Friday, October 28, 2011

Goings On

Just have a few things to say today.  I'm looking around the Lodge and am wondering if it was my imagination in 2008 that I started selling everything in my stick n bricks and then sold my condo in 2009.  Why?  Because I still have so much stuff that came out of Somewhere and I'm trying to decide now what goes on the road with me and what stays in the Lodge.  Gosh, too many things to ponder.  Oh and do I really need that big pot that I used only a couple of times in 2 years?  I think not.  Instead of a shrimp boil, I'll go out and eat one or borrow.  Hey that sounds good, I'll just borrow.  Get ready Margie!  LOL

Home base, Deer Run RV Resort, had their Halloween celebration last weekend.  Right in the throws of getting packed & unpacked, trick or treaters!  Yep, 289 kids coming to trick or treat!  How do I know that, you may ask?  I had 11 pieces of candy left.  There were hay rides, scary dessert contests, wiener roasts, monster mash (dance) and a yard decorating contest.  It was a lot of fun and it was a beautiful weekend.  Here are a few pix of my treaters.
Hay Ride

Smurfs-there were 14 of them, cute.

Single smurf

Just a crew next door

Cute little guy

Cute little girl

1/2 of blues brothers & his sidekick

Sedona as disco dog

Hotdog, tee hee

On delivery day of the Lodge, the vent got torn from the roof.  The workers had to go back and get a new one to replace it.  In all the hussle and bussle of running in and out and strange people, Sedona goes missing.  Off I go in the car looking for her everywhere.  Neighbors go in their golf carts and then soon everyone in the neighbor hood is in their golf carts looking for her and yelling her name.  It's like a buzz of bumble bees on the roads.  My neighbor, Roger and a retired sheriffs deputy, asked if I had looked in the house.  He said that was one of the first places police were trained to look.  I said I did look at all her new hiding places but I would look again.  This time I looked in the toilet area (it has a door) and sure enough, there she was, shaking like a leaf and huddled as far back into the corner as she could get.  I thought she had run out while we were so busy.  I was so happy when I saw her, I'll have to say, my eyes leaked a little.  Another reason for a golf cart.

I have the best neighbors, Linda and Roger, yes I have another Roger in my life.  Anyway, they come on the weekends from Knoxville.  They had a rough time with the people who lived in my lot and they are just so happy that I'm here.  Roger, my 2nd house husband or is it the 3rd (so many I can't keep up), has been so helpful.  I think I told you about my mattress in The Whim being terrible, well Roger took it home with him and took it to a mattress factory in Knoxville and had a memory foam cut to go on top of it.  He has also said he will underpin and put sun screen on my windows on the Lodge.  That will be a spring and summer project.  Linda and I have a lot in common and so far, get along very well.

Had a fun time the other day, it was laundry time.  Sedona loves to go riding and off she went with me.  It was a success until it was drying time.  The driers were all not working.  I had to call the office, she sent over someone and they fixed it, 40 minutes later.  What a waste of a perfectly good day!  I see a washer/dryer in my building before long.

That just about catches you up with what's going on.  I have Direct TV connected now and I may not want to leave.  Ah but alas, I must go and I'll head out in a week or so.  The colors are so beautiful up here as is the weather.  Going to see Jonathan and Taylor before I get to Citrus Ridge.



Luci & Loree said...

U have been BUSY! So glad Sedona was found and ok

The Good Luck Duck said...

Where are you (state)? Did I miss that part?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks for the up date for those of us that have been waiting on baited breath....yes we are nosy! Glad to know that Sedona has the good sense to hunker down instead of running away..... Home is home!
Take care, drive south safely!


Margie and Roger said...

So what makes you think I saved my big pot after moving out of our motor home? But you are right, I did save it. Going to try for the chili GTG this winter.

Poor little Sedona - she would really appreciate it if you would finally settle on where she is going to feel at home. I guess she will have to adjust to having a summer and winter home. So glad you found her.

Gee it's nice that your house husbands have the same name. Helps keeps it simple.

OK - shoot me now, I've played bingo last year and went to a Red Hats Halloween party last night - yep, I have definitely reached "old age" - maybe even elderly?

Hope you arrive before we leave. The Welcome Back party with Sweet Charlie is on the 18th - we leave the 20th.

Beckles said...

My what a busy gal you have been! 289 trick or treaters! Cute little kids! Love the little cowboy especially. It was not your imagination that you got rid of lots of stuff....I witnessed some of it!! How nice to be able to leave/use some of it now in the Lodge! Hope you can rest some before you head out on the road!