Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sisters Day Out

Tuesday was a terrific day out with my sisters, Shirley and Wanda.  We went to the movies to see Bridesmaids.  It was funny but not funny like I had heard.  They could have done away with some of the language but other than that, it was good or at least a rental.

After the movies we went grocery shopping for our week at the lake.  That was fun, 'cause you see, Shirley loves, loves Walmart.  She could stay in there for hours.  I, on the other hand, go in get it and get out.  I was driving the cart and away we go.  We were in and out in less than an hour.  Shirley explained to Doug (her husband) that she didn't get to tarry long enough at Walmart so on Wednesday, off they go to Walmart, again.  Funny!

Then we headed down to Parksville lake where we will be spending the remainder of this week and next.  Next Saturday all the family will come down and do our annual cookout.  I'm sure through the rest of the week we will have others coming and going.  I'm taking my kayak down to get in some much needed paddle time.  I'll pick up Taylor on Saturday and she will get to spend the week with us.  BTW, I'll be in a cell/aircard black hole the whole time I'm at the lake.  Can you say withdrawal??


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pool time in Englewood TN

Starting off simple with a new post. I arrived back to Somewhere on Sunday. You should have seen Sedona. She was so happy to see me. She had been to the pond and when she saw my car she turned it out full speed to get to me. OMG, she was so happy and so was I. I sure did miss her.

On Monday Roy and I set out to find water. We were going to lake hop.  Instead, what did we do?? What else, we went to buy a pool. Yep, one of those inflatables that is 18 X 4. The 4" deep is a little deceiving. It's 4" from the top of the pool. The water is about 3 1/2" but it's still good enough to get wet and use a float in. It's is just about the next best thing to a full size pool.

Now I have everything I need at Roy's paradise. I may never leave! LOL Loving the life!
Sedona is checking it out.

Pump is in place.

Don't you think it's a little late to read the directions, Roy?

Feels good.

Oh, yeah, it's cold.

All ready to go. 1 mile of water, 5680 gals.  Whew!