Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pool time in Englewood TN

Starting off simple with a new post. I arrived back to Somewhere on Sunday. You should have seen Sedona. She was so happy to see me. She had been to the pond and when she saw my car she turned it out full speed to get to me. OMG, she was so happy and so was I. I sure did miss her.

On Monday Roy and I set out to find water. We were going to lake hop.  Instead, what did we do?? What else, we went to buy a pool. Yep, one of those inflatables that is 18 X 4. The 4" deep is a little deceiving. It's 4" from the top of the pool. The water is about 3 1/2" but it's still good enough to get wet and use a float in. It's is just about the next best thing to a full size pool.

Now I have everything I need at Roy's paradise. I may never leave! LOL Loving the life!
Sedona is checking it out.

Pump is in place.

Don't you think it's a little late to read the directions, Roy?

Feels good.

Oh, yeah, it's cold.

All ready to go. 1 mile of water, 5680 gals.  Whew!


Jeff & Barbie said...

Sedona was so happy to have you back! That pool is gonna feel good with this heat huh?

Margie and Roger said...

Love the pool! I miss Sedona too! Seems like you are happy to be back in TN. We are here now too.

Sharon said...

Sorry Carolyn, sitting here LMAO..I read 4 inchs of water and thought, well shoot, that's just barely deep enough to get your ankles wet and how in the world is a float gonna work???? ROFLMAO!!!