Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sisters Day Out

Tuesday was a terrific day out with my sisters, Shirley and Wanda.  We went to the movies to see Bridesmaids.  It was funny but not funny like I had heard.  They could have done away with some of the language but other than that, it was good or at least a rental.

After the movies we went grocery shopping for our week at the lake.  That was fun, 'cause you see, Shirley loves, loves Walmart.  She could stay in there for hours.  I, on the other hand, go in get it and get out.  I was driving the cart and away we go.  We were in and out in less than an hour.  Shirley explained to Doug (her husband) that she didn't get to tarry long enough at Walmart so on Wednesday, off they go to Walmart, again.  Funny!

Then we headed down to Parksville lake where we will be spending the remainder of this week and next.  Next Saturday all the family will come down and do our annual cookout.  I'm sure through the rest of the week we will have others coming and going.  I'm taking my kayak down to get in some much needed paddle time.  I'll pick up Taylor on Saturday and she will get to spend the week with us.  BTW, I'll be in a cell/aircard black hole the whole time I'm at the lake.  Can you say withdrawal??



squawmama said...

Have fun with your family!!!

Beckles said...

Yum.....I can only imagine the cooking that will occur at the lake! Will there be fresh veggies from the garden as usual?! Hello to Taylor and all! Maybe withdrawal will not be as bad since at least you have your Nook Color with books!! Enjoy the week!

Liz said...

Hope you're getting some kayaking time & weather. Enjoy your time with family there.