Monday, October 24, 2011

The Lodge

Here is my new home base in Crossville.  It's a Gulfstream Lodge Series Conquest Park Model.  This was Friday when they delivered her.
Patio Doors
Front with great windows
Sofa w/bed
Jack knife sofa & dinette
Dinette and pantry
Full-size refrigerator


Sharon said...

Niiice!! Think I would take out that sofa in the bay window and put in a comfy recliner for afternoon nappie time, tho! LOL! Chewy loves nap time in the recliner.

Beckles said...

Very, very nice! I'm not park model savvy so had not seen this style, but it's awesome! Great windows, interior, etc. Gosh, a full-size fridge, and that means a roomier freezer for all your goodies that you create so well. And Mayfield fudgesicles! Ya did good BFF!!!


Margie and Roger said...

Very nice new home. You'll enjoy the big refrig and rooms for overnight friends. Bet you have filled it up by now with "stuff".