Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sedona's first kayaking trip

Today was an absolutely beautiful day on the Cumberland Plateau so off to "my" lake to kayak.  I decided Sedona should go too.  Her first time in the kayak on the water.  She did great!
Shoreline where the cabins are.

Colors are beginning to change.

Sedona started our sitting between my legs.

View of inspiration pointe.

Sedona wanted to get a better view and got a little braver.

Ok, so she decided she wanted to just lie on the boat and be comfortable.

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She sees something that got her attention.

This is fun!
Until she got restless and decided she could just walk off the boat.  Yep, in she goes.  Thank goodness I had her leash on her.  I have a lifejacket for her but she freezes on the land and in the water with it on.  She survived the dip in the water and probably won't try that again.  It was a great day.

A story for you that has nothing to do with Sedona or kayaking but it's funny and I have to share it.  My nephew, Roy, got a 24' travel trailer to take to Corbin KY while he worked on the railroad up there.  So he got everything set up and working.  Then he called me to say his hot water was not staying hot.  He would take a shower and the water would be warm and then turn cold.  What should he do?  We went through everything I knew to do and then he called me one day and said.  "you know that problem I was having with the hot water?"  Yes.  "Well, I hate to tell you this but the hot water was from the water hose being out in the sun and as soon as the water ran through it turned cold again."  LOL, LOL, LOL  Oh my goodness, I got the biggest laugh out of that.  As it turned out our friend a spider had built his nest in the tube and gas wasn't getting to the hot water heater.  The sun was heating the water hose and that is what he thought was his hot water heating.


Beckles said...

My goodness, I can see why you were drawn to Deer Run RV Resort! Beautiful lake, and I know how you love the water. So nice to see the trees, water, and early change of colors. Thanks for sharing yours and Sedona's adventure with your readers!

Margie and Roger said...

Looks like a nice kayak trip. Maybe Sedona learned her lesson and won't try going overboard again. Sure had a good laugh about Roy and the water hose - too funny. Live and learn the RV lifestyle!

Karen and Al said...

The hot water story is funny, for sure. Oh, those newbies :)

I'm glad Sedona enjoyed her kayaking. We had a Black Lab that would jump out of our motor boat while we were moving. We had to tie him in!

Jeff & Barbie said...

That's one fine looking lake. Hey, Sedona just wanted to check it out and take a dip!

BarbZeee said...

Sedona was happy to see land, Carol.. hey, I'd be like her in that is brave woman ! I'd have double life jackets and big,big rope..Maybe some day I'd like to try it..God Bless Zeee

Liz said...

So glad Sedona liked the kayak ride. It sure is pretty there!