrees at this publishing. It is to get down to 24 degrees. I'm hoping that Somewhere is fairing well in this cold weather. I got a call from Mark the other day (where Somewhere is parked in Etowah) and he said I was out of propane. I had set the thermostat to 58 degrees so that when it got cold the heater would kick in. Well, evidently it kicked in more than I thought it would. So thank goodness Mark was familiar with motor homes. He put everything up and took Somewhere to be filled up with propane. This is the first time the tank was ever completely empty. A whopping $95 was the cost for filling her up. Hope I don't have to have anymore before I get to warmer weather.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Humphreys County Christmas Parade

Since I'm staying at Johnsonville Historic Park (not camping), I was asked if I wanted to ride in the HC Christmas Parade and throw out candy to the folks.  Of course I wanted to, just give me a Santa hat and I'm there.  So Theda got the truck cleaned up and off we go for the line up.

What parade would not be complete without the Shriners?  There were two huge floats that the Shriners filled.

Since Humphreys County has three rivers surrounding it, Buffalo, Duck and Tennessee Rivers, it was only fitting that a pontoon boat would be decorated for the occasion.  I didn't see a bass boat but that would have been ftting too.  Seems the area is an attractor for bass tournaments.

Lots of topless cars with beauty queens from babies to your ladies and it was cold to be riding in a convertable.  Some of these tots were excited and some were crying.  Cuties though.

Furbabies were out all over the place.  This one even decided she could drive this snazzy car. 

All dressed up and ready to pose.How about a hand shake, mister.

As you can see, they were large, medium and small furbabies lining the streets.  Next year someone needs to take doggie treats and throw out to them.

The houses that line the streets of downtown Waverly, TN are all decorated for the season.

There were penty of  people lining the streets to get in the holiday spirit.

And of course to complete the Christmas Parade is SANTA!

He wasn't the official Santa of the Parade but this just shows how the citizens of Humphreys County get involved in the activities around.  So MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google Ads

Some of you may have noticed when you read my blog that there are ads on my site.  These are called Google Ads.  If you click on one of them or several, I get paid!  Yep, paid for people reading my blog and clicking on the ads posted.  Now mind you it's not a huge sum, for instance, for the past six months I have made about $17.00.  Told you it's not a lot but it could be.  Google won't issue a payment until I reach $100. so one of these days, in a few years, maybe, I'll get payment from Google.

The way I understand it, Google searches keywords and places the ads according to those key words.  Now you know about as much as I do.  Help a retired friend out, click on the ads.  LOL

Left hand vs Right Hand

Oh the perils of going full time in the RV.  Today was my big day to change my vehicle registrations and Farm Bureau insurance to Humphreys County TN.  I arrive at the Humphreys County Vehicle Registration center early this morning to change my auto and RV registrations to this county.  The lady at the desk said I needed to have my driver license changed to reflect the new address or a federal form that said I lived at this address.  I explained to her that my license address was changed on line and the Department of Safety said I didn't need a new license, just change it on the computer.  Done.  The lady told me I could go to the police station to get a print out showing my address was changed.

Okay, so I go to the police station and the young lady said I would get a ticket if I was stopped and my hard copy license didn't reflect my new address.  But that's not what the Department of Safety says on their website.  She said she had just processed two tickets where the address didn't match.  She said I needed to go to the license office and get a new license.  Hence, left-hand vs right-hand.

I called the Driver License office in Dickson (33.9 mi away) and explained my situation.  The examiner said that I didn't need a new license as long as I notified the Department of Safety of my new address.  I explained what the lady at the Humphreys County office told me and she said "it sounds like you need to get a new license."  Okay so here I go to Dickson, the closest office to me.  When I get to the DL station they were very nice and there was no one else in the office (surprise.)  I fill out the necessary forms, paid my $8 and get a new photo made.  My DL expires in 2011 but it was too soon to get a renewal so I have a duplicate and will have to get another license in 2011.   While the examiner and I talked she said she would let her home office know of my situation, she said I should have been able to change my registration.

Back I drive to Waverly, TN with my new DL in hand and go to the HC office of motor vehicle registration.  No problems this time.  The lady said her computer wouldn't talk to the Department of Safety computer.  I asked her to give me easy to remember tags and she said "oh we don't give tags anymore, we just give you a new county name to put on your old tags.  So, I had a sticker that said Humphreys that will go over Davidson and an orange 10 that will go over the old blue 09.  I'm good to go.  It's official, I am a resident of Humphreys County TN, New Johnsonville to be exact, I'm registered to vote and I got my Farm Bureau insurance changed.  I saved $110 from registering my vehicle here and I'll save considerable on my insurance since Davidson Co is a high risk county.

It has been a good day to get all the details of full-timing under my belt.  Hope you read the links to New Johnsonville.  It's a beautiful place, there are a couple of RV parks, the State Park is a day park historic place, Johnsonville State Historic Area and the Kentucky Lake surrounds the area.

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Rainy and Cold in Orlando!

OMG, it has been beautiful down here this week.  Now today a front came through and it's cold, damp, rainy and depressing.  Drove to the post office today and returned in a deluge and the water had no where to go.  There was a lot of ponding on the highway.  Hope it gets it out of it's system tonight.

Since there was not much to do we went to the movies.  Old Dogs was the choice for the evening and it was so funny.  It's a "you don't have to think" movie, just sit back and enjoy.  John Travolta and Robin Williams have been best friends forever and are even in business together.  It takes off from there, with a few flashbacks, and then we see the results of Robin's past.  LOL, LOL  It made for a good evening and I would recommend it.

We had dinner at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville and I had to send my margarita back.  It was not good.  This seems to be a theme with all the Margaritaville's I have visited lately.  NOT GOOD MARGARITAs, go figure.  Just as well, I had to drive back in the rain.

Headed back to TN tomorrow with a stop in Lake City FL to pick up Sedona.  Jonathan and Taylor are going to meet us there and I get my baby back.  I have missed her but knew she was in good hands.  I'm sure she left them some little treasures though, that they will probably find when she is long gone.  tee hee.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wyndham Bonnet Creek at Orlando FL

I picked up Cindy and Theda at the airport on Sunday and we headed to the Wyndham Bonnet Creek resort to check in.  Since we are VIPs we were able to check in early, get unpacked and hit the resort.  I was ready to get to sun and water after having been in So GA for a few weeks.

Bonnet Creek is the only privately owned resort inside Disney property.  It is a great place to have ownership.  If you are interested in staying here and taking a 120 minute tour, email me and I'll get you set up or post on here and I'll let you know what to do.

Monday was the usual owner update which takes forever but we got free stuff so that's okay.  I was very tempted to buy more points and then remembered that doesn't fit into my goals anymore.  Oh what the heck, I'll come clean, I did buy more points and now have buyers remorse (lol) and will cancel w/in my ten day window.  Gosh, how easily I get caught up in these things.  No more owner updates for me.  I'll just use my points and move on.

We have had fun while here.  We have done two days of water aerobics and today just about got me.  Today's leader was hard on us.  We will feel it in the morning.  Just glad I'm not driving back tomorrow.  I know, it's sad.  We have found a terrific steak house in the area, it's Black Angus Steakhouse and it is delicious.  Best steak and salad I have had in a very long time.  If you are in the area try it out, I highly recommend it.  Prices are not bad either.

We went to the tye dye class.  You know a girl can never have too many tye dye shirts, right?  Here are our three shirts, all the same design with different color configurations.  Guess you figured mine is the one with the purple in the middle.  Theda's is green and Cindy's is pink.  We can't wear them yet, we have to soak them in vinegar to set the color otherwise they would wash out.  It was a fun thing to do.  Bonnet Creek has all kinds of activities for adults and children.  I said to the girls at one point, this is like a cruise, just that the food wasn't provided.

Here are a couple of residents.  They came right up to us on an evening stroll.  Guess they were looking for food.  We have seen other forms of waterfowl and Theda is not here to help me identify all that we have seen.  Theda and Cindy went to Animal Kingdom yesterday and saw lots of beautiful animals and fowl.  They brought me back pictures of pink flamingos and a stuffed flamingo.  When they gave it to me they said "we brought you something but it doesn't weigh much."  See I have most everyone thinking about my weight in Somewhere

We were fortunate to have a full moon during our stay.  Here are Cindy and Theda on our nightly stroll along the boardwalk.  We have had great weather.

While the girls were at Animal Kingdom, I called my RV friend Margie who is staying about 16 miles from her and went up to see her.  She took me around Citrus Ridge in her Cricket 4 wheel golf cart (I have my eye on one of these, they fold down and will fit in Grey Goose.)  I like where she is staying.  It's in a 55 community, mostly park models but some of the owners rent out their RV sites so it's a lot more inexpensive than if she had gone out through the office to rent a site.  I'll have to remember that for the future.  Roger was kind enough to fix me a couple of bloody mary's (yummy Roger) while we sat around and visited.  Citrus Ridge abounds with fruit trees so I robbed some oranges while there and then Margie gave me some huge lemons.  Theda said they are Ponderosa Lemons, I'm talking huge here.  They will make a great lemon drop, I'm sure.

We are on our way to check out Mt Dora.  Margie suggested we visit there.  I'll check it out and let you know.

We head back on Saturday and will stop in Lake City to meet Jonathan to pick up Sedona.  Can't wait to see her.  Wonder how she has done with Sassy (cat) and Barbie (dog)?  Won't that be interesting.  Anyway that's my update.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Biltmore-Asheville, NC

It was a gloomy Monday but everyone had high spirits for an exciting 2 day trip from Etowah to Asheville.  But wait, there is a rock-slide on I 40 that should take us straight to the Biltmore House.  Ah, our fearless driver, Larry, knows all the roads in the area and can take us anyway we needed to arrive at our destination.  BTW, his GPS partner is Martha.

We hit the road driving south on 411 but not before I'm given the assignment of counting to make sure everyone is on board, gee, there are 19 of us, how hard can this be?  Now mind you we are a group of "seniors" from North Etowah Baptist Church but the liveliest bunch of people and folks who know how to laugh and have a good time.  But I digress, The chosen route is to go Hwy 64 over to Copper Hill TN, through Murphey NC, Waynesville NC and then over the Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville, NC.

We stopped for a bit in Copper Hill for a short breakfast stop at Hardee's, then on to our next stop of Mast General Store in Waynesville NC.   Ah, but not before I count, yep, 19 of us we didn't leave anyone eating biscuits so on we go.

Now I mentioned earlier how everyone loved to have fun and laugh on this trip, didn't I.  Okay, then, take a close look at this face, looks perfectly innocent, right?  Looks like he would love to have a great time and laugh, right?  This perfectly innocent, smiling face belongs to Darewin.  Seems Mr Darewin has taken it upon himself to be the practical joker of the bus!  Yep, he got me so now I'm having to think of something to do to get him back.

See I'm the new kid on the bus so it's time for my initiation.  Darewin is in the back of the bus, we had been on a curvy road and I'm sitting on the front aisle seat.  All of a sudden, all I hear is someone coming from behind saying how the curves were making him sick and that he... (spew alert here) all of a sudden I hear a sneeze, feel something wet in my hair and ear and on my shirt.  OOH, I just froze.  First thing in my mind was I have this guys puke all over me, what am I going to do and sure hope he doesn't have anything contagious!  And my poor sister, Wanda, the nurturer, couldn't decide what she needed to do; take care of her baby sister or help Darewin who was "sick."  Tom on the seat behind us said it was more fun to watch Wanda's reaction than the other things going on.

Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, Darewin had water in his hand and when he made the sneezing sound, he threw water on me, yep, water.  Of course the whole bus, 18 of them, was in on it and they just cracked up and for the rest of the trip we were reminded of the practical joke.  Pay backs are tough, though.  When Darewin leasts expects it, his payback will be tough.

We arrive at Waynesville NC and my sisters and I have to pose for a shot with the local art.  This is a quaint little southern town and one of it's claim to fame is the Mast General Store. 

Barrels of candy

Now it's on to the Blue Ridge Parkway and I'm sure you can see how it got it's name. 

There was a forest fire on the parkway but we never heard/saw anything on the news so I guess it didn't get too out of control.  Probably made for a good sunset though.  OMG the road is blocked with another rock slide so we have to get off the Parkway.  Oh yes, Martha chose a terrific little road, Hwy 151.  It had many kiss your booty curves and put us out in Hominy NC.  The sign said not for big vehicles but that didn't bother Larry, we just went on anyway.  Thanks for getting us safely down the mountain, Larry and Martha.

It wasn't too much farther to our hotel and we had a good sign waiting to welcome us.  Not only did they put the sign up here but they had a nice welcoming snack of cookies and hot chocolate.  It was welcomed because by this time, it's cold and rainy.

Here is a good shot of the group partaking of the goodies before some of the ladies head out shopping.  Now I ask you, do you think I was with the group of shoppers...NOT!   My loyal readers know that is just not my think.  But it is sister Shirley's thing.  She didn't go, I should have known she wasn't feeling too well. 

 Meet Brenda and Gary.  These folks moved into Etowah when I was a teenager and she was the leader of the Young Women Association (YWAs) at our church.  She had a profound impact on my life.  She helped me write a speech for competition and gave me tips on presenting as a public speaker.  I know that as an adult I have drawn on her advice more than once.  She was cool back then and she is still cool.  Thanks to you Brenda.

Here are Bobby and Willa.  They were (read She) the planners of this trip and it was a good trip as are all of Willa planned trips.  This couple travel with DS Shirley and BIL Doug.  They have fun wherever they go.

You have already met Larry, our driver.  Here is Judy, his better half.  Since we had rain and fog, it was tough driving for Larry and by the time we got back to Etowah I'm sure Larry was a little stressed.  Larry and Judy went to Pigeon Forge with the group to celebrate DS Wanda and BIL Don this year.

 Here is the group of 19.  I was DS Wanda's roommate.  Don't we all look like a fun group of people out to have a good time.  Great fellowship. 

Well, maybe except for that Darewin person.  I'm still thinking of payback.  If you read this Darewin, you never know when or how but you will get paid back.  VEG (very evil grin)

Oh, I almost left out this great shot!  DS Shirley and BIL Doug goofing around and posing for the camera.

It's off to the Biltmore.  The pix I have here are the only ones I could take.  No pix could be taken inside.  It was beautiful.  That Vanderbilt guy was way before his time.  If you haven't been, I recommend it.  This was the first I had seen it decorated for Christmas.  DS Wanda and I got the headphones for the audio tour and it was just like being back in that era to hear the narriation and different sounds.  Guess you can tell some of these shots were taken through the screens looking inside out.

Saved the best for last.  Here are us girls having a good trip with each other.  A good time was had by all.