Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Land Barron-once again!

Yesterday I signed the papers and registered the deed for my new RV lot in Crossville TN.  It is at Deer Run RV Resort which has an owner section, RV campground and cabins for rent.

NO I'm not coming off the road.  I just needed a place to call my own and I'll be able to be close to family and friends when I come up maybe in the spring and summer/fall.  I'll still be a snow bird and travel with the sun during the winter.  It may be FL, or TX or AZ, who knows, that's why I'm not giving up my wheels.

The view from my patio to the woods, nothing will be developed here.

A 10X16 building
And the work begins...

Roy helps out on the power washing.

Left power washed-right not power washed.

Can you say clean concrete?

Yep, sure was dirty.

Getting it clean for my first party.

Almost finished and looking good.

View from the road looking at my lot.
 I move Somewhere on tomorrow and will take up residence until sometime in October.  I'll get to watch the UT-Vol games and from what I hear it's a riot at the park during the games.  Gotta find me a golf cart but not sure if I'll get it now or wait until next spring.  The only thing I don't like about the park is that it's not fully paved.  Roads are gravel but maybe someday that will be done.  It wasn't enough of a negative for me not to buy.

Everyone is welcome to come visit.  Oh, & did I say "I'm NOT coming off the road."  Catch me if you can.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Movies, Coons and Knees...

I'm back in Englewood TN awaiting my cruise next week.  What's been going on?

A group of about 9 women went to see The Help in Cleveland the other day.  I and some of the others had read the book so we decided to get together and go to see the movie.  There were tears and laughter.  The scriptwriter seemed to know when to lighten the mood from those tears to interjecting a laughter spot at just the right moment.  The movie was true to the book.  It was a fun day out with the girls.

And the coons invade...I was awaken early one Sunday morning to the sound of gun fire.  Yep, never know what's going to go on up in the holler, aka, hollow.  I went outside and Tina was standing under the awning and Roy, well, didn't know where he was but Sedona had run to her thunder/gunfire hiding spot in Somewhere.  Tina said there was a family of five coons that had gone up the steps into the attic of the garage.  So Roy gets his gun and marches up there and is trying to get rid of them.  Now there were five of them supposedly and two scamper down the steps and head out the side door as fast as their little legs could carry them.  One ran on the ledge and looked out the garage door at Tina and I and we head in Somewhere thinking he was coming after us.  Roy reloaded and began another round.  A little one falls out of the attic and tries to hide, down comes Roy and finished him off.  So we accounted for four coons living in the attic and apparently had been there for some time. 

The excitement was over and we began surveying the damage.  A shot came out of the front of the garage and if it had been a little lower it would have hit my car.  OMG, what were you thinking.  It was funny at the time and later.  Like I said, you never know what's going to happen up in the holler.

Oh I didn't tell you this revolver is a .22 and the barrell is about 9" long.  So just imagine a 6'2" guy coming down the attic steps carrying this "huge" gun trying to shoot a raccoon.  Can you say Clint Eastwood?

The pain in my knee is back and I went last week for another shot of cortisone to get me through the cruise.  When I return I'll start a series of shots, Supartz, for five weeks.  It's supposed to stimulate the synovial fluid to thicken so it will cushion the knee and hopefully suspend knee surgery for a few years, not a replacement, just surgery to clean it up/out.  So I'll be here for a few more weeks and I'll head to FL the middle of Oct.

Haven't heard from Disney yet so let's hope that I'll be working this winter.  I had way too much time on my hands last winter.

That's about all I've got to report, more will come...