Monday, December 14, 2009

Humphreys County Christmas Parade

Since I'm staying at Johnsonville Historic Park (not camping), I was asked if I wanted to ride in the HC Christmas Parade and throw out candy to the folks.  Of course I wanted to, just give me a Santa hat and I'm there.  So Theda got the truck cleaned up and off we go for the line up.

What parade would not be complete without the Shriners?  There were two huge floats that the Shriners filled.

Since Humphreys County has three rivers surrounding it, Buffalo, Duck and Tennessee Rivers, it was only fitting that a pontoon boat would be decorated for the occasion.  I didn't see a bass boat but that would have been ftting too.  Seems the area is an attractor for bass tournaments.

Lots of topless cars with beauty queens from babies to your ladies and it was cold to be riding in a convertable.  Some of these tots were excited and some were crying.  Cuties though.

Furbabies were out all over the place.  This one even decided she could drive this snazzy car. 

All dressed up and ready to pose.How about a hand shake, mister.

As you can see, they were large, medium and small furbabies lining the streets.  Next year someone needs to take doggie treats and throw out to them.

The houses that line the streets of downtown Waverly, TN are all decorated for the season.

There were penty of  people lining the streets to get in the holiday spirit.

And of course to complete the Christmas Parade is SANTA!

He wasn't the official Santa of the Parade but this just shows how the citizens of Humphreys County get involved in the activities around.  So MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone.

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Margie and Roger said...

Theda looks very offical in that photo! (Please let her know that I didn't accept her as "friend" on Facebook because I'm not using Facebook anymore - but we can still be friends off Facebook, ha ha). Loved the dog photos - yep, they need to throw dog treats next year.

Hey, only a few more days until you'll finally be heading out! We leave TN to head back to FL on the 25th - leaving FL on this Saturday.