Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Land Barron-once again!

Yesterday I signed the papers and registered the deed for my new RV lot in Crossville TN.  It is at Deer Run RV Resort which has an owner section, RV campground and cabins for rent.

NO I'm not coming off the road.  I just needed a place to call my own and I'll be able to be close to family and friends when I come up maybe in the spring and summer/fall.  I'll still be a snow bird and travel with the sun during the winter.  It may be FL, or TX or AZ, who knows, that's why I'm not giving up my wheels.

The view from my patio to the woods, nothing will be developed here.

A 10X16 building
And the work begins...

Roy helps out on the power washing.

Left power washed-right not power washed.

Can you say clean concrete?

Yep, sure was dirty.

Getting it clean for my first party.

Almost finished and looking good.

View from the road looking at my lot.
 I move Somewhere on tomorrow and will take up residence until sometime in October.  I'll get to watch the UT-Vol games and from what I hear it's a riot at the park during the games.  Gotta find me a golf cart but not sure if I'll get it now or wait until next spring.  The only thing I don't like about the park is that it's not fully paved.  Roads are gravel but maybe someday that will be done.  It wasn't enough of a negative for me not to buy.

Everyone is welcome to come visit.  Oh, & did I say "I'm NOT coming off the road."  Catch me if you can.



Traveling with No Particular Destination In Mind said...

Love your place. So excited for you.

Barbie Boldt said...

We love your site Carolyn!! Looks like it is big and rustic, which we love!!! Enjoy your stay there.

Margie and Roger said...

Love the lot! Power washing is fun because you can really tell a difference going from dirty to clean.

Saw a lot of the cruise photos. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

We become land barons of #222 on Tuesday. Everything is going fine. Just realized, you will be here when we move in - late October or early November.

Liz said...

Congratulations Carolyn! Nice looking spot to land and be near family.

Beckles said...

Good to see more photos! It's amazing to see the difference in clean and dirty when using a pressure washer!! Good to have Roy helping! Great investment for you.