Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wyndham Bonnet Creek at Orlando FL

I picked up Cindy and Theda at the airport on Sunday and we headed to the Wyndham Bonnet Creek resort to check in.  Since we are VIPs we were able to check in early, get unpacked and hit the resort.  I was ready to get to sun and water after having been in So GA for a few weeks.

Bonnet Creek is the only privately owned resort inside Disney property.  It is a great place to have ownership.  If you are interested in staying here and taking a 120 minute tour, email me and I'll get you set up or post on here and I'll let you know what to do.

Monday was the usual owner update which takes forever but we got free stuff so that's okay.  I was very tempted to buy more points and then remembered that doesn't fit into my goals anymore.  Oh what the heck, I'll come clean, I did buy more points and now have buyers remorse (lol) and will cancel w/in my ten day window.  Gosh, how easily I get caught up in these things.  No more owner updates for me.  I'll just use my points and move on.

We have had fun while here.  We have done two days of water aerobics and today just about got me.  Today's leader was hard on us.  We will feel it in the morning.  Just glad I'm not driving back tomorrow.  I know, it's sad.  We have found a terrific steak house in the area, it's Black Angus Steakhouse and it is delicious.  Best steak and salad I have had in a very long time.  If you are in the area try it out, I highly recommend it.  Prices are not bad either.

We went to the tye dye class.  You know a girl can never have too many tye dye shirts, right?  Here are our three shirts, all the same design with different color configurations.  Guess you figured mine is the one with the purple in the middle.  Theda's is green and Cindy's is pink.  We can't wear them yet, we have to soak them in vinegar to set the color otherwise they would wash out.  It was a fun thing to do.  Bonnet Creek has all kinds of activities for adults and children.  I said to the girls at one point, this is like a cruise, just that the food wasn't provided.

Here are a couple of residents.  They came right up to us on an evening stroll.  Guess they were looking for food.  We have seen other forms of waterfowl and Theda is not here to help me identify all that we have seen.  Theda and Cindy went to Animal Kingdom yesterday and saw lots of beautiful animals and fowl.  They brought me back pictures of pink flamingos and a stuffed flamingo.  When they gave it to me they said "we brought you something but it doesn't weigh much."  See I have most everyone thinking about my weight in Somewhere

We were fortunate to have a full moon during our stay.  Here are Cindy and Theda on our nightly stroll along the boardwalk.  We have had great weather.

While the girls were at Animal Kingdom, I called my RV friend Margie who is staying about 16 miles from her and went up to see her.  She took me around Citrus Ridge in her Cricket 4 wheel golf cart (I have my eye on one of these, they fold down and will fit in Grey Goose.)  I like where she is staying.  It's in a 55 community, mostly park models but some of the owners rent out their RV sites so it's a lot more inexpensive than if she had gone out through the office to rent a site.  I'll have to remember that for the future.  Roger was kind enough to fix me a couple of bloody mary's (yummy Roger) while we sat around and visited.  Citrus Ridge abounds with fruit trees so I robbed some oranges while there and then Margie gave me some huge lemons.  Theda said they are Ponderosa Lemons, I'm talking huge here.  They will make a great lemon drop, I'm sure.

We are on our way to check out Mt Dora.  Margie suggested we visit there.  I'll check it out and let you know.

We head back on Saturday and will stop in Lake City to meet Jonathan to pick up Sedona.  Can't wait to see her.  Wonder how she has done with Sassy (cat) and Barbie (dog)?  Won't that be interesting.  Anyway that's my update.


Beckles said...

Sounds like much fun. Love your new tye-dyes! While at Fremont St recently I got the Summer of '69 tye-dye shirt (you told me about it) for next to nothing since it's over now! Yes, I just had to have another tye-dye also!

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Hey Becky, it was fun. I'm jealous about the Summer of '69 T-shirt. You will enjoy it for another 10 years or until another celebration of peace, love and joy.