Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Rainy and Cold in Orlando!

OMG, it has been beautiful down here this week.  Now today a front came through and it's cold, damp, rainy and depressing.  Drove to the post office today and returned in a deluge and the water had no where to go.  There was a lot of ponding on the highway.  Hope it gets it out of it's system tonight.

Since there was not much to do we went to the movies.  Old Dogs was the choice for the evening and it was so funny.  It's a "you don't have to think" movie, just sit back and enjoy.  John Travolta and Robin Williams have been best friends forever and are even in business together.  It takes off from there, with a few flashbacks, and then we see the results of Robin's past.  LOL, LOL  It made for a good evening and I would recommend it.

We had dinner at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville and I had to send my margarita back.  It was not good.  This seems to be a theme with all the Margaritaville's I have visited lately.  NOT GOOD MARGARITAs, go figure.  Just as well, I had to drive back in the rain.

Headed back to TN tomorrow with a stop in Lake City FL to pick up Sedona.  Jonathan and Taylor are going to meet us there and I get my baby back.  I have missed her but knew she was in good hands.  I'm sure she left them some little treasures though, that they will probably find when she is long gone.  tee hee.


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Beckles said...

Good day of rest in the rain before driving home tomorrow! Ooops, probably not in the rain exactly! Enjoyed trip through your writing! Not as fun had I been there.....LOL!