Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Left hand vs Right Hand

Oh the perils of going full time in the RV.  Today was my big day to change my vehicle registrations and Farm Bureau insurance to Humphreys County TN.  I arrive at the Humphreys County Vehicle Registration center early this morning to change my auto and RV registrations to this county.  The lady at the desk said I needed to have my driver license changed to reflect the new address or a federal form that said I lived at this address.  I explained to her that my license address was changed on line and the Department of Safety said I didn't need a new license, just change it on the computer.  Done.  The lady told me I could go to the police station to get a print out showing my address was changed.

Okay, so I go to the police station and the young lady said I would get a ticket if I was stopped and my hard copy license didn't reflect my new address.  But that's not what the Department of Safety says on their website.  She said she had just processed two tickets where the address didn't match.  She said I needed to go to the license office and get a new license.  Hence, left-hand vs right-hand.

I called the Driver License office in Dickson (33.9 mi away) and explained my situation.  The examiner said that I didn't need a new license as long as I notified the Department of Safety of my new address.  I explained what the lady at the Humphreys County office told me and she said "it sounds like you need to get a new license."  Okay so here I go to Dickson, the closest office to me.  When I get to the DL station they were very nice and there was no one else in the office (surprise.)  I fill out the necessary forms, paid my $8 and get a new photo made.  My DL expires in 2011 but it was too soon to get a renewal so I have a duplicate and will have to get another license in 2011.   While the examiner and I talked she said she would let her home office know of my situation, she said I should have been able to change my registration.

Back I drive to Waverly, TN with my new DL in hand and go to the HC office of motor vehicle registration.  No problems this time.  The lady said her computer wouldn't talk to the Department of Safety computer.  I asked her to give me easy to remember tags and she said "oh we don't give tags anymore, we just give you a new county name to put on your old tags.  So, I had a sticker that said Humphreys that will go over Davidson and an orange 10 that will go over the old blue 09.  I'm good to go.  It's official, I am a resident of Humphreys County TN, New Johnsonville to be exact, I'm registered to vote and I got my Farm Bureau insurance changed.  I saved $110 from registering my vehicle here and I'll save considerable on my insurance since Davidson Co is a high risk county.

It has been a good day to get all the details of full-timing under my belt.  Hope you read the links to New Johnsonville.  It's a beautiful place, there are a couple of RV parks, the State Park is a day park historic place, Johnsonville State Historic Area and the Kentucky Lake surrounds the area.

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Margie and Roger said...

Oh the trials and tribulations of being a full-timer! However, it's all worth it. Glad you got everything take care of before you take off for warmer weather. Wow! It's really not that far off for you now to take off on the 25th.