Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Whim Update

I really have been a little busy while staying put.  Once I got the Whim back from the slide repair I began working on removing the horseshoe dinnette so I could have more space for a recliner and chest.
Before:  With dinette intact.
The wood portion removed & saved, just in case...

D is our POA president and a darn good electrician.

I removed all seat belts but one to be used for the recliner when traveling.

All finished & ready for furniture.
I am still deciding what chest to put in here.  The dinette afforded so much storage for me that I'm looking for something to replace that and add to the counter space so badly needed.  I already have my recliner and steps for Sedona to get into bed.  She always used the dinette as her step so I had to get something to help her.  Margie had originally purchased these for her dogs and they worked so well, I got a set for Sedona.
Dog steps from Camping World work great in The Lodge and The Whim.
Cart from Big Lots
Here is the cart I'm picking up today to use in the slide. The good thing about Big Lots is that they will assemble w/no cost so I'm driving the Whim over today for them to load it in.  I'm planning on a comfortable winter this year.

But that's not all I've been doing.  Next post will be an update about my lot in Crossville.  I've been working like crazy on it and it's shaping up nicely.

My knee is doing well.  I purchased a stationary bike from a friend and have been riding it to keep the knee in good shape and flexible.  My 37 yo son, Jonathan, had hip replacement surgery so I was in SE GA for about 3 weeks.  He is doing fantastic.  Youth!  My how they heal and bounce back quickly.

We had a Labor Day celebration at Deer Run and the park was full even though there was a chance of rain from Isaac.  It was overcast but not a lot of rain for the holiday.  Halloween is just around the corner and the park is booked.  It's a fun time here on the Cumberland Plateau.